Venezuelan Nazional Guard unveils new weapon to repress students

January 28, 2010

This week the Venezuelan Nazional Guard unveiled a new weapon in its fight to injure and hurt protesting students. As can bee seen in the picture below, Guards showed up yesterday in at least two cities of the country with a chain with hooks at the end, meant to entangle and injure the students. Such hooks are surely to tear muscle and skin and break a few bones in the process. The guards did not use their new weapons in their debut day, perhaps to their chagrin.

Respect for the “people” and their rights have truly reached a new low under Hugo Chávez

47 Responses to “Venezuelan Nazional Guard unveils new weapon to repress students”

  1. Isa Says:

    To those of you critical of this post:

    1) I challenge you in the next month to show us a picture of a Venezuelan National Guard using that tool to remove a tire or debris

    2) In his masterful intervention General Benavides of the National Guard in the most abusive show on Venezuelan TV, showed us a formation of National Guards in which those holding the grapples were way in the back, what was this guard doing in the front together with about 30 others using the same tool?

    3) This tool had not been seen ever in large amounts in protests, then on that day in three cities of the country it appeared in large numbers. Can someone explain that?

  2. Marco Antonio Morín Kannee Says:

    Thru Facebook, Twitter and mayor popular networks, we have to let people know around the world that our national guard is using this torture weapons to repress.

  3. GWEH Says:

    That’s a grappling hook. They have been used in land and naval warfare for ages. Today they are used by modern militaries as a climbing tool. This one does not have sharp edges and is used to keep crowds at bay by swinging it in a circular motion. If tossed into a crowd, it’s yanked back but not an easy feet if you’re not wearing gloves and whatever it catches weighs more than you. It’s cheap, non-lethal crowd and riot control tool with a powerful visual deterrent. It could be a telling sign that they are cutting back on purchases of gas, plastic buckshot, and whatever other ‘approved’ types of riot gear.

  4. Bill Simpson of Slidell USA Says:

    It looks like Mr. Chavez is a big fan of early Mel Gibson films. If he keeps up the nationalizations of private businesses, he might yet transform Venezuela into a post-apocalyptic landscape. That photo says a lot, none of it good. Looking at that thing, I can’t help but think that whoever designed it, might have a sexual disfunction problem. Just guessing.

  5. GB Says:

    Venezuela: catching up to Haiti.

  6. moctavio Says:

    Can you explain why all of a sudden they needed dozens of them and they had them right in front of the students, rather than in the back as customary (and only a few) and why this happened in at least three cities on the same day.

  7. moctavio Says:

    Yes Arturo and yesterday they felt they needed one hundred times more than usual and placed them in fornt of the faces of the students. You may be stupid, but we are not

    TROLL ALERT!!!!!! Arturo


    7. The political dissenter/martyr troll

    If your blog is interesting, chances are it’s because you take a stand on things. You have political views you feel passionate about. You build a community of people who are interested in these things and who interact thoughtfully and productively about said things. Heck, some people even manage to disagree civilly. Until political dissenter/martyr troll comes around, starting fights with everyone in a comment thread, spewing its passionate anti-whatever-you’re-into views all over the productive discussion. This troll will likely get mouthy about how pathetic a blogger is for not entertaining dissenting opinions, all the while only being interested in hearing itself talk (or type, as it were). Political dissenter/martyr troll, what good do you think you are doing? Whose mind do you think you are changing? Troll, you are an asshole.

  8. Roger Says:

    Meanwhile down in Argentina La Presidenta is promoting pork as sexy and of course keeping your mind off economics. Sounds like a march in Guatire would be good if you can still get pork there?

  9. Arturo Says:

    You guys suffer from permanent sense of humor failure. karl – just grow up making such an infantile comment.
    You know that this “claw” is used to drag away flaming tires and rubbish not to attck civilians. The GNB has gas del bueno, perdigones and peinillas for that. Just another manipulation of the truth by El Nazional and you are stupid enough to believe it. It’s sad.
    Ocatvio – when is your prediction about the collapse of the banoing system going to come true? It is about as true as your comment that Reyes Reyes was the new VP which proved to be an unsubstantiated rumor. Typical of your medocrity.

  10. Michel Says:

    Careful, people… Don’t feed the troll…

  11. karl Says:

    As someone that routinely accompanies the students at the front of the demonstrations, I’ll make you a deal. I will recreate the device above and then I’ll try it on you to see its efficiency. I’ll film it and send it to Globo or VTV, if you prefer

  12. jecs Says:

    As someone that grew up in Merida and ULA alumnus, I have to say that I’ve seen those before, and I’m afraid that “usually” they are not use directly against the protesters. As someone else said, they use those to drag burning stuff. Public forces never, ever go into one-to-one confrontation with “students” they like better long range weapons, such marvels used as ammunition ;). However I would not be surprised if they have changed they mo, however I would think that a protester’s mob would be sufficient to disarm a skiny NG attempting to use the claw against them…

  13. Eric Lavoie Says:

    I would like to add, those voice that by their silence show their hypocrisy and corrupted values. They lose any value they could of had.
    Where is Oliver Stone, where is Sean Penn … exactly they them for what they are apologist to their POV and nothing else.

  14. Eric Lavoie Says:

    The problem is not the US voice, the problem is you do not hear the independant voices that protest every sneeze the US makes, but that remain silent or even aquiesce Chavez moves, like Arturo for example.

  15. Nobody Special Says:

    Why does anyone in Venezuela look to Washington for help? Have Venezuelanos been so castrated that they can’t solve their own problems?

    Venezuelas’ problems are the problems solely of Venezuela and need to be solved here in Venezuela. Why look to Uncle Sugar for assistance? The US is bankrupt and fast approaching it’s own civil war, just as we in Venezuela are now entering a civil war. Chavez himself (I am listening to his stupid speech at this moment) is now speaking of a “guerra civil” in the present tense. Face it, the whole meme of “non-violence” only plays into the hands of the thugs in power. When one cedes the right of violence to the thugs, it only results in violence to the pacifists and continued oppression by the thugs. Don’t talk about Ghandi to me, he wasn’t fighting against an Indian dictator but rather a foreign colonial power. Completely different.

    Think about it. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better… if it gets better. Much, much worse.

    Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Venezuela is if Guri lost enough water that it was “lights out” in Venezuela. It would be horrible, but in the end I think it would be better than the current death by 1000 cuts with a population that is so complacent that they won’t risk what they have in order to get something better. Taking risk requires courage, but all I can see in the opposition is terminal testicular atrophy.

  16. Guillermo Andrade Says:

    Relaying in outside factors to overcome the situation will not solve anything, just perpetuate the underlying causes of Chavez and the chavismo. Military support is highly unlikely, lest some obscure General manages to destroy the whole upper chain of command, for which he would have to count with the support of many officers and soldiers. That is even less likely to happen.

    GN, PM, PN, TRANSITO: they just like to be what they are, and all of them love to set up checkpoints in any road whenever they feel the need for money. So, what’s not to like? right? 😦

  17. concerned Says:

    Why not go ahead and meddle. Chavez always has, and is going to say that the U.S. is involved. Maybe a little international support would give the opposition the confidence to organize and mount a credible resistance to the abuse and violation. As it is, they feel they are alone on an island, and any resistance will be met with force which the opposition is not equiped to handle. It doesn’t have to be support from the U.S., although I think there should be as the two countries have a history based on relations and business. I have seen nothing more than a few headlines condemning Chavez’s blatent violations, and those half ass gestures of support mean even less if there is no access to these headlines or if the people can’t read.
    For years I have seen or read where this is Venezuela’s problem that has to be resolved by Venezuelan’s. That sounds OK, but you can not defeat Chavez democraticaly as he owns the CNE. Unless the opposition somehow sways the military to support, or even to stand by idle, there can be no violent resistance without a bloodbath. If a major power, or even better, a group of major powers stood up in support of the opposition, chavez would run, scared like a little girl. This is no longer intervention in political parties or processes, which should never be done. This is now intervention in helping to put a stop to civil rights violations, illegal appropriations, and murder.

  18. firepigette Says:


    I think there should be a way for Obama to express himself is such a middle way that condemns the dictatorial actions of Chavez without saying anything that could be construed as a threat of invasion by the US- which is Chavez’s story always, whether the US condemns him or not.

    Any any case whatever Obama does Chavez will insist the US is meddling and planning to invade.

    On the other hand if Obama does not criticize Chavez the many on the right and some liberals as well will be quick to criticize his lack of support for democracy.

    The left wingers who are so predisposed against the US will readily accept Chavez’s accusations , whether or not they are based on anything real or not.

  19. Arturo Says:

    It’s obvious that the security forces in Venezuela have little money. These medieval weapons look very intimidating. I guess if, as Octavio is always repeating ad nauseam, that since Venezuela is “broke”, then that is the reason why the GN does not have tasers and pepper spray as do the model police forces in theLand of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
    I look forward to these medieval weapons being used and shown on Globo. However, since this story was run today on the front page of El Nazional, then it is probably a complete fabrication which you guys swallow hook, line ansd sinker.

  20. lucia Says:

    Rhetorical support for the opposition from the US is the last thing the opposition needs. I am sure there are meetings between opposition leaders and the State Department where the former tell the latter: the best thing you can do for us is stay quiet.

    What, you want the US to help Chavez make his case about foreign involvement?

    These battles have to be fought and won locally.

    • DANIEL Says:


  21. AnonIII Says:


    Does anybody have a subscription to the WSJ? This article should be made public…”Venezuela’s Pres. Chavez: ‘We Need’ Foreign Oil Investment ”

  22. Leslie Says:

    It’s happening everywhere, in the USA they are using the “Sonic Cannon” against protesters, even if it’s a “non-physical” weapon it can blow a person’s head off if used at the maximum power. There’s no difference, the hooks are just more artisanal

  23. Floyd Looney Says:

    Remember how silent the US administration was during the Iranian protests and brutal crackdowns? Protesters getting death sentences? Girls routinely raped because they don’t execute virgins?

    Silence from DC.

    Were these new weapons manufactured in Venezuela? If so, the US might praise Chevez for creating a new job. //bitter sarcasm

  24. Eric Lavoie Says:

    Reading the latest in the Washington Post, this line at end resumes so much what i feel is the problem in the Western wolrd when it coems to leftist thugs:

    “If Mr. Chávez were a right-wing leader or an ally of the United States, Latin American governments and many Democrats in Congress would be mobilizing to stop his latest abuse of power, and to encourage peaceful and democratic opposition. But he is not, and they are mostly silent. The Obama administration, too, has done next to nothing to defend democracy or encourage the opposition in Venezuela. Now — when Chávez’s regime threatens to disintegrate into chaos and violence — would be a good time to start.”

    Full article here;

    In 20 year morons will be wearing Chavez T-Shirts thinking it’s cool to love Stalin and Chavez, it’s sad really.

  25. BillyBob Says:

    You know what the students should do? Start taking pictures of the FACES of the GNs, hopefully along with a nametag, and post the pics on the internet, so the Interpol can start working on their wanted posters for crimes against humanity.

  26. alfredo Says:


    you are pretty naive!! where did you say you grew up? or better what history did you ever studied??

  27. dillis Says:

    Are you sure? nothing would surprise me with their brains

  28. reindertot Says:

    the relaxed face of the students neither. They know that the guard is not going to became Kratos (from the videogame God of War), hahahah c`mon!

  29. dillis Says:


    Even if you were correct, it doesn’t matter what the ‘intended’ purpose of this tool is, it is clearly being used to confront the students. The photo doesn’t lie.

  30. geha714 Says:

    Guardia Nacional Barbariana: El dolor se divisa.

  31. reindertot Says:

    hahahaha god or war

  32. reindertot Says:

    hahahaha looks like you guys NEVER went to a protest. What a bunch of idiots. That “claw” is used to move burning wheels and junk.

  33. Deanna Says:

    These Cuban National Guards must have been looking at post-apocalyptic movies or video games with medieval warriors; otherwise, where would they get such ideas to manufacture such weapons? Those weapons look like the ones used by Orcs in The Lord of the Rings to break the bodies of human beings. This is really a new low for Venezuela, using such weapons against unarmed students, protesting for their rights. I just hope that this type of information is spread through the world and especially to international human rights entities.

  34. Tovar Says:

    I tell the Venezuelan National Guard something: Crimes against Humanity do not prescribe. The International Criminal Court in The Hague (Netherlands) will process the material and intellectual authors of crimes

  35. mediocriollo Says:

    this needs to be distributed to the international press – disgusting

  36. island canuck Says:

    Just disgusting. What animals to use this on their fellow citizens.
    That is if their not Cubans dressed up in GN uniforms.

  37. firepigette Says:

    I wonder when folks will start to quit their jobs in order to help protect the students.

    So ugly

  38. Speed Gibson Says:

    so whatever happened to those 100,000 AK-47s, the “peoples militia”, those russian tanks and submarines?

  39. JoE Says:

    Must have gotten it at the local tool store or just from the great tool himself. Has the Nazional Guard lost funding? Whats next? Unveiling a sharpened metal stick and a rectangular piece of wood attached to the arm… Bolivarian Revolution!!!

  40. julicarbonell Says:

    this morning when I saw the picture I gagged, nauseated.
    Something out of Dracula´s castle or a medieval torture chamber.
    Venezuela, we cry for you

  41. OA2 Says:

    jsb, I was thinking lo mismo. And where did they get those things anyway, from an Iranian medieval weapons museum? Venezuela sure seems to be racing to the bottom, fast. Chavez has not been shy about expressing his desire to wage a “just civil war” in Venezuela, so nobody can be surprised. He’s been setting up the mechanisms and creating the tensions necessary, and his timing is flawless. When all hell breaks loose soon, he’ll violently clamp down, suspend elections, and he will have succeeded in his goals. Ready or not, here it comes.

  42. jsb Says:

    They better be careful about using those, because they can easily be taken away and used against the guardsmen.

  43. Juan Says:

    We are fast approaching a Braveheart moment…

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