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Mrs. K talks about moral and ethics by Teodoro Petkoff

April 21, 2010

To round off the events of April 19,  a “happening” was staged in the National Assembly.

It was as partisan and sectarian an act as the military parade in Los Proceres had been. An election campaign rally. The  cap off the bottle (la tapa del frasco) was the invited speaker, which was Mrs. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

That a Kirchner would have been entrusted this honor would not have anything objectionable, since the first steps of independence in South America were close together in time in our country and the continent’s southern tip.

But Mrs. K was not the indicated person. She is no example of probity. Both she and her husband have been identified as having committed serious crimes against public funds in their country.

The multiplication of their fortune in the years they have been at the Casa Rosada is under investigation by the justice of their country.

To make matters worse, the case of Antonini’s suitcase (Maletagate) made very clear the murky links between PDVSA and Enarsa, the oil company in Argentina, and between Argentine and Venezuelan ministers and other senior Argentine officials in that scam.

While here in Venezuela, for a change, no instance of Justice showed any awareness of the details of this scam, the courts in Argentina have advanced some research that catches one-eyed Kirchner and his wife in a compromising position.

Elementary prudence would not have given Cristina Fernandez the opportunity to deploy all her skills and formidable histrionic cynicism that is needed, with such a criminal record, to go on the podium of the National Assembly to pontificate with such high doses of moral advise on the origins of our countries.