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Some comments from afar on Venezuela and its daily events

April 27, 2010

(I am going to burn all of this)

Away and disconnected. sort of, hard to be with primaries and all, but here are some things that caught my attention out of the main news:

1) The Miami Herald reports that the US Government is investigating payments made by US companies to PDVSA as bribes to obtain contracts, as well as for payments made to custom officials.

Of course, not  a beep from the Comptroller or anyone in office in Venezuela, as it becomes clear that corruption is everywhere you look, but particularly in Ramirez’ PDVSA and Ruffian the Comptroller looks the other way while asking even bank tellers of nationalized banks to file their holdings just in case they are ever investigated for corruption. (Obviously an unlikely occurrence)

2) Former rabid pro-Chavez supporter Luis Fuenmayor accused the President of the Armed Forces University (UNEFA) of fraud, saying the students quote by Chavez don’t exist. He also said recent untrained graduates become the Professors in order to grow.

It’s a great socialist model, graduate students who become Professors instantly so that the whole country can go to the University and be Professors.

3) Chavez’ corrupt friends the Kirchners came to town a few years ago and got Chavez to agree to give an Argentinean company IMPSA the contract for the expansion of the hydroelectric power plant Macagua I. The contract was forced on power company EDELCA who objected because IMPSA did not even qualify to work for it because it had failed in the past to fulfill a contract. A contract was signed for US$ 142 million, mysteriously expanded to US$ 242 million and US$ 350 million have been spent on it by now. After all this money has been spent, the power has not increased and the contract ahs little to show for it.

Viva Chavez! Viva Kirchner! Viva Argentina! Viva Venezuela!

4) General Rivero who recently retired after five years as Head of Civil Defense, said that one reason for retiring was the presence of Cuban military officials “beyond what should be allowed”. Rivero implied there was a threat to National Security by allowing this and  forced Chavez to acknowledge on his Sunday Variety Show Alo Presidente that the Cubans were indeed here “helping out”. As long as they don’t help themselves out to a country, for Chavez this is all right.

Wasn’t Chavez the guy who used to argue sovereignty at every turn? What happened to it? His personal survival is more important than the country? Who is the traitor in this?

5) And yes, there were primaries. Pity that they took place only in some areas, but they go done wrinkles and all, but at least a bunch of candidates in September will be able to proudly say they were selected and elected according to the law and the Constitution, not a small achievement for the country.

In my district I would have voted for the loser, but democracy went for the better known, I will vote for her in September in any case.

Back to the beach!