While Chavez hails the country’s pavilion at Shagnhai 2010, it has yet to open

May 18, 2010

A week ago, we all heard Chavez on May 8th. extol Venezuela’s contribution to the World Expo taking place in Shanghai. Chavez said that visitors were praising the country’s pavilion and supposedly it was ranked among the top ten pavilions in the exhibit.

The note from the official news agency ABN went even further, saying that “visitors have packed the spaces, enjoyed the videos, the colorful graphic material and are fascinated with the exhibit of hammocks” (ABN picture above)

This is all great, except that at least two people from Shanghai report that the Venezuelan Pavilion is simply closed to the public.

In fact, one of the contacts reports that Chinese workers are still finishing things and working around. While the whole exhibit was open, according to one contact, the Venezuelan and Cuban pavilions are the only ones that have yet to open. Another non-accomplishment by the revolution!

In fact, my friend was nice enough to take pictures next time he went to the exhibit last Sunday, May and while the Thai Pavilion is in full swing:

The Venezuelan one is a lonely and empty structure:

(Thanks to JRV and SM for their help on this story)

16 Responses to “While Chavez hails the country’s pavilion at Shagnhai 2010, it has yet to open”

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  2. Ira Says:

    It looks like any of the houses in my neighborhood, minus the colored lights.

  3. Kepler Says:

    Some information about what will come or not:

  4. Floyd Looney Says:


    If it wasn’t so big it really would look like somebody dropped a Burger King there haphazardly.

  5. BB Says:

    My son is there and it is true hasn’t really opened as yet. After a pseudo opening for the benefit of the pseudo minister and expert bus driver, the pavillion only opens for some short musical events and it took over a week and a half for that to even begin. Even the cook is in rebellion as they installed a normal household kitchen instead of an industrial one and expected him to cook for visitors to expo. It’s actually an embarrassment anyway you look at it. It’s supposed to be in the shape of and eight to signify good luck. Good luck!

  6. killChavez Says:

    Judging by the design style, surely El Conde del Guacharo might be in the background music of this premise, featuring his last CD..

  7. Lazarus Says:

    Thanks Miguel… just had to ask.

  8. moctavio Says:

    Thai is at dusk, the others are after sunset, I checked with more than one person it’s closed and Chinese workers still banging around.

  9. Lazarus Says:

    also, being the Expo is in China, if they were having trouble I’m sure the Chinese would have donated social support, and a few Yaun from the recent loan to get this up and running..

    This just doesn’t look right.

  10. Lazarus Says:

    Hate to ask the obvious, but what time was the foto taken? The Thai foto in daytime, both of the Venezuelan exhibit apparently late at nite. Even the Expo needs to close at night to sweep up.

  11. Speed Gibson Says:

    I mean honestly…how can you f**k up an exibition for a country that cant feed itself, has never invented anything, cant build its own ships and airplanes,still requires foreign talent to runs its oilfield….but does excel at breeding more and more and more uneducated peasants….how is that possible ?

  12. Avila Says:

    The theme of expo is “Better City, Better Life” so is it any wonder why the Venezuelan Pavilion is closed? Given the state of decay in Caracas, Valencia and other cities, Chavisimo has nothing to offer in making a better city, let alone a better life–unless you are part of the Chavez family or inner circle.

  13. HalfEmpty Says:

    What happens when BK runs into an Arepara wagon driven by Ima Pie.

  14. Frank C Says:

    huao, sad and poor design, looks like no concept.

    67′ master piece

  15. RWG Says:

    Even the Chinese do not want anything to do with socialismo. They had their bad experiences already.

  16. A_Antonio Says:

    Looks like Barrio Adentro Module.

    Original !!!

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