Franklin Brito dies

August 30, 2010

Franklin Brito, who went on a hunger strike to defend his property, was later kidnapped by the Government to hide his truth and never received an answer, died today of a heart attack at the Military Hospital where he had been held against his will.

The revolution that claims to be “humane” now has a tragic victim of its lack of scruples and humanity.

Will anyone ever be held accountable for his death?

May he rest in peace.

37 Responses to “Franklin Brito dies”

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  2. Ruben Says:

    I think the crime here was to not allow him to continue on with his hunger strike as he had planned. The government had no right to “seize” him, no matte what the argument is. He had a family, and, if he was insane, they should have interceded to save him.

    I don’t think Brito stands up for any values. Read the whole story. He was awarded land that had been previously expropriated. Everything sprung from there.

    It is a complete lie that he owned anything, he signe up for what he got, and when he realized it wasn’t what he had in mind he started his journey. That was his choice, he had every right to, but to measure this up with other people who strike in the name of freedom and human rights is a gross mistake.

    I do think he was mentally unstable. I am not a chavista, I align myself with the opposition. It is shameful that we are exploiting this event, because it detracts from our objective.

    Franklin Brito is no hero. He should have read what he signed up for.

    Sorry to see so many people blinded by their hatred of Chavez’s regime. But this is not the way to get past it. Reason and information have to be one.

  3. Chavistas Sin Fronteras Says:

    What was the reason for his hunger strike?

    Whatever you feel about the original land dispute, and I feel he had no case…

    And whether you think the case was resolved in HIS FAVOR in August 2009 for humanitarian reasons or for cynical political reasons…

    The fact remains that he got what he was asking for in August 2009.

    In August 2009 he got the land he wanted. He won his case. All the problems he had with the land dispute up to that time disappeared. He won.

    Can someone please explain what his hunger strike was for? There was no reason. He was mentally deranged. I feel sorry for him, just as Jaua did.

    I should also note that “his land” was given to him under Chavez’s 1999 government. And the government was compassionate enough to give this wacko land he wasn’t even entitled to, because they saw this mentally sick man was cynically being exploited by others.

    Good with your crocodile tears on the blog…I’m sure bottles of champagne are being opened all over Caracas by the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, they have a good “martyr” now – an insane man who killed himself to get land…that he had already been granted.

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  5. […] Franklin Brito dies Franklin Brito, who went on a hunger strike to defend his property, was later kidnapped by the Government to hide his […] […]

  6. ktaven Says:

    Felipe Cagaderon…….. Hate and stupidity…that is the language of chavismo. Although you have no idea how to write English you were able to masterfully blend hatred and stupidity together.

  7. Gordo Says:

    Has anybody tried FARC coffee yet?

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  9. Gordo Says:

    When I think of shopping in a government store for government food, why do I lose my appetite?

    Isn’t it nice to have a choice between one brand or another? Why shouldn’t I be able to pay extra for something that has good taste?

  10. Antonio Says:

    If the alleged new Mercal food cards for the poor are to be just membership cards to keep the rich away, why do they look like ration cards? If there are no rich people in Cuba, why to they need these “membership cards” there? If Chavez advices his Cuban counterparts to encourage small business entrepreneurs, why did he encourage Brito to die a horrible death while stealing his small business? Brito was doing a good thing producing food. By going on hunger strike (or voluntary diet, as some chavista official said recently) he was defending our right to have something to eat tomorrow, poor or otherwise.

  11. moctavio Says:

    Your ignorance only reinforces the argument.

  12. Felipe Cagaderon Says:

    Fucking shit hope he rottens fucking capitalist he died because of his greed

  13. Gordo Says:

    Using government power and money take control of a national food distribution system?

    Where’s the passion for innovation?

    Where’s the incentive for efficiency?

    What will be the roll of the consumer?

    Where’s the money coming from to fund this coming disaster?

    Why not just buy tickets for Chavistas to fly to Cuba?

  14. RF Says:

    OT, sorry, but it’s hot news:

    the electronic rationing card has finally appeared in Venezuela
    this is what caracas gringo said about them back in may 2010:

    A Cuban friend of the family who works in Venezuela on an official mission in the government construction sector recently visited his children in Havana.

    While in Havana, our Cuban friend was shown some education texts and food ration cards that are being printed in Havana for the Chavez regime.

    The person who showed our friend these things works in a government-controlled printing shop.

    The educational text books reportedly already are being used in Venezuelan public schools at the level of elementary and high school (basico y bachillerato).

    The food ration cards are not being used yet in Venezuela, but our Cuban friend says that they are “casi identicos” (almost identical) to the food ration cards used in Cuba.

    Regrettably, our Cuban friend could not transport any of these materials back to Caracas because every Cuban national who travels between Venezuela and Cuba undergoes thorough inspections of their luggage and persons at Jose Marti International Airport.

    We discussed this with a Venezuelan businessman. His take: “Likely not ration cards, at least not immediately. More likely that the cards seen by your Cuban friend in Havana could be food discount cards that the Chavez regime may be preparing to introduce in Venezuela among the poor.”

    Mercal has been a huge political mistake for the regime, this businessman says. His explanation:

    “When Chavez claims that the shortages at Mercal are caused by rich people buying everything they can, he’s telling the truth. Mercal is a perfect example of a regressive subsidy. Many people who own their own vehicles, and can afford to hire maids and drivers, do a lot of their food shopping at Mercal outlets. They have the means to send their maids and drivers to Mercal in their vehicles, and mobilize quickly from one Mercal outlet to another looking for food. But poor Venezuelans without vehicles, and this is the majority, are stuck with their local Mercal outlet.”

    The businessman adds that the apparent food cards our Cuban friend saw in Havana recently may be part of a Chavez regime effort, yet to be enforced, to ensure that middle and upper class Venezuelans are barred from Mercal and other government-owned food outlets.

    “The cards could be a way of identifying the consumer as a legitimate poor person entitled to buy basic staples at a discount, sort of like the membership cards required by the Makro stores from everyone who shops there,” he says.

    Perhaps it’s only a coincidence that this week the regime opened an “investigation” of Makro in response to allegations from the National Guard’s CORE 5 (Caracas) commander that Makro stores refuse to accept food tickets.

    Our forecast: Makro soon will be nationalized as Chavez continues building a national network of government-owned food warehousing and transportation companies, food processors and food stores.

  15. ktaven Says:

    Why does anyone still want to believe in a stupid incompetent worthless arrogant bastard like chavez? I live in Venezuela with the crime, poverty, electric outages, food shortages, and on and on that defines this disaster. It was not like this 12 years ago. I want to believe chavez has been brought to justice and his demonic revolution has been stopped. I will celebrate the day his PSUV – Poor Stupid Useless Venezuelans are no longer in power.

  16. GWEH Says:

    I think Roy and his Ccs sidekick are the mentally unstable ones unless the motive is money and that puts them at the bottom of the barrel. What Roy does used to be called ‘yellow journalism’ today its called ‘pornographic journalism’ or so the Bolivarian media (Andres Izarra) wants you to think. I think the circumstances got to Brito at the end nonetheless he had balls where few do.

  17. Gringo Says:

    From the safety and relative luxury of the US, Dpve doesn’t have to bother confronting his leftist fantasies with the harsh reality that is Venezuela today. Andate a Venezuela, pues.

  18. loroferoz Says:

    “At least Chavez has the guts to stand up for what he believes”

    So did every tyrant in history. There is a thing called the rights of others, that no matter how much you believe your stuff, you have to respect. Franklin Brito, you might want to know, was all about making his rights respected, very publicly.

    Venezuelans might thank Chavez for demonstrating that Socialism (in Venezuela and in all the world) is an immoral chimera and a scam.

    If you are worried about the New World Order and the power of the U.S. Federal government, I might suggest going right now into activism. TO REDUCE THE SIZE, POWERS AND REVENUES OF THE FRIGGING MONSTER.

  19. Roberto N Says:

    Touching, isn’t it?

    Let’s see, VHeadline ran an article so it must be true, all else is capitalist propaganda.

    Then we get NWO (New World Order) thrown in!

    So you do admit that Chavez is lining his pockets, at least this one is not as PSF as the others!

    So Dpve: As long as Chavez stands up for what he believes in, it’s OK to do so while trampling us under his boots? Hey thanks man! Now i feel better!

  20. Gerry Says:

    I think a day of National mourning and remembrance honoring the sacrifice of the man would be very much in order.
    If the tribute were to become an annual event, say around the end of September, “Brito Day” could partly regenerate our collective conscience to do the right thing.
    Just a thought.

  21. island canuck Says:

    “I still want to believe in Chavez.”

    Wow, talk about FAIL.
    Just what we need another totally uninformed loony.

  22. moctavio Says:

    Read my article about Brito, the link is there. Thst is the true story of Franklin Brito, yes he may not have been in his right mind at the end, but the Government and Chavez did nothing, nothing, nothing. They killed him in the end.

    As for corruption, the levels of corruption here are the worst in the world. Thanks to Chavez and his removal of all checks and balances, no other reason.

    Chávez wants power, another form of corruption. and he did want to rule latin America, but fortunately ran out of money.

  23. Dpve Says:

    What really happened here? An Article on states that this man was mentally unstable and in an argument with neighbors. I still want to believe in Chavez. When the NWO implements it’s plan, Venezuelans may thank Chavez… The corruption here in the US is just more covert. At least Chavez has the guts to stand up for what he believes in beyond inflating his bank account and ruling the fcuking world…

  24. Gordo Says:

    Let us pray that Frank Brito’s sacrifice will not be in vain and will suffice, so that many more will not need to follow as martyrs to his cause.

    An ancient Chinese book, “The Art of War by Sun,” written between 722 and 479 BC by Sun Tsu, a general. His 6 principals which are still practiced today, even as principals of business strategy:

    1. Win All Without Fighting: Achieving the Objective Without Destroying It
    2. Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness: Striking Where the Enemy is Most Vulnerable
    3. Deception and Foreknowledge: Winning the Information War
    4. Speed and Preparation: Moving Swiftly to Overcome Resistance
    5. Shaping the Enemy: Preparing the Battlefield
    6. Character-Based Leadership: Leading by Example

    The over-all strategy is to avoid bloodshed, destruction, winning everything in tact, winning the hearts and minds of the people.

  25. loroferoz Says:

    Franklin Brito taught us a lesson that we, ever the re-distributionists, the resentful and envious, the adorers of those in power and occasional thieves and “vivos”. A lesson we, Venezuelans don’t want to hear.

    Property is a human right. On the same level as freedom of conscience and expression. Without it any other freedom (including life if property is a means of defense, active or passive) is moot. Preempt property rights and every other right goes.

    Respect for others’ property is what makes civilized people. Socialism and any other system, formal or informal where force is used and your rights are violated is simply NOT CIVILIZED.

    He also taught us that a right is NEVER ever defended by taking the easy way; that of being bribed quietly by those in power after they have wronged you and the injustice backfires. He did refuse that very publicly and denounced it by name, a bribe. He wanted public redress of the wrongs and justice to be done. No less suffices for a violation of rights.

    That said, I expect that his example will not enrage Venezuelans, but rather teach us to never ever want anything to do with a system that deprives people of rights for whatever reasons. We did acquiesce to the “Fourth’s” many injustices because they did favor us, we created a generation of resentful would-be robbers and then, the “Fifth” happened, with (hopefully) more State and private crime than Venezuelans can endure. Will we lay off stealing now?

  26. CARLOS Says:

    This guy truly defend his small property. Not as the big guys that take theirs bank, television chanell, hotel, big industries, casas de bolsas, airplanes, fishing boats AND DO NOTHING. Put their head down, and wait for complacencia from the goverment.

    What I have learn of all this, is that people yell when someone touch their pocket, and not when someone touches their butt

  27. Bois Says:

    Salute to a very strong and brave Venezuelano, standing up for what is right and justice, and paying the ultimate sacrifice.

    If I lived in Venezuela, I would feel obligated to attend his funeral and show solidarity.

    A large turn-out at his funeral would be a large embarrassment to the government. A no-show funeral would demonstrate to the government that the citizens don’t care what kind of action it takes against them.

    I encourage all bloggers to spread the word. Looking down from heaven, Mr. Brito would have a huge smile on his face if he saw a massive turn-out at his funeral. Don’t let him down.

    Rest In Peace Mr Brito!!

  28. gd Says:

    I hope the idiots in the opposition can do something with this. Between Pudreval, inflation, crime and Brito’s unnecessary death, its should not be tough to put together a clear concise message that there needs to be change.

  29. island canuck Says:

    There you go again Speed trying to put us on the same level as the thugs.

    We are not equipped to do this militarily.

    It’s real easy to sit in the comfort of YOUR home in a democratic country telling us to go out & die.

    Violence on our part would only give him the excuse he is looking for to really start the repression.

  30. speed Gibson Says:

    if you want to honor this mans death then pick up a weapon and start going after the cubans and thugs who run your country…..its EASY to be outraged from the comfort of your home….now go and do something about it in the streets

  31. island canuck Says:

    In the same time that the furor over the death of Franklin Brito is happening the news from our idiot savant is:

    1) The reporters of CNN Español are imbeciles.

    2) Our revolution is peaceful but armed.

    My anger knows no bounds! Every rational Venezuelan should be at the funeral. This time you really f..ked up Chavez.

  32. Ira Says:

    God bless him–that’s about all I can think of to say.

    This is the same man that the government was saying is insane, correct?

  33. island canuck Says:

    The example of Franklin Brito may be the spark that ignites the population of Venezuela to finally rid us of this cancer that is governing us.

    We can only hope.

    Does anyone know what the funeral details will be? It should be public & huge. Daniel had said that they had not released the body. Is this still the case?

  34. Gerry Says:

    I am outraged by this destructive, deceitful and corrupt government.
    Venezuela was once a “fair” land with great expectations. What happened to its people that they permit and accept this degeneracy.
    No one has power over me unless I give it to them. Where are the proud Venezuelans? Do they know what they have acceded to?
    May God have mercy on all our souls. The people when they understand will not. If there is even the slightest hint of election unfairness I would not want to be a member of this administration.
    This government has been dead for a very long time, perhaps with the death of this good man, Brito, the government will have the wit to stiffen (rigor).

  35. ktaven Says:

    Thank you Mr. Brito for demonstrating courage and action. People may argue about your methods but you did something to fight this corrupt government and you did it with courage. I pray that your death will not be in vain but that it will tell the world about the criminals that run this country. May God bless your family. With great respect I say “THANK YOU SIR.”

  36. moctavio Says:


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