The Chavocracy has Fun by Teodoro Petkoff

August 31, 2010

Scene: Last Thursday, supposedly a working day.

Total Time: three hours plus. A very expensive restaurant in Las Mercedes. Outside several 4×4 luxury station wagons, two dozen drivers and bodyguards. Inside, seven leaders of the chavocracia, it is unclear whether only scammers alone or true front men. Two bottles of Johny Walker blue label on the table, talking to each other about yachts and airplanes. Ostentation and Showing off. The story comes to me via an engineer friend to whom one of the chavócratas, a lawyer and old friend from the days when they both had nothing, asked him to be there to help him out with something he needed. After an hour and a half of having to listen to the shouts, the lawyer called my friend aside, to take care of him. During the conversation, a waiter comes and reports to the chavócrata that another participant in the banquet insists on paying the bill. The lawyer raises his voice and making sure everyone can hear him  says that the bills is his and does not accept that anyone else pay. A brief verbal tussle,some shouting and finally my friend’s friend paid the account of 18 000 strong bolivars.

Eighteen million of the old bolivars. This is the way they govern. Who are these guys? The New Class.

The new bourgeoisie, the chavoburguesía. Those who have become millionaires from bond issuest, with food imports, with imports of luxury cars, charging fees for moving a straw, or the black market for dollars, putting their hands on all misplaced Bolívars that they see around themselves. The denial of all the ideals and dreams of a few idiots who still believe that this shit is a socialist revolution.

7 Responses to “The Chavocracy has Fun by Teodoro Petkoff”

  1. loroferoz Says:

    Why is Venezuela so depressingly like the poorest nations of Africa nowadays?

  2. Paul Stein Says:

    If only the Oliver Stone’s, Sean Penn’s of this world would awaken to what socialism in Venezuela is all about, maybe they would stop being supportive of the bolivarian robolution

  3. mick Says:

    A big overbearing government provides a smoke screen for the criminals to thrive, much like cockroaches in a dirty house.

  4. deananash Says:

    How could it ever have been about anything else? OF COURSE it’s about money. (The reason to acquire power is that it begets the dishonest means of acquiring money.)

    Which is why the best government is a VERY LIMITED government.

  5. GB Says:

    I’ve seen these types around…extremely annoying and obnoxious talking loudly and inappropriately on their Blackberries when others in the cafe are trying to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with their wife or friends.
    I think of them as scum… Fuck them!

  6. moctavio Says:

    Sorry, it was a good rat to use…

  7. geha714 Says:

    Good story there. Not surprised at all. They won’t use the good living IDs Chavez mentioned today.

    But why you had to use Remy from Ratatouille?

    He’s the last rat I can think of as a Chavista.

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