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What’s up with Fidel Castro and Hugo? Love Jews and hate the Cuban revolution?

September 9, 2010

To Kika, with all our cariño

What’s up with Fidel Castro and Hugo, really? They have been sending mixed signals in the last few days that would make a Chavista squirm.

I mean, to have Fidel say the Cuban model has failed, while Huguito is trying to imposed an oil rich based version of the Cuban model in Venezuela, must be somewhat unsettling to those peddling (or attempting to peddle) XXIst. Century Socialism and the Chavez revolution here.

In fact, The Simpsons thought Fidel doing this would actually be funny:

But nothing funny to local Chavistas about the old man reneging.

This is worse than the Venezuelan communist party suing the opposition for accusing the Communist party of…

being communists.

And just when I learned that the Jerusalem Post has called Jews in Venezuela “the most embattled Jewish community in the world“, with half its members leaving the country in the last ten years, here comes Huguito’s mentor Fidel, father-image and all and goes and questions the anti-Semitism of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and urged him to recognize the Jewish Holocaust and Israel’s reasons to fear for its existence.

What is going on here? Is the man senile or doesn’t he know Hugo is running for his life?

And just as fast as you can say Ahmadinejad without stuttering, Hugo himself comes out and says “We respect and love the Jewish people” and that he has been unfairly painted as being anti-Semite.

Jeez, I wonder who talked about the “descendants of the killers of Christ controlling the world” or even being responsible for Simon Bolivars death. Was that you Hugo or your alter ego? Remember Norberto Ceresole? Remember the raid on Hebraica? Wasn’t that your police? The desecration of the synagogue?

How come you never questioned these events and now you are buddy-buddy with the Venezuelan Jewish community?

What changed? or is this just posturing by the old man and yourself Hugo?

The truth is, the whole thing must really confuse Chavista purists, those that chant the party line day after day.

Maybe tomorrow they will say Fidel is getting old. But I would bet this will only happen after the election, you don’t want to embarrass Hugo.

Por ahora… For now…

But the truth is that half of the Venezuelan Jewish community which was welcomed to Venezuelan society in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s has now left the country in fear, despite their magnificent contributions to this country.

You will all be missed, thank you for all you did, but who can blame you for leaving…

Little kids discuss the future of inflation in Venezuela

September 9, 2010