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XXIst. Century Fund Raising for Venezuelan Public Workers

September 15, 2010

As if inflation was not high enough to make ends meet, public workers in Caracas are being forced to buy these “raffle” tickets to support Chavez’ campaign. Each ticket costs Bs. 20 and you have no choice, you are sent a certain number of tickets according to your hierarchy and you have to pay for it, no chance of refusing. This one was given to me by a friend who holds a lower position, but her boss had to buy 35 of them.

The front part of the ticket, shows the price, the prizes like a pc, camera, motrocycle and it says “The people to the Assembly”. Under the “scratch-off” surface it says “This is the way I finance my PSUV”

On the right, it says: “Chavez’ Key” and it tells people how to vote, saying “to vote for the candidates of the people is very easy” and then describes how to vote in Circuits 1-6 of the Capital District.

So, two million public workers at a minimum of Bs. 20 per worker would be Bs. 400 million, not a bad racket for a Government already using all of the resources of the State for its own party.