XXIst. Century Fund Raising for Venezuelan Public Workers

September 15, 2010

As if inflation was not high enough to make ends meet, public workers in Caracas are being forced to buy these “raffle” tickets to support Chavez’ campaign. Each ticket costs Bs. 20 and you have no choice, you are sent a certain number of tickets according to your hierarchy and you have to pay for it, no chance of refusing. This one was given to me by a friend who holds a lower position, but her boss had to buy 35 of them.

The front part of the ticket, shows the price, the prizes like a pc, camera, motrocycle and it says “The people to the Assembly”. Under the “scratch-off” surface it says “This is the way I finance my PSUV”

On the right, it says: “Chavez’ Key” and it tells people how to vote, saying “to vote for the candidates of the people is very easy” and then describes how to vote in Circuits 1-6 of the Capital District.

So, two million public workers at a minimum of Bs. 20 per worker would be Bs. 400 million, not a bad racket for a Government already using all of the resources of the State for its own party.

59 Responses to “XXIst. Century Fund Raising for Venezuelan Public Workers”

  1. liz Says:

    GWEH: the Argentinian connection is everywhere, a journalist trying to get tickets to Iran from Vzla., got an answer from a cel phone in Argentina!

    ”Fox News dice que le resultó curioso además que “a diferencia de otras reservaciones de la compañía aérea nacional, las llamadas son enviadas a un teléfono celular en Argentina, en lugar de pasar al servicio regular de Conviasa en Caracas”.

    More here:

  2. HalfEmpty Says:

    No. GWEH, Venezela looks at a boom and Brazil is all over your map. Think! Think!

  3. GWEH Says:

    the number one priority of the chavez regime is regime-survival. In the case of Venezuela, a military nuclear deterrent program would not work like in DPRK or Iran. It would probably lead to foreign military action even invasion led by the gringos so why would chavez do that? What would happen in Venezuela is the same that happened in Iraq where Saddam miscalculated and kept his WMD bluff in the wrong belief this would scare the gringos instead giving the gringos the needed excuse. I think the US military would love a Venezuela scenario as it provides the perferct scenario for many of their new warfare tools and techniques.

  4. GWEH Says:

    007: it was not in the game then and will not be now or ever. This is way beyond venezuela’s know-how period. The regime’s ignorance and incompetence means this will never happen. I have no doubts they are helping Iran bust sanctions. They want Iran to get the bomb – that keeps them lower on the priority list reducing the odds of offensive diplomatic/economic/military action by the gringos. The mere whiff of WMD’s would probably guarantee a gringo invasion so it’s not that easy.

  5. concerned Says:

    The reason the opposition has not been able to gain ground on chavez is that they make the mistake of trying to play by the rules. They use silly tactics like obeying the laws and following the constitution. A little sarcastic but true. And yes, if you forcast your intentions too soon, chavez has, and will find ways of countering or negating your aim. I hope this is the case and the 26th will indeed surprise everyone. Be ready to catch him in the act of desperation as the CNE / votes are manipulated.

  6. A_Antonio Says:

    Aliens from out space? I always suspect about Sarah Palin.

  7. firepigette Says:

    The problem is that many folks from the barrios( I know many personally) are quite “superstitious”, especially when it comes to Chavez, who for them has a strong occult power.

    We have to remember that part of typical Criollo spiritual beliefs has traditionally been this highly mystical, animistic belief in the multiple Gods and Goddesses of the invisible world- even if they are Catholic at the same time.This is similar in some ways to Hinduism in that God is to be reflected in many different forms from inanimate objects( like rocks) to specific animals, to people with powers that connect them with the other world.

    Because of this, many think that Chavez has the power to know their votes and are terrified of voting against him even if they hate him.

    My family tells me they know plenty of people who hate Chavez but refuse to vote against him for this reason..

    Many people are making the mistake of not seeing the power that the occult holds over a large percentage of Venezuelan people.

  8. island canuck Says:

    odef007 said:
    “I do believe that a large section of the population has learned to keep thoughts to themselves since you never know who you are talking to or what side they are on. We are in for a happy surprise.”

    I also believe that this is the case. The Venezuelans I know are very cautious about what they say. Many I have met during the August temporada work for government agencies & companies. They will vote against Chavismo as long as they feel the vote is 100% secret.

    The opposition has been making good inroads to convincing them that this is the case. Even the Catholic church has gotten into the act.

  9. HalfEmpty Says:

    I’m with Bill, the damn illegal aliens are getting all the good jobs. Don’t deny you’ve seen their saucers with the mattress strapped on the back, the 3 eyed-fish badge and the so called Riparian-Rap blasting from their quantum speakers. Let’s be honest, their 8 arms and ability to do tedius work for 12 hour stretches gives them an advantage in the job market. I say NO! No Illegal Alliens! I will make an exception for the LizardMan shaping my Boxwoods, he’s a wizard.

  10. odef007 Says:

    As always, thank you host for this forum:

    BILL- you have been doing way to many of those Ludes you mentioned. Really, PF.
    GWEN: you mentioned and referred an article as did MEGA. I have a comment on this if I may. There is a law of entrapment in North America. The FBI could not have approached the scientists and purposed such a venture. They could and probably did intercept an approach that was initialized by the couple. That puts a different light on the subject. Bolton, unfortunately, it is not his job anymore. In 2005 I agree – Nuclear was not in the game. Things change.

    to track things. It did not make sense to have all kinds of things shipped by boat via the “ high road “ unless they are purposely trying to mislead as to where the actual cargo is going to end up. I found a site on the web that is a “ ocean bill of lading” tracker. Useful and harmless to any honest business. I have noted the site address. What I find curious is why Argentina is selling to Bariven “Titanium Seamless Tubes” and the size is conspicuous too. The Bill is from 2007. I submit that where there is smoke, it glows and that GEM has may facets

    Election: The Opposition is playing it close to the breast. I do not believe there are as many NoNos as the Polls suggest. I do believe that a large section of the population has learned to keep thoughts to themselves since you never know who you are talking to or what side they are on. We are in for a happy surprise.
    Just in case, I keep praying 🙂


  11. GWEH Says:

    I think Bolton was in government in 2005 when USG investigaed feasibility of Chavez going homegrown nuclear … conclusion was no. Maybe Bolton did not hear about that. Bolton must know Chavez cannot even build vertical chicken coops and here we are talking about exotic covert nuclear military programs.

  12. GWEH Says:

    Bill, Venezuela makes for great stories and separating fact from fiction sometimes hard just ask Bolton http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/16/opinion/la-oe-bolton-chavez-20100916

  13. GWEH Says:

    this is the third ‘nuclear’ related incident involving argentines and venezuela. The first was the purchase conversations between PDVSA and argie officials for CAREM modular reactor, the second was one of the best stories I have heard so far involving shipping CAREM to Iran inside modified PDVSA oil tankers.

  14. Bill Simpson in Slidell Says:

    You are all going to be really, really rich down there in Venezuela…..! Visit http://www.aspousa.org.us and read the interview with Bob Hirsch about his new peak oil book. If you aren’t in Venezuela, you might want to fix a drink, or take a pill first. Ludes might make a comeback here in the USA. Roman Polanski might try to sneak in. I always wanted to see those big steam railroad engines ride the rails again. I just missed them in New Orleans, when I was a kid.
    Hugo and his Iranian friends will be able to conquer the globe. And I had to go study Latin, instead of Spanish, in high school.
    Did you hear that the Vatican just announced that the Catholic Church was ready to baptize our aliens. No, not the ones from Central America that come into the USA to work, the ones from outer space! I got my new telescopes just in time. This Coast to Coast a.m. radio show is a trip.

  15. sid Says:

    well, one question. Those counting machines and computers in elect. system can work if there is a blackout?

  16. GWEH Says:

    what a dumbass scientist

  17. Roger Says:

    Saw it too Mega. Can’t wait for His response! It Should be Classic.
    Regarding the El Ni-Ni’s….. I find it hard to imagine that as they eat their overpriced and stale food that they had to go to several stores to buy and in the dark as the power is out, they are saying to each other….. we won’t bother to vote because our vote won’t matter and everything will be better soon. Of course in theme with the post, some of them will say “I gave at the Office”

  18. megaescualidus Says:

    This will be totally off topic, however, here it goes.

    Did anyone hear about very recent news “Couple tried to sell nuclear arms secrets to Venezuela” (http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5i2VB-v-Ry9vtFQLkLp7D8qK-i1Iw). It was actually a setup by the FBI (there was no actual contact with the Venezuelan government).

    I can’t wait to hear what the Venezuelan government will respond with (even though, again, the two Argentinian scientists never really make contact with Venezuela, but with FBI undercover agents).

  19. NicaCat56 Says:

    Here’s yet another Nil Nikandrov article, published in (surprise!) venezuelanalysis.com: “Hugo Chavez, the Fifth International, and the Shadow of Trotsky” (http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/5640). Here’s the last paragraph of the article:
    “The congress intended to constitute the V International was supposed to convene last April but ended up being postponed indefinitely. No comments emanate from the work group in charge of the mission. Evidently, serious difficulties have been encountered and the overall situation in Venezuela where parliamentary elections are due on September 26 is taking a toll. It is natural that at the moment top priority has to be ascribed to maintaining the PSUV grip on Venesuela’s national assembly.”
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, does it?

  20. Kepler Says:

    Holy guacamole! I just read the article.
    “Opposition has no chance!” But who are they? I briefly checked their “about us” page and it is “under construction”, I saw a page of their “Ukrainian quarters”. Everything is pretty chauvi Russian.

    These guys really can only write rubbish. They even have to put in bold letters what they want to stress, which is fine in a blog like ours bu not in a serious article.

    “a victory would lead to Hondurean conditions”.
    They also tell how a Funda Ayacucho is now enabling thousands and thousands of students to study abroad…NOW!

    “Oppposition parties (pro-US America) refuse without exception to include
    information about the achievements of the Bolivarian government in attaining INDUSTRIAL INDEPENDENCE, from the creation of agroindustrial
    and farming cooperatives to hundreds of FREE schools…”

    They also talk about how the hydro-electric problems are due to to he climate conditions but also to things like the Colombians who were taking pictures of key installations in Barinas

    Oh, piss off!

  21. firepigette Says:

    i do NOT trust the BBC.

    it is Not moved by any noble drive or honest consideration, but by a concern for the appearance presented to others. The key terms for this type of org are:

    honor, reputation, shame, and propriety.

    “It has no feeling for the beauty or worth of actions” , but is guided by standards that only exist in the estimation of others.

  22. island canuck Says:

    Just an update on the electricity problems here in Margarita where the PSUV is trying very hard to blame the opposition for the collapse.

    There was a meeting run by one of the oppo political parties in a local village last night where an engineer from Corpolec stated that 2 generators are burned out & that they have been told to keep it quiet.

    One local Chavista mayor is warning that could be an electrical coup (“golpe electrico”) in Margarita.

    Translation: the problem is so bad & getting worse that the whole island could be without electricity at any moment & they are already planning on blaming the opposition.

    The good news is that this news is getting into the pueblos here & the people don’t believe them anymore.

    The pueblo was burning tires in El Tirano 2 nights ago & last night, for the first time in days, we only had cuts in daylight hours.

  23. sid Says:

    well, can´t you do anything thru net, twitter or mobile SMS? The régime in Moldova (a republic between Roumania and Ukraina) felt after well organized sms protests and election control. Five minutes ago i read Nil Nikandor ( phantom name) article on http://www.fondsk.ru in Russian on Ven, describing, that the electricity shortage is there because of Colombian spies (perhaps drinking the Guri damm water?), that Golinger observed thad oppo received 50 mil of USD cash, that the youths are those priviledged by positions and jobs and that there is a countrywide social luxury for inhabitants, that can buy what then can. Typical Russian lies. But, they suppose you will get up to 27 diputados, as more will be a danger for Chavez. And sure, you did not take part in 2005 elections because of THE direct ORDERS FROM Washington, D.C. Russians are bastards, as we lived since 1968 to 91 under their military command. The trouble is, that the Amis too. Superpowers lives for themselves. Do not rely on them. And well, the criminality: it is rare in Ven., however discussed by oppo. They plan (the reds) to visit every household, every man or woman to discuss success of Hughito.

  24. Kepler Says:


    There was massive cheating and repression in Iran, no doubt about it. Now, we do no really know who won the elections and it is most likely that still Akhmadinejad did. Why? Because one thing is Teheran and those mostly English or French speaking people there, well educated, and another thing is Bukan or Ardakan, Chaldoran or Qom with half-illiterate, very conservative people.

    Venezuela does have this urban-rural differences as well, but the situation is better for us. We just need to become more organized, get deeper into the rural or non-mega-urban areas, denounce any violence, be very very prepare to document it swiftly.

  25. Rodrigo Says:


    I rarely contribute and this is not quite related to the post, but I think this graphic summarizes quite well the situation in Venezuela

    I got it from the Blog Gurus Blog, quite popular in Spain


  26. Kepler Says:

    Can any other Venezuelan finish that letter? We can write it in Spanish only I gave some of the points. I add the European emails for press and we all send it. I am into something else.

  27. concerned Says:

    It is not a question of whether he will or will not cheat. He has endorsed it in every other voting opportunity.

    When you show up to vote and are told that you can’t because someone has already voted with your identification, do you think that vote was against Chavez?

    When chavistas are transported by bus from one voting station to another, cutting to the front of the line and voting multiple times using their different forms of identification, is that not cheating?

    All parties involved turn their head and allow it to happen because they are CNE political prostitutes.

  28. RWG Says:

    My concern is that Chavez will emulate Amendinajad of Iran by cheating and sending out his police and thugs to stop protests. It worked in Iran and the World was silent. Obama did not give one word of support for the opposition in Iran. (Compare this to how Obama helped Zelaya in Honduras)

    Chavez knows he will almost certainly be safe from actions or even criticisms from the Obama administration. Chavez has little to lose by cheating. Are Iranians and Cubans ready to advise Chavez on September 27th?

  29. Kepler Says:

    They made it to the CNE site up to 2006. Check it out.

    ” I’ve thus concluded long time ago that being a “ni-ni” is a large part of the Venezuelan culture.”
    Yap. Well, it is not “nini”. It is simply ‘a mí lo que me importa soy yo, mi familia, mis amigos’. The annoying thing is that most Venezuelans do like to wave flags and sing the anthem and all that crap. But the national community? Chamo, es que voy a la playa.

  30. megaescualidus Says:

    I’ve always thought (in fact, I’m conviced) that our votes abroad are simply discarded (they don’t even make it to the CNE in Venezuela, ever). However, we (my wife and myself) have voted on every single election (referendums, presidential elections, etc., etc., etc.). But, out here (abroad, “en el extranjero”, I mean) there are people who can be catalogued as “ni-ni” even though their families in Venezuela are “bien jodidos” (having a rough economical situation, you’d say). I’ve thus concluded long time ago that being a “ni-ni” is a large part of the Venezuelan culture.

  31. Kepler Says:

    Mike, no problem with including them but several main news outlets (to quote your darling, “all of them” 🙂 should be included. It is just a matter of adding one email address to the email.

    I would say El País, El Mundo, Lenta, Novaja Gazeta, Spiegel, FAZ, Le Monde,
    BBC, CNN, Fox, whatever you want + EU commission for human rights + embassies.

    But I am right now doing something else for the oppo.
    Could anyone prepare that (preferably a Venezuelan)? I can provide the right addresses for Europe and recheck the text.

    I think it matters: we have to attack them on every front. They will have to work hard to cheat and the world will anyway have a better idea about what is going on.

  32. Dillis Says:

    I agree, you wouldn’t get a proactive story like that from the rest of the lamestream left wing media in North America and Europe!

  33. Mike Nelson Says:

    “And cc to the Venezuelan embassies and CNN, BBC, etc.”

    Kepler, I hope by “etc.” you’re also including Fox News, because they’re probably the only US network that would deem the issue “important” enough to bother to report on.

    I know Fox is anathema to you but you gotta hand it to them, they’re the only major network (yes, major) that considers opposition “complaints” and Chavismo’s nefarious deeds as newsworthy.

    Case in point: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/09/14/terror-flight-venezuela-iran-illicit-arms-hezbollah-hamas-protest/?test=latestnews

    Try to find that tidbit on CNN.

    (yes, I know the Fox article is, shall we say, a little strident, but hell, at least they considered it news, unlike some other outlets)

  34. Kepler Says:

    They will most likely allow the voting to take place and like in 2007 and 2009 we will have the counting and the actas, but they won’t publish the results in the site UNLESS we do something like alert the international press WITH CC to the Venezuelan embassies:
    Dear… the Venezuelan electoral system is obliged to publish all results for elections and referendums but haven’t done so since 2007. The current minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Maduro, even said in 2009 that over half of all Venezuelans registered abroad actually signed a petition in support of the referendum when in reality – and we have the actas about that – the vast majority abroad rejected the referendum.
    We believe it is important to publish results abroad, even if they are of “only” 50000 voters. The Venezuelan government is trying to discourage the over 150000 potential Venezuelan voters abroad from going to vote for 2012.”

    And cc to the Venezuelan embassies and CNN, BBC, etc.

  35. jeffry house Says:

    For those out of the country–like the Toronto poster, above–I suggest you just go down together on election day, but call the local press and let them know there will be a demonstration by Venezolanos being denied their rights.

    Actions like that will demonstrate that the election has not been fair, that the Chavez government doesn’t respect the constitution or the law.

  36. Ira Says:

    Don’t want to mention the company, because it’s a worldwide biggie, with this particular division selling medical equipment, but:

    An Argentinian friend of mine here in Florida, a retired dentist from Buenos Aires, got a call from his friend at the above-mentioned company’s headquarters in Caracas. Actually, he was RETURNING a call, and was told how to do so via the company’s U.S. 800 number–which couldn’t be tapped. (Yes, there is even spying going on at medical supply companies.)

    Anyway, in a few weeks, the company is closing the offices and consolidating operations at their Brazil headquarters. He explained that it was breaking his heart that he couldn’t yet tell the TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE there that they would soon be out of a job.

    He also explained that the company was losing money left and right in VZ, but the company is so huge that they can usually afford to do this for YEARS in some places, waiting for conditions to improve. But they did the analysis…saw absolutely zero possibility for improvement in VZ…and are packing their bags.

  37. odef007 Says:

    Thank you host for this forum:)

    Concerned: you’re right. In Toronto the Embassy has not even bothered
    to put an advertisement in the paper calling for the vote. When we call
    the Embassy there is an automated message with no relevance to vote.
    I’m going to keep trying. But, your right, no one that is out of the Country
    would vote for the PSUV … they are the reason so many are out. Even the Embassy web page has no reference… I should be surprised at this…not

  38. concerned Says:

    Chavez knows that the only votes for his PSUV candidates from out of the country would be from workers at the consulates, and probably not from all of them. If anyone is foolish enough to think that they will count the out of country votes, I have some raffle tickets to sell you.

  39. Roger Says:

    I don’t know about the prize but this is what us gringos call protection money or in Spanish Vacuna. Pay or kiss your job goodbye.
    We should be fortunate that this has no progressed to a “credit card” that votes PSUV for you when you put it into smartmatic voting machine and credits your christmas bonus to you when you put it into the ATM machine of your choice. I think all this is in our favor. For at this point only a Venezuelan with a Traumatic Brain Injury like a bullet wound to the head would not understand what the hell is going on. Look at the Venezuelan part of this and tell me thats not true. http://www.theplaceswelive.com/

  40. GB Says:

    That raffle prize list is like the classic scene in Glenn Gerry Glen Ross:

    Truth is stranger than fiction…

  41. Aristo Says:

    I like the prizes: a laptop, a camera, a digital camera (what’s the first one if not digital?, maybe they meant a video camera), a motorcycle and a key chain. Why are they arranged in this order? I wonder. Which is the first prize?

    A key chain, really? For BsF. 20?

  42. torres Says:

    I thought that by law all tickets needed to be “troquelados” with consecutive numbers.

  43. island canuck Says:

    Wow. Great day for interesting news.

    ConviasaVenezuela suspende vuelos misteriosos a Siria e Irán


    ConViasa has suspended their flights from Iran & Siria after being accused by the USA of using them to transport “espías, terroristas y cargamento letal”.

    Maybe the spies & terrorist were just afraid to go into any more ConViasa planes after the crash.

  44. island canuck Says:

    Monagas has a serious outage that continues.


    Another oppo strike??

    I’m really getting concerned that the whole system is going to collapse before the elections.

  45. Kepler Says:

    Perhaps the blackouts are increasing because of this?


    And the headquarters of PJ in Anzoátegui were attacked. Expect much more violence in the Llanos

  46. island canuck Says:

    I think the problem in Margarita is Sucre & Anzoategui.

    There are been many black outs there & these are Chavista strongholds.

    They would rather leave Margarita in the dark which they will lose anyway.

    We had a 2 hour 45 minute outage this morning & over 4 hours yesterday.

    The big worry is further problems at Guri which would throw us all back into the 1800s.

    I still say that the electric problems will swing more votes than anything else.
    You would have to be pretty stupid to believe that the oppos are running around 24 hours a day causing blackouts that last 3 hours+.

  47. Kepler Says:


    We still need to force them to publish results.
    They do not put up results for voting abroad after 2006.

  48. Roberto N Says:

    Not only are they not letting people know, but the main Foreign Office website actually had language on it that encouraged people to vote for the PUSV, sorry I meant PSUV, candidates!

    SUMATE denounced this to the CNE. Their site is down right now, otherwise I would have posted a link

  49. megaescualidus Says:

    Needless to say, whichever funds are collected through this raffle may end up financing a yatch, or a summer vacation house (perhaps even in Imperialist USA) of some of the raffle organizers. Actually, seriously, it’d be interesting to know after the fact how much of the funds were really routed to the PSUV for election purposes, and how much were “lost” (“misrouted” sounds a little better). But, of course, these kind of details will never be known.

    A slightly off topic point, though still related to the upcoming Parlamentarias, is that until about a week ago my local Consulate (San Francisco, California) didn’t even bother to inform in their website that expats will have a chance to vote for the Venezuelan representative in the Parlatino. Is this pure ineptitude, or a calculated move to prevent that the Opposition gains a vocal vantage point abroad? Almost nobody we know here in the California Bay Area knew they could vote (myself included), and it wasn’t until we asked the Consulate about a week ago they confirmed we (Venezuelans properly registered to vote abroad) indeed can. We also asked them to include this information in their website, and now it is there (at least they did follow through). Regardless of how important or effective ends up being that the Opposition is represented in the Parlatino, once we knew we could vote we told everybody we know about it.

  50. liz Says:

    this post has to reach the spanish speaking audience. Please translate it for your mirror blor.

  51. Dillis Says:

    The electricty problem in Margarita is out of control now, and I live in an area that didn’t suffer that much before. They are obviously under pressure to keep the lights on in Caracas until the election.

    We have had 3 hour outages for the last 3 days from 6.30pm-9.30pm.
    Add to that the every other day planned outages in the afternoon. The cacerolazos were loud last night everywhere!

    A friend asked a Chavista at the airport what he thinks of the power outages, and he said ‘It’s the opposition sabotaging’.

    There is no hope left for these imbeciles!

  52. Pelao Manrique Says:

    Wow, why is this piece of news not in the papers and online news outlets?
    Even if useless, the opposition CNE rector should be having a field day with this.

  53. Gringo Says:

    j.scott barnard
    …and it’s legal to raise funds in public offices?

    Since when has legality stopped Thugo from doing something?

  54. j.scott barnard Says:

    …and it’s legal to raise funds in public offices?

  55. Roberto N Says:

    These raffles have always been part and parcel of the PSUV. And I think Roy is right, things are tight enough that this may sway some to bolt to the right side.

  56. Island Canuck Says:

    I firmly believe the electric problems will change enough minds to push us over the top.

    At least in the boonies.

  57. Roy Says:

    Hmmm…. Maybe a lot of them will just pissed off enough to vote for the Opposition.

    It certainly sends a strong signal to a lot of Chavistas that says the State is out of money.

  58. moctavio Says:

    In Venezuela you have to register, I bet if you asked they would show you the registration even if it did not exist, in fact the ticket is supposed to have the authorization number, this one does not.

  59. jeffry house Says:

    Can anyone just decide to hold a raffle in Venezuela? In many countries, legal approval has to be obtained, to insure, for example, that the prize being offered actually exists and does not depend on sales.

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