Little kids discuss the future of inflation in Venezuela

September 9, 2010


17 Responses to “Little kids discuss the future of inflation in Venezuela”

  1. Roy Says:

    The two girls look to me to be Central Asian. I am guessing Afghan.

  2. Roger Says:

    With the nose rings I would say India. However, labeling these kids is not ethnics and social status are hard to judge if you dont live there. Example check out these Gitano kids in Spain doing Flamenco

  3. moctavio Says:

    I picked the right fingers or digits

  4. bruni Says:

    Sorry Miguel, but even though those kids are cute, they do not look Venezuelan….you picked the wrong kids.

  5. Gringo Says:

    Some people are better at picking up visual cues of intoxication or drug use than others. Years ago a co-worker told me that the Human Resources head of our division came into work hungover. “I know how these people look.” I was skeptical, but several months later I heard that the HR guy had been drinking and had cut down drastically. Joined AA?

    In looking at the eyes of the 3 kids, the girl on the left looks a little less engaged, a little removed compared to the other two. The boy is all there and the girl on the right is goofing on you- or at least goofing in a different manner from the boy. The two on the right definitely want your attention. The girl on the left looks as if she doesn’t care if you pay her attention or not.

    OTOH, would I have said that before the opinions about glue/paint sniffing?

  6. amieres Says:

    I can see the single digits now

  7. RWG Says:

    These are children that the Chavistas recruited to vote. They are showing the ink on their fingers after practice voting. Of course, it is invisible ink.

  8. Roberto N Says:

    Ira, you haven’t been painting just now, have you?

    The kid on the left does look a little glassy eyed, it would not be unheard of if that were due to inhalation of certain vapors. That was a problem I began to hear of in the early 80’s, los huelepega.

  9. Ira Says:

    Ooops–I meant to reply to Gibson in my above post.

    (Kids, whatever you do, don’t get old like me.)

  10. Ira Says:

    Gringo, I don’t think this is a shot in the dark, but it looks like she’s sniffing paint.

    She has a very stoned and “adult” look to her for such a young kid.

  11. Gringo Says:

    “Prices should begin to ease as Venezuela substitutes domestically produced food goods for imports and boosts manufacturing,” the bank president said.

    Yup, domestic agriculture and manufacturing have had a veritable Renaissance under 11 years of Chavismo.

  12. speed Gibson Says:

    interesting how emaciated and unhealthy the girl on the left looks

  13. Ira Says:

    “Prices should begin to ease as Venezuela substitutes domestically produced food goods for imports and boosts manufacturing,” the bank president said.

    Okay–I’m not an economist.

    But exactly how does this comment make any sense?

    It is a proven a fact…indisputable…and common knowledge:

    VZ under Chavez is incapable of growing and raising NEARLY enough food stuffs, nor manufacturing NEARLY enough hard goods.

    As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite:

    In the short term, until Chavez is gone and for a considerable time thereafter, the only answer is INCREASED imports.

    I can not believe that this guy and his sycophants aren’t already confined to straightjackets.

  14. Roberto N Says:

    Hey, it should all be under control now that Giordani will become part of the directorate of the BCV!

    I bet any one of those kids would do a better job than Giordani.


  15. Roy Says:

    You tell ’em, Jaimito!

  16. moctavio Says:

    That’s it, a picture is worth 10,000 words, there is a link though…

  17. A_Antonio Says:

    MO, did you press the wrong button again? Or is this post only the photo?.

    Anyway, if the economic minister have the balls to say that the goal of inflation for next year is to be bellow 30%, what a hope for the economy !!!!. NO country can developed that way.

    I like the picture.

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