Left Behind in Venezuela to Piece Lives From Scraps in the NYT

September 18, 2010

It gives me chills that this happens in my country. Kudos Simon!

7 Responses to “Left Behind in Venezuela to Piece Lives From Scraps in the NYT”

  1. firepigette Says:

    so sad

  2. GB Says:

    EvaV: Don’t you know, this is really just a Photoshop revolution. Its all so sadly and tragically hokey (fake)!

  3. EvaV Says:

    Note the sign on the truck “Plan of Socialist beuatification”

    If they spent more money on people and less on propaganda things would be better.

  4. Ken Price Says:

    A friend of mine says that Capitalism and Socialism are pretty much the same thing: Capitalism spreads wealth, Socialism spreads poverty.

  5. Kepler Says:

    Those Waraos had always, always been forgotten. The only oppo visiting the area has been Leopoldo. We could take over Delta if we wanted. It would be hard, but much easier than other places, actually. But we are so fuckingly-Caracas-Valencia-Maracaibo-centered.

  6. Dillis Says:

    Whilst the Government Chavistas and Aduanas impound and take home containers full of expensive clothes and shoes at La Guaira headed for stores such as Zara…

    Don’t you just love ‘Socialism’!!

  7. ErneX Says:

    “Reflecting Venezuela’s political complexity, most of the Warao interviewed here expressed loyalty to Mr. Chávez, even as they ate out of Ciudad Guayana’s garbage”


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