If you thought you had heard it all in Venezuela…

September 20, 2010

Chavista Deputy Desiree Santos Amaral: “The opposition will not come back, because we don’t feel like it”

A profound anti-democratic statement from the one time investigative reporter.

Comptroller Clodosbaldo Russian: “The poor are the ones that suffer the most from the world’s financial crisis”

And in Venezuela they suffer from the Government’s financial irresponsibility and useless spending by the Chavez Government including sending and paying for Ruffian The Comptroller to give this empty speech.

Telesur President Andres Izarra: “Pornographic reporting is a symptom of desperation by the opposition”

This from the man whose Hyena-like mock of the tripling of crime in Venezuela during the Chavez regime made the news around the world. As for lies, jeez Andres, you are the expert.

Jose Vicente Rangel (as Marciano): “The only objective of the opposition is to finish off Chavez”

A noble goal to limit and stop Chavez’ power, before Chavez finishes off the country. Unfortunately, Chavez is going faster than the opposition. He seems to be winning so far…

Jose Vicente Rangel (As himself): “The opposition uses the media to destabilize the people:

Wow! change opposition for Chavez in that sentence and you get the correct sentence. Who controls the media in Venezuela? Who goes on TV daily to instill fear in people in Venezuela? Only Hugo.

Minister of Higher Education Ramirez: “Venezuela tops the US in university enrollment 83% to 82%”

Jeez, if this guy really believes in this, let me just innocently ask: What’s the average number of years to graduate? How many Professors with a graduate degree teach at these “universities”? How many do research? How did you count it? If kids don’t graduate from elementary or secondary school in the same numbers, how can that number be so high? Was the CNE involved in the calculations?

Cilia Flores, President of the National Assembly: “The opposition is ready to cry fraud in the elections”…”The opposition has to say it will accept the results of the elections”

Cilia, Cilia. Why don’t you start by recognizing the results of the 2007 Constitutional referendum? It seems to me that the Assembly you preside approved 20 Laws that go against the results of that referendum and the “will of the people”. The same seemed to happen with the elections for Governors where you approved legislation to violate and limit the funding, power and ability of opposition Governors to act and thus restrict the will of the people you claim to defend.  From this, it seems to me it is you and your little Dictator who have to come out and say they will respect the results on Sunday September 26th., it is your track record, that of PSUV and Chavez that is extremely fishy.

18 Responses to “If you thought you had heard it all in Venezuela…”

  1. Johndoe Says:

    GWEH : You are right, Andres Izarra is a little bit more left wing than opportunist, he is the kind of commie usually known as : “SCROUNGE”

    How come some bolchevik like him, got a job in RCTV and CNN, to later on became a “media right wing hunter”….. so, I have another definition for him: “LEECH”

    and many others: drifter, adulator, backscratcher and bottlicker,

    Check out some of his left wing amazing carrier:


  2. moctavio Says:

    Not really, he lives very well, incosistent with the left wing speech. His father on the other hand is a true believer and lives accordingly. While Jr. has had all sorts of cushy jobs, the father has not been able to adapt to them and spends his time indoctrinating and out of the limelight. In 1998 I met him with some hedge fund managers, they wanted to invite him to a fancy restaurant, he said he would prfer something more in line with his beliefs, like somebody´s home. That’s what we did.

  3. GWEH Says:

    I think Izarra jr is a little bit more hard-core leftist than the opportunist miguel portrays him to be.

  4. Dillis Says:

    They always say they will show evidence of the sabotage in a few days, and then hope el pueblo forget about it…..

  5. metodex Says:

    i fail to recognize any foreign or local statement of any person/organization saying venezuela is doing good in something.

  6. A_Antonio Says:

    I think like Charly,

    In some Chavizta’s newspaper (I think Ciudad CCS) says that some of the UN Milleniun Goals are already reached by Venezuela, 5 years before the limit, that is in 2015.

    Give me a break !!!!!!!!!

  7. jau Says:

    All these statements are more proof that Chavistas are way past the point of no return, they will do anything to stay in power, forever.

    My humbkle advice is that If you are not willing to fight for your country, and I am not talking about political rallies and voting, then you better make your bags and leave now.

    Call me a hothead a radical or whatever but it is crystal clear that the current government will never ever step down due to losing a democratic election.

  8. Charly Says:

    re: Desiree Santos Amaral, nada mas ridiculo que una sesentona revolucionaria.

    Re Minister Ramirez, UNESCO does not have the staff to make an independent compilation and therefore has to rely on information provided by the countries. Hence UNESCO report comes from Ramirez office and in turn Ramirez shows how UNESCO recognizes Venezuela as a top performer in higher education. Just look who else are in top positions, North Korea and Cuba, gime a break!

  9. island canuck Says:

    Here’s another one:

    Detienen a 2 sospechosos por explosión en Ferrominera

    Two suspect have been arrested for the explosion in Ferrominera.

    Of course it is sabotage & they can’t identify the culprits however they are not employees. It couldn’t possibly be another case of negligence. No, no. It’s SABOTAGE!

    The newspeak of 21st century socialism.

  10. island canuck Says:

    Well it had to happen.

    In answer to all the criticism that the Caracas Metro is falling apart the union advises that they have found the culprit. It’s sabotage. Of course it is.

    Along with the electrical system, the water system & the holes in the roads, the food, etc., etc..

    All created to cause chaos in the population.


  11. firepigette Says:

    Gringo ,

    That sounds plausible.

    What worries me terribly is that all this double talk has such a Machiavellian effect.

    When people identify emotionally with a certain person or trend, WHATEVER is said, no matter how absurd, is believed.Then it becomes memetic, spreading from person to person in a group.People don’t even question it because it becomes part of conventional wisdom for the like minded.

    It is the emotional identification that allows for so much manipulation, and no matter how much most people believe they are objective -they are not.

    The emotional center of the brain is the rogue elephant of the brain, meaning it can pretty much trample and smash the rest.

    This is why politics is such a mierda! Truth is put on the back burner in favor of emotional identifications in order to win votes.

    Many times the only thing that can wake people up from this strong emotional identification is a SHOCK.

  12. Gringo Says:

    Could it be that Education Minister Ramirez is making the mistake of equating the US “bachelors” with the Venezuelan “bachillerato”?

    That sounds like a good explanation. Brian Nelson, who should know better, made a similar error in his article Los Maracuchos: Life in Venezuela’s Oil Boomtown.

    Fifty-six percent of Venezuelans have a bachelor’s degree, which is more than twice the U.S. figure of 27 percent.

    Brian Nelson is also the author of The Silence and the Scorpion: The Coup Against Chavez and the Making of Modern Venezuela.

  13. Steven Says:

    Could it be that Education Minister Ramirez is making the mistake of equating the US “bachelors” with the Venezuelan “bachillerato”?

  14. jeffry house Says:

    If the opposition is destabilizing the people, perhaps Mr. Chavez could follow the advice of Berthold Brecht, who suggested that when the people do not meet the needs of the state, the government could dissolve the people and elect another.

  15. Lim Says:

    A quote from Paraguay. Insulza said “Democracy is not at risk in any couuntry in the region” and then went on to say “we won´t be at the Venezuelan elections … we´ve been there before” He also said that the OAS is not as effective as some smaller regional organizations (nice, coming from the secretary general of the OAS).

    In summary, Zelaya coup bad, Chavez coup good. The castros are OK over there: no risk of anything happening in Cuba. Anything at all.

    By the way, I like your cartoon of Chavez the puppet. Who is pulling his toung string?

  16. moctavio Says:

    Sorry, corrected, I know them both. Father a better person, at least he believes in his ideals, son is just an “arrivista”

  17. rafael Says:

    Hey great job, but i think telesur president is Andres Izarra not William Izarra (btw they are relatives)

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