Election results announced eight hours after polls closed

September 27, 2010

It is 1:56 AM and the Electoral Board, the CNE has just announced the first results, here is what they said (as much as I can remember) and my instant analysis. I am having problems with Cantv, hope the post goes thru, Mud is the opposition, Psuv is Chavez’ party:

66.45 % of the people voted

Amazonas 67.92% vote list one for PPT one for PSUV one for PPT

Aragua 66.8% Psuv 5 Mud 3

Anzoategui 67.92% Mud 5 Psuv 1

Barinas 66.4% Psuv 5 Mud 1

Bolivar 61.81% Psuv 6 Mud 2

Carabobo 66.28% Psuv 6 Mud 3

Cojedes 64.22% Psuv 3 Mud 1

Delta amacuro 68.13% Psuv 4

Distrito Capital 67.12 Psuv 7 Mud 3

Falcon 64% Psuv 4 Mud 2

Guarico 63.67% Psuv 3

Lara 68.69% Psuv 6 Mud 3

Merida Psuv 4 Mud 2

Miranda 67.45% Psuv 6 Mud 6

Monagas 63.89% Psuv 5 Mud 1

Nueva Esparta 64.92% Mud 3 Psuv 1

Portuguesa 64.5% Psuv 5 Mud 1

Sucre 58.37% Mud 3 Psuv 3

Tachira 70.44% Mud 5 Psuv 1

Trujillo 62.32% Psuv 4 Mud 1

Yaracuy 66.33% Psuv 4 Mud 1

Zulia 69.89% Mud 12 Psuv 3

Vargas 63.87% Psuv 3 Mud 1

I am dead more comments tomorrow

The total gives me 89 for Chavez’ Psuv to 61 for the opposition with four undecided. The opposition stops Chavismo from having 2/3 majority, no info on total votes, looks close based on number of Deputies.

Opposition is saying it got more votes than Chavez’ Psuv party, obtaining 52% of the vote and no more than a possible maximum of 40% of the Deputies. Chavez’ democratic legitimacy in Venezuelan is now in question.

37 Responses to “Election results announced eight hours after polls closed”

  1. deananash Says:

    I might add that Roberto N’s comments about the “enabling resolution” are spot on.

    One of the above links put it best: “The current congress has until Jan. 5 to pass measures benefitting the government.”

    Watch out, Chavez is going to move much faster in the near term.

  2. deananash Says:

    concerned said: “What happened last night was that there was hope that one’s vote would count, and a hint that it did. This is a battery recharge for 2012 when many had, or were about to give up hope.”

    And there’s the rub. That is a false hope if ever there was one. With today’s sophisticated polling, Chavez (and everyone knew the election results weeks ago and thus) had no reason to cheat.

    In other words, this was his opportunity to brandish his “democratic” laurels, to say nothing of insuring that the voting system is fully accepted.

    Mark my words, Chavez will NEVER leave Venezuela via the ballot box. It simply ain’t gonna happen. “Birds fly, babies cry, scorpions bite…” Why? It’s their nature.

    Now I ask you, what is Chavez’s nature?

  3. moses Says:

    Slightly OT:

    The website Noticiero Digital is being blocked by Cantv, also the blogs from WordPress. I could access both of them through ABA Cantv, using a proxy.



  4. megaescualidus Says:


    Though everybody knows there are quite a few opportunits in chavez’s court in the Asamblea, I really doubt the opposition has more effective coercive powers over them than the Government.

    I’d actually ask if there’s any chance given the Government’s means and what’s at stake for them if they could turn some of the opposition Deputies around. Wouldn’t that be “interesting”?

  5. metodex Says:

    Is there any chance, that a larger opposition force in the AN would make some PSUV deputies actually turn back.I honestly believe that some PSUV guys are not 100% loyal.

  6. mick Says:

    This election did not take away any of The Dictator’s legislative power. He is still in office and will find ways to get around the laws just as he always has. This has however cost him a lot of political clout. The people are finally questioning him. Gerrymandering, incompetence, corruption, and now his lack of total blind support… “Look the Emperor has no clothes”.

    Even the ignorant hillbillys who continue to vote for him, will start to question their choice of a coat of paint on their shack instead of a steady job at the factory owned by the capitalist pig.

  7. firepigette Says:

    I think these are good results for the opposition and definitely as good as could have been expected,or would have been allowed by Chavez.

    These results are similar to those in the referendum when the ” NO” won.
    The opposition won the vote but Chavez immediately declared that he was going to go ahead and do what he wanted anyway.This time too, we won the vote but Chavez keeps his seats in Congress.In both cases we have taken the initiative away from him, and put him on the defensive.Last time he quickly recovered and turned the tables on us.In a sense we are now having a second chance, and if we have learned something it may be a better one- especially with the 2012 elections not very far away.

    In both cases Chavez delayed giving the results while making some adjustments to his favor.We will never know how much he skimmed off from our victory.Perhaps we actually had enough votes to get the majority in Congress- especially as he stacked the deck totally in his favor before hand.

    Ultimately it does NOT really matter, because Chavez would have found a way to do what he wants anyway.

    What DOES matter is that he lost the majority of votes and this makes him a minority government.

  8. Nur_Ich Says:

    And I still stand with my opinion, that 2007 was the time to revoke the current AN (which was voted in with 25%) and prolly nothing of all that would have happened. All nasty leyes (including the voting ley and Chavez re-election) were made after that. So the opposition didn’t only screw up the 2005 election with their abstencion but also the current by allowing the AN to live longer than 2007 😦

  9. megaescualidus Says:


    Yes, 40% Deputies while getting 52% of the votes is not the greatest of results, but it is a BIG improvement over the two (did I get that right) the Opposition had before this. Will the Goverment change the rules moving forward so this 61 deputies can’t do much? You bet. But, I can also bet you 61 oppo guys will be able to make much more noise than the 2 or 3 there were there before.


    Yes, we’d all want the Opposition to go on TV and cry foul. We know there was rigging, manipulation of votes, irregularities, the dead voted again (more than once on some places), some live voters couldn’t vote (they suddently found themselves registered in a different location, withount them knowing of the change), there ware gangs of Chavistas robbing people in the lines of their Cedulas, etc., etc. We all wanted to cry foul when “Tibisay” came out and gave her (their) results. However, the Opposition cannot do much more at this point (they actually did quite a lot), and I do think this is a great result, which will make Chavez sit down and redraw his plan for his turn within two years.

    It is clear (they know it, the Opposition knows it, we all know it) that he (Chavez) doesn’t have the majority (at least right now). And his popularity is bound to keep tanking (he’d just have govern – if it can be called that – the way he’s been doing it). I think this is a wake up call for them.

    Yes, we would have liked a stronger result. But I do still think nonetheless this was a great win.

    Arriba los maracuchos y arriba los gochos!!! (can’t say the same though for los caraqueños)

  10. Roberto N Says:

    We must keep in mind that the still undelcalred seats could swing the PUSV past 99. 99 is a 3/5ths majority which can give enabling powers to the president.

    It ain’t over until we are sure that PUSV is held under 99 seats, and preferably under 97. NO telling what the 2 PPT congressmen would do faced with the results they had. THey could fold and go crying back to Chacumbele and get something for it if the PUSV had 97 seats.

    Ojo pelao!

  11. Karl Says:

    I am pleased to send you my congratulations for your hard work.
    You are a true valuable venezuelan citizen : a voter, an electoral worker and an trustable opinion maker… And some time spared for your blog readers.

  12. metodex Says:

    But the bad thing is,this is no time so sing victory,to get drunk with joy.Now is when the oppo leaders should actually put a bigger effort into rallying ni-nis to their cause. Fucking CNE didn’t let us celebrate.Motherfuckers

  13. concerned Says:

    What happened last night was that there was hope that one’s vote would count, and a hint that it did. This is a battery recharge for 2012 when many had, or were about to give up hope.

    With the millions (billions) $’s spent showcasing his PSUV, the paid incentives to vote PSUV, the government employees forced to vote PSUV, the delegate reorganizing, multiple cedulas and voting, hundreds of thousands of “new” voting citizens from Cuba, Iran, China, etc. that were selectively placed to vote in certain areas, vote casting zombies from the graveyards, the electronic voting machine / fingerprint machine errors???, the known sleezy relationship with the CNE, the ridiculous result delays, and the CNE still had to concede 52 % in favor of the opposition.

    The Opposition should be proud and chavez should be scared.

  14. island canuck Says:

    Conservatives on Fire

    Do a Google search for – anonymous browsing – you will find lots. Most have a free service that you can use once or twice a day without having to sign up.

  15. metodex Says:

    i am so happy with the results.Please guys,get real.It’s been 11 years since the robolution started.There’s still a lot of brainwashed people out there,thanks to Chavez’s cult of personality wich makes it “ill vote for him because hes chavez” and not for any logical reason.You can’t expect these elections would break chavez down after 11 years,though its a HUGE unexpected step,and i can only feel that this is the first step.We the oppo are being recognized.We have a louder voice now.And if you think me wrong, look at the chavismo reaction.Chavez did more propaganda than any other PSUV candidate and he was nowhere to be found. Keep your heads high.There is no hope,there is TRUST.Let’s stop this cult to aggresion,mediocrity,death and ignorance one step at a time.

  16. Island Canuck

    I too can not load anything related to WordPresss. You say that you use a U.S. proxy. How does that work? I apologize for my ignorence.

  17. island canuck Says:

    CANTV is playing games.

    In addition to wordpress.com & all the blogs that use that service CANTV is also blocking Noticiero Digital.

    I can reach it with a proxy from the USA but not direct here in Venezuela. Haven’t been able to open it since yesterday.

    No matter how many seats we have in the AN they still control ALL the power & can do whatever they feel like.

    I would expect that the next step will be the final closure of Globovision leading up to the presidential elections.

  18. loroferoz Says:

    Lacustres semper liberi

    12 of 15. Maracuchos, be proud. You never fell for the joker.

    I have a feeling that it will be Zulianos who will definitely pull the plug on this joker and on his jest of an ideology. They are probably closer to the answer with Rumbo Propio and other autonomy/capitalism proposals, than most of Caracas or Miranda.

    “If I were the oppo, I’d wait the country to sink futher.”

    Vitor: It is not pleasant. But there has to be willingness to do something about it. Not that it will reverse anything while a significant minority thinks this is bearable.

    That Hugo still got around 46% means that suffering has to become unbearable to the people who still vote for him. For much less they ousted CAP. Though I wonder what will be really unbearable.

    500-1000% annual inflation? 30-40000 murders a year? The motorizados and tupamaros shooting up protests and killing tens of people? PDVSA losing money and selling $100 billion in oil futures up front? A Cuban as a general of our Armed Forces? No dollars to be had at all for import/export? National Failure, spelled in big letters by all the above?

    I do not want to know the full set of answers but am afraid that we will get a look at some of them, when we face a State that can no longer be PetroState.

  19. Vitor Says:


    The decay of Venezuela is way too strong to be stopped by less than half of a weakened legislative branch. While this decay can’t be fully stopped, it may be slowed down, but things getting worse, even if in a slower pace, will be still unpopular.

    So, the opposition will need to be capable of communicating the people that things would be even worse withouth them, what is something very hard to do. And then there will be Chavez claiming the oppo is get on his way of implemeting magical solutions.

    The opposition got out of the boat before it was really doomed to sink, now that it’s doomed, it decide to get back in.

  20. Johndoe Says:

    todays result showed that people wanted to pull the brake for this “going in reverse country”…. no we have been pulled over……. and not going any further with this stupid ROBOlution….

    next step, defeat Chavez ….

  21. moctavio Says:

    I had very serious difficulties posting last night, eventually I had to do it via the cell phone, which does not use CANTV.

  22. A_Antonio Says:

    As I said before, opposition has to take good look to the results. This look should include the totals of votes, and the states where they lost for a lot of votes, these states need a lot of political work.

    1/3 of the congress can be a modest accomplishes, but Regime still controls propaganda, recourses, legal holes and the mind of the poor people. I think this is an overall good accomplishment.

    Opposition congressmen and congresswomen now have to act right and demonstrate that they can do better than the political adversaries, preparing the laws of the future, a future without Chavez after 2012.

    They should maintain unity and proper political performance; Chavez Regime will suffer a year and half of more weakening.

    Opposition should prepare about 5 candidates for 2012, and put them in a line to suffer legal and political persecution. At the end, the survive one can defeat Chavez.

    Good luck!!!!

  23. Bieler-Romero Says:

    My friends Vitor and Ttas,

    Your comments sound like Ramos-Allup reasoning for not voting in 2005 and we all suffered the consequences. With last night results we have won an important space in the political arena. I believe there are some very good representatives among those selected last night. Hopefully we will notice a change soon.

  24. Roberto N Says:

    Canuck, GB;

    Or you could say that at least 52% voted in a referendum disguised as a parliamentary election, and they voted against the clown.

    The true objective is the chair in Miraflores.

    Not a bad first step, out so many that remain to be trod.

  25. GB Says:

    100% Canuck. Exactly the same statement I said this morning to my wife (who is Venezuelan).

  26. island canuck Says:

    For what it’s worth CANTV seems to be blocking access to wordpress.com. Can’t get to Caracas Gringo or Setty.

    If I use a US proxy it loads without a problem.

    I am so numb this morning that it wouldn’t be wise to assess the results of this vote beyond saying that the stupidity of many Venezuelans is just overwhelming. With the country collapsing around them they continue to vote for this loser.

  27. GWEH Says:

    I think the regime got its ass handed to them yesterday yet again outsmart/outmuscle MUD and show they can rule forever (while true minority) and election helps to maintain electoral solution charade.

  28. GWEH Says:

    Tlas, good answer then you get beat up or even killed! Obviously you are prepared to defend your vote with your life!

  29. jeffry house Says:

    If the opposition wins 52% or more, it is a huge victory, no matter what the gerrymandered seat count shows. Chavez’ democratic legitimacy is in a shambles, and any “revolutionary” steps are dictatorial in nature.

    If Chavez had been a candidate, he would have lost. And he WAS the candidate, in all but name.

  30. Vitor Says:

    And since Venezuela is still sinking even with an oposition, Chavez will blame everything that is bad on the opposition.

    If I were the oppo, I’d wait the country to sink futher.

  31. framethedebate Says:

    Digesting the 46% is damn near impossible in spite of a majority of votes going Oppo.

  32. tlas Says:

    And yet the MUD is crowing about the result. What they should have said is that the people have been cheated again. They should have gotten people out there outside the CNE with pitchforks and torches. The MUD is like the Norm Coleman of Venezuelan politics.

  33. framethedebate Says:

    Not arguing your point. Just disgusted. The rigging,,,,, the delay,,,,,,,the money,,,etc. et. etc. All these years,,,all the waste,,,,,,and the reality is there is still such support. A reality that just plain hurts.

  34. moctavio Says:

    The opposition got 52% of the votes but only 40% of the Deputies, that shows how the system was rigged. Moreover, who had all the money?

  35. framethedebate Says:

    With all the problems, PSUV still wins? The country and its citizens get a government they deserve. I will make a prediction that 2/3 vote will somehow not be needed to pass laws going forward. Very, very sad. The spin should be both interesting and painful. I hoped for so much more and it seems politics once again displaces such emotions.

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