The delay in anouncing the results of the Venezuelan elections is an insult to the voters

September 27, 2010

It is almost 12:39 PM , most polls have been closed for over six and a
half hours and the servile electoral board has yet to announce the

This is a disgrace and an insult to all Venezuelans. With 90% plus of
all tabulated, Venezuela’s $300 million dollar voting system, once
called “the best voting system in the world” has yet to give us a
single result.

Are we to believe that all 165 races are too close to call?

This is absurd, this represents almost $200 per voter, without taking
into account expenses for each election. The Government could buy
everyone an Xbox and we could all vote at once and know the results in
minutes. Or cell phones for that matter.

This is what underdevelopment is all about. We are told nothing, the
system is hailed and we all put up with it.

It’ shameful, it’s a disgrace, it is an insult.

But we put up with it.

4 Responses to “The delay in anouncing the results of the Venezuelan elections is an insult to the voters”

  1. segar Says:

    there is nothing hiding.socialit goverment very transparent and acountability

  2. sid Says:

    they will say you that voting is under process (somewhere on Palau) with three registered chavistas. Well, then they said, that this was fraud (the palauan mesa de votación) and will be recounting and recounting and recounting till the final victory of red gorillas. They do not intend to hand peacefully the power to you, they believed, this will be a happy kabukki theatre for them. But you cannot appraise the happiness to live in the mad buider country of socialismo, when the constructed roof is rotten and falling to your heads.

  3. Escualidus Arrechus Says:

    I expect the current board of the CNE to resign as soon as the new AN takes office. If Lucena had any decency whatsoever, she’d resign tonight.

  4. Dillis Says:

    I bet the phone lines to La Habana are busy tonight!

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