Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered

September 28, 2010

I have known Andreina since the early days of blogs when she was a journalism student in Barquisimeto and had this personal blog. The blogging community was so small, we had parties and almost everyone showed up. That was a while back and I was very proud yesterday when I saw the video of her question to Chávez, as a Radio France reporter, and how she stood up for herself, refusing to accept being called ignorant and trying to get an answer that she never got from the autocrat. He also lied about Radio France and today Radio France responds to him

It’s very simple to explain, as El Pais said it this morning, the most populous states with 67% of the population only elect 53% of the Deputies.

In fact, under the old regulations, the opposition would have obtained roughly the same nummber of Deputies as  Chavismo according to El Nacional.

Way to go Andreina!

22 Responses to “Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered”

  1. the truth Says:

    this woman works for an elite press agency that has spread lies about popular democracy in Venezuela- Chavez responded not just to her but to the international campaign to undermine the countries sovereign project.

  2. […] i Tvitera. U blogu The Devil's Excrement (Đavolji izmet), autor bloga komentariše snimak: “Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered” (Andreina postavlja Čavesu prosto pitanje, izvređaju je, a on nikada nije […]

  3. […] YouTube, Twitter. Nel blog The Devil’s Excrement, l’autore commenta il video nel post “Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered” [eng] (Andreina fa una semplice domanda a Chávez, lui la insulta e non […]

  4. […] YouTube, Twitter. Nel blog The Devil’s Excrement, l’autore commenta il video nel post “Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered” [eng] (Andreina fa una semplice domanda a Chávez, lui la insulta e non […]

  5. […] blogs, YouTube, Twitter. Nel blog The Devil's Excrement, l’autore commenta il video nel post “Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered” [eng] (Andreina fa una semplice domanda a Chávez, lui la insulta e non […]

  6. […] The differing in opinion over the election results does not bode well for Venezuela’s democracy. As an example, journalist Andreína Flores (@andreina) questioned the president about voting distribution. The video [es], showing the conversation between the journalist and the president, has spread through blogs, YouTube and Twitter. The author of the blog, The Devil’s Excrement, comments on the video stating,“Andreina asks Chávez simple question, gets insulted, he never answered”. […]

  7. Ana María Says:

    Chávez always does the same thing to intimidate media. Andreina dared to ask him what everybody wanted to know. Now, the Venezuelan government asks journalists not to be “political actors”. He is unable to accept defeat!

    For more information about Venezuela and the increasingly radicalization of Chávez regime, visit:

  8. firepigette Says:


    Your boss is not Chavez.

    People have been talking to Chavez in a mild way like this and with witnesses observing for 11 years and nothing.Many people will not see him as losing unless many people react to him in a more appropriate way, which when reffering to ChaveZ case would be a far more assertive way than Andreina approach.

    Aside from that it is not healthy to sit there and allow oneself to be treated like this, it shows an unhealthy self esteem.

    By the same token I would add that those who did not defend her should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Steven Says:

    In defense of Andreina: I was once confronted by a bullying manager, at work. He grabbed the ID badge hanging from my neck and insisted that I go to his office where he was going to have me thrown out of the building. I considered pushing him away, or loudly disobeying. But there were about half a dozen witnesses, who had seen the whole thing. I decided that he was the one who was making an ass of himself, and that I didn’t have to say or do anything but let him hang himself. Twenty years later, I still know I did the right thing. Go, Andreina!

  10. thalia_29 Says:

    Hi Khyber,

    Congratulations in moving to Canada! I was wondering how you applied to immigrate there. I have heard is more difficult to move there if you are single and do not have work with a Canadian company. Did you have work before moving to Canada already? Gracias y te deseo lo mejor para ti y para su familia. Dios te bendiga!

  11. firepigette Says:


    Funny you should mention Ed Murrow..he was a cousin of mine-It seems to run in the family to stand up to bullies 😉

    But seriously more people should.It would take care of Chavez faster than a bullet.He would lose his powerful image.

  12. Andreina knows the constitution, too bad that when Chavez asked her if she knew it she forgot to remind Chavez about the Article that says that the vote is proportional.

  13. Tambopaxi Says:

    Reading the above comments, I’m reminded of a North American political bully of the 1950’s, Senator Joe McCarthy and his anti-Communist witch hunts in those days. The man was a savage liar and a true bully, who ruined the careers of many people. (Look him up in Wikepedia.)

    His own career finally ended – or began to end – when two people, reporter Edward R. Murrow, and oddly, a Department of Defense lawyer, Joseph Welch, finally had enough of this jerk and confronted him publicly. When that happened (Welch: “Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you no decency?”), it became clear that the emperor had no figurative clothes, and he was exposed for what he was, a cheap, two bit, loud mouth street lout, which is exactly what Chavez is.

    One of these days, some Venezuelan reporter and/or politician is going to do an anti-bully job on Chavez, just as happened to McCarthy 60 years ago. It’s just a matter of time, and it’s probably going to be a Venezuelan woman since none of the men seem to have the huevos to do the job…

  14. firepigette Says:

    I disagree,I thought this lady was a typical passive Venezuelan in front of a typically bullying caudillo.Her fake smile and constrained anger took the place of a more honest and assertive way of standing up to Chavez.She should never have allowed him to say the things he did without standing up and stopping him.If she truly tried to stop him he would have been shocked I can guarantee it.

    Sorry, but Venezuela is the way it is because there are too many passive people fearful of people like Chavez.

    Bullies are paper tigers….if people really stand up to them then vanish .

    I couldn’t tell who irritated me more, the disgusting and immoral Chavez, or the constrained and passive women who allowed herself to be talked down to .People in Venezuela are so used it, they hardly notice it .

  15. Khyber Says:

    I leave november to Canada, with my venezuelan wife and my newborn. This is not a place to raise a family, and in all honesty I’ve simply given up on this country.

  16. metodex Says:

    Gonzalo.Most venezuelans are definitely fucks and brainwashed. Let’s get outta here. im gonna move as soon as i can.Deserter? you betcha.I don’t wanna spend my whole life punching a steel wall just for nothing.I can make a better life for myself and my kids some other place where it’s actually possible.Idon’t have time to fight a war of ideas.

  17. Otro Roberto Says:

    Chávez asked if she knows the Constitution? I wonder if he knows it, as he seems to ignores it whenever it suits you.

  18. Gonzalo Says:

    Chavez is a coward. He does not knowe how to treat a lady. Unfortunately, HC best way to avoid an unwanted press conference and after a few calmantes the night before, his behaviour was not more than a distraction and lack of inner acceptance of his reality.

    About Venezuelans being fucks…we select where we want to be, perhaps it is questionable if we are heroes of this regimen or just fucks…

  19. LD Says:

    yes, it’s quite repugnant how he treated her. He says he is “vertical”, but he did all kind of dirty insinuations “I don’t think you are…”

  20. metodex Says:

    island kanuck, the future of venezuela is that of cuba and north korea. Venezuelans are fucked because Venezuelans are fucks. Save money, get out.go to america or japan or something.

  21. island canuck Says:

    Miguel, I saw this video last night on Globo & it just disgusted me. He did call her ignorant & it was disgraceful.

    The fact remains that 50% of this country indirectly voted for this bobo & it just depresses me beyond all limits. It’s time to think about the future of my family.

  22. LD Says:

    I see the transmission and I’m still wondering, is he a liar or is he mental ill?
    By the way, CNE still doesn’t show the total numbers, at least two seats are not clear…

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