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Chavez “Vetoes” His Own University Bill That He had The Assembly Approve

January 4, 2011

In a very interesting about face, President Hugo Chavez “vetoed” the same University Bill he sent to the National Assembly he controlled. Despite the staunch defense of the Bill by his Ministers and supporters, President Chavez showed up on TV tonight and vetoed the Bill in the name of “discussion” and being “open”

Of course, he can’t even veto it…but the new Assembly is not about to ratify it either.

It appears as if the protests almost up to Christmas Day by the students unnerved the Government, which knows it’s losing support. Vetoing the Bill tonight is a slap in the face of the outgoing National assembly, which leaves today, and implies that it will be impossible to approve a new one in the new National Assembly, where Chavez does not have the two thirds super majority necessary. He could approve it within the Enabling Bill, but the reaction may be tough from the students.

Chavez also backtracked on the increase of the Value Added Tax, saying that the “funding” for the emergency caused by the flooding had been found. This must be the only poor country in the world, where a Government “finds” a couple of billion dollars lying around just like that.

But for now, Hugo “reculo“, a sign that the Dictator does not feel as strong as many think.

And that, my friends, is good news. But don’t believe we have won much…just temporary…

Chavismo really thinks Venezuelans are stupid

January 4, 2011

Here is the top chart of statements that prove Chavismo thinks Venezuelans are stupid:

At #1, Minister for the Productive Economy Ricardo Menéndez: “Unifying the exchange rate could even lower prices in Venezuela”

Sure Ricardo, we are stupid, really stupid.

At #2, Armando Leon, Central Bank Director: ” In practical terms, there is no devaluation, because the implicit exchange rate that is used to fix prices of the things that are being sold in the economy is not Bs. 2.6 and that is what we have observed during the last four months of the year and we had warned about it”

Get it? I don’t. If someone has to pay 65% more for the same thing, that means that someone is going to want 65% more to sell the stuff. But yes Armando, we are stupid. Remember the Bolivar “fuerte”?

At #3, Jorge Giordani, Minsiter of Finance: “Unifying the exchange rate will have a minor impact on inflation”

It must be that he thinks “minor” is like the age of a human being, that is, minor means under 18….percent!

At #4, Hugo Chavez, Dictator: “They say we are generating the conditions to apply a neoliberal adjustment. It is, of course, a strategy to lie outrageously in order to create confusion…monopolistic power, with Fedecamaras in the lead, inflates prices, disregarding economic rationality and laughing at the people”

I got stuck on the “disregarding economic rationality part”, just that he uses “economic rationality” blew my mind.  He is clearly absolutely sure we are stupid.