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How a bully Dictator like Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela

January 26, 2011

This is how bully and Dictator Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela. Law and order be damned. When a couple told Chavez that they had not been able to move in because Banco Provincial had not approved a loan or given them the money, Chavez called the President of the bank and told him if the bank was not willing to fulfill the Constitution, decrees and the laws, then Chavez said:

“You have to begin to give me the bank, I will pay what the banks costs…do you have something to respond to me?” Chavez said.

At this point the President of the bank requested that his voice also be broadcast on nationwide TV, like that of Chavez.

Chavez said no, telling him he could go to the Government’s TV channel and ask for time.

“This is very serious” said Chavez “Tell me how much the banks is worth, I will not argue with you”

Then Chavez says that the President of the bank is saying the information is not correct. Chavez points at the guy with a document. The guy shows it. Chavez tells him that someone is not telling him the truth.

Threatening him Chavez says: “you are involved, you have to assume your responsibility… you have to meet with this people… tell me how much the bank costs, I buy it” the President off Banco Provincial says the bank is not for sale, Chavez says he can perfectly expropriate it.

Like a true despotic Dictator, Chavez threatens the President of the bank, without even knowing the details of the case, who is right or not, whether an illegality has been committed or not. There are laws and procedures for all this, but not for allmighty Hugo.

That is the way the bully runs Venezuela, like his own personal fiefdom, where he can do what he wants, if he desires something, it becomes “the public interest”, without even finding out the truth of the case.

If the same method were to be applied to his incompetent Government, he would have left long ago, as he is the one that does not follow the laws and abuses all of the time. Government owned banks have the lowest ratios for loans and are not forced to lend to the agricultural sector and the housing sector as strictly as private banks. But in any case, Chavez did his bully act without knowing anything about the case.

But he is the all powerful Dictator and ruler of Venezuela. With this he creates rumors, instability and people fear for their money. He then will say the opposition creates the instability.

So, beware!