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Hugo Chavez Flip Flops Whitin Twelve Months About his Marxist/Communist beliefs

January 18, 2011

So, last Saturday Hugo Chavez reneged on his Marxist beliefs, when he laughed at those that that claim there is a communist project being put in place in Venezuela.

Let’s see the evidence:

1) He has inundated Venezuela with thousands of Cubans, a country which, as you know is self-proclaimed Communist country.

2) His own buddy and friend (now in jail) Genera Baduel, the man that saved Chavez after he had a bunch of people killed in 2002, said that we had to stop this communist project.

3) Even more curiously, exactly a year ago, Hugo Chavez said in exactly the same venue, his annual speech to the National Assembly: “I am a Marxist”. Here is the video:

He says: “I am a revolutionary and I am also a Marxist…for the first time I assume Marxism…I assume it…the same way I assume Christianity…But Marxism is without doubt the most advanced theory…the most advanced proposal towards the world Christ came to offer us….”

So, by now you may be confused, if it is so good and so advanced, why is it that this is not where he is taking Venezuela?

Or maybe you remember Hugo when he was saying he was not a Marxist, but a socialist. Or maybe you remember him when he said that he did not believe in the after life, a funny sort of Christianity:

But maybe, just maybe, you, like Hugo you believe in polls…