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Griping About the Students Hunger Strike

February 28, 2011

I did not write much about the hunger strike by the students. I was in the middle of moving, thus I had many distractions. By now, the hunger strike is over, the Government capitulated and it was supposed to be a victory by the opposition.

Well, not to me.

The reason is that I think countries can only function under the rule of law and the student’s victory required bypassing the rule of law. If we complain because Chavez and his Government do what they want with the judicial system, having them bypass the rule of law in order to satisfy the demands of the students leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

When in hours after the agreement, the Prosecutors office released the elected Deputy in order to comply with the agrement with the students, the rule of law was bypasssed. The “victory” ratified what we say, there is no judicial independence, Chavez and his Government, not Judges, decide who goes to jail, who stays in jail and who is freed.

This can’t be good going forward. We are accepting the autocracy.

And since I am on the subject of the hunger strike by the students, I found the behavior of the pro-Chavez students, holding a barbecue right in front of where the striking students were, absolutely disrespectful and tasteless. I hope the balding student that led the barbecue display is removed from the The Government’s payroll or PSUV’s payroll. Next time, at least find some real students.