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New Chavez-style autocracy in a few acts

February 11, 2011

This week we saw a new way in which Chavez imposes his power in order to interfere with the will of the voters, restricting democracy.

-First, Chavez picked single handedly his own choice for Governor of Apure in 2004 and 2008 in the person of Captain Jesus Aguilarte Gamez.

-Gamez turns out to be a so so Governor, somewhat corrupt, despite this Chavez hand picks him for a second term in 2008, his wedding last Fall is known as the wedding of the century now, Chavez turns against him publicly a couple of weeks ago, asking for his resignation “in the name of unity”

-Chavez names former Vice President Carrizales as “Executive Secretary” of Apure State, to watch over Aguilarte Gamez.

-Aguilarte refuses to resign until who knows how he was threatened and yesterday he quit, arguing “health reasons”  Carrizales temporarily replaces him as Governor. (Curiously, Carrizales resigned as Vice-President also arguing health reasons, good to see he has recovered fully)

I wonder what Apure voters think of Chavez-style democracy, where he gets this weird veto power over the voters wishes. I wonder if the outgoing Governor will ever be charged for anything. I wonder if the Comptroller will ban him from running for office.

I wonder how Chavez will restrict democracy further in the future.