New Chavez-style autocracy in a few acts

February 11, 2011

This week we saw a new way in which Chavez imposes his power in order to interfere with the will of the voters, restricting democracy.

-First, Chavez picked single handedly his own choice for Governor of Apure in 2004 and 2008 in the person of Captain Jesus Aguilarte Gamez.

-Gamez turns out to be a so so Governor, somewhat corrupt, despite this Chavez hand picks him for a second term in 2008, his wedding last Fall is known as the wedding of the century now, Chavez turns against him publicly a couple of weeks ago, asking for his resignation “in the name of unity”

-Chavez names former Vice President Carrizales as “Executive Secretary” of Apure State, to watch over Aguilarte Gamez.

-Aguilarte refuses to resign until who knows how he was threatened and yesterday he quit, arguing “health reasons”  Carrizales temporarily replaces him as Governor. (Curiously, Carrizales resigned as Vice-President also arguing health reasons, good to see he has recovered fully)

I wonder what Apure voters think of Chavez-style democracy, where he gets this weird veto power over the voters wishes. I wonder if the outgoing Governor will ever be charged for anything. I wonder if the Comptroller will ban him from running for office.

I wonder how Chavez will restrict democracy further in the future.

26 Responses to “New Chavez-style autocracy in a few acts”

  1. moctavio Says:

    No, according to the vote in Septembers election.

  2. Pygmalion Says:

    A_Antonio – we all have our opinions about 2002 and 2004 but was it really a question of luck in those years? Was it not because Chavez had more support and more votes? We wil see in December 2012 if his luck holds out and with control of the CNE it may just hold out.

    Let’s get organized and do a Mubarak on Chávez. Any ideas as we are the majority with 52% according to Alfonso Marquina and MCM?

  3. A_Antonio Says:

    Bob, unfortunately people let pass decades before reacts like Egypt,
    Counting the decades necessary to reconstruct the country after Chavez, Venezuela will be an example of how people can reject a century of development to their country. XXI Century is lost for Venezuela.

  4. Kepler Says:

    Liz: Una sola vez? How come?

    OK, guys: how many of you have been several times to Guárico.

    I have no relatives or friends in or love for Guárico, but I think I have been quite a lot there, be it even for going to the South of Venezuela or just taking another road to Mérida from the North-Centre (other than Panamericana).

    I ask this because I do think: understanding the Llanos will help us get rid of Chavismo.

  5. HalfEmpty Says:

    Chavismo can be represented as a finite state automaton
    whereby the start is oil and the end is shit.

    Excellent work Kepler, that will be quoted, credit will be given.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sessaly Plexer, Rafael Gotera. Rafael Gotera said: New Chavez-style autocracy in a few acts via @moctavio […]

  7. liz Says:

    Kepler, sí que me has hecho reir, yo no soy Chepa Candela!!! Bueno, te cuento que yo no soy Gracitana sino mi familia materna. Y creo haber ido al Guarico una sola vez de mi vida. Sorry, I got nothing for ya.

  8. E H Says:

    “Si yo no fuera factor de unidad, de busqueda de unidad en mis propias filas, yo no mereceria ser lider de este partido ni de este movimiento ni de nada. Un lider tiene que ser integrador, tiene que garantizar la unidad y no la desunion….

    Mejor es que se vaya a sembarr papas o a sembrar maiz…..”

    Cuando se ira a sembrar papas?

  9. Pixar Says:

    La reina del cacao tiene sendos cacaos… digo cocos.

  10. bob Taylor Says:

    Millions of Venezuelans must be watching the headlines from Egypt and hoping it will one day be Chavez resigns and Venezuela celebrates !!!together with his overseas bank accounts frozen……

  11. Speed Gibson Says:

    Honestly….why do you people put up with this buffoon? Heres 5 bucks…go buy some balls and do something about him and his ilk.

  12. KMJ Says:

    Daniel Cohn Bendit, Head of Group of Greens/European Free Alliance in the European parliament, recently accused the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of moving towards national populism and becoming “the Chávez of Europe”.

    Kasparov, the chess player, accuses Putin of running Russia as a mafia, as if he was in Venezuela.

    More frequently, when somebody wants to insult his political opponent, he calls him a “Chavez” to mean mafioso, populist, corrupt, etc, or refers to Venezuela as the example of what can happen to their country if the other guy has his way.

    Thinking of Kasparov, it would appear thart Venezuela is now in a post-communist stage, same as Russia (in our case with the questionable benefit of not having first suffered decades of communism). Cuba can’t afford post-communism: it’s stuck where it is with no hope of running a street gang, let alone a mafia.

    Democracy? Wassat?

  13. Kepler Says:

    Tienes algún chisme de tu compatriota regional, el camarada Soto?
    Envíamelo, por fa, a mi email o compártelo con todos aquí.

  14. A_Antonio Says:

    Pyg, to me, Chavez already renounce his presidency in 2002, and also lost a dismiss referendum in 2004, unfortunately for Venezuela; Chavez has more luck than Mubarak.

  15. Bois Says:

    The young people of Egypt were fed up with promises, corruption and no future. They took it upon themselves to correct the situation, something their parents should have done.
    You’ve got to have a smile on your face at their amazing accomplishment.

  16. moctavio Says:

    Yes Pygmalion, ahora cuentame una de vaqueros, Por favor, no somos idiotas. El orden de los eventos esta CLARITO

  17. Pygmalion Says:

    Well done Egypt. Now, does anyone think that such demonstrations can force Chavez to resign here? If so, let’s get organized.

  18. Pygmalion Says:

    According to El Nacional Carrizales was appointed as Gobernador Encargado of Apure state by the legislative council of that state in a democratic vote. Carrizales was not imposed by Chavez as Miguel erroneously states and he will run the state until fresh elections are organized by the CNE.

  19. Tom Leon Says:

    It doesn’t matter what the people of Apure or for that matter the people of Venezuela think about this as the people will do nothing to put an end to it. This is a fact that Chavez has proven over and over.

    Too bad everyone runs away from the problem like a beaten dog instead of standing up to the thugs as they have done elsewhere.

    Just a thought.

  20. Johny Goodwill Says:

    The guy just got assaulted by a commando team. Coincidence???

  21. A_Antonio Says:

    I mean, I wish good luck to Egypt people.

    And I mean some people simple do not have them.

  22. A_Antonio Says:

    I goes rigth to this post.

    I would like to congratulate to Egypt people, I have sane envy for them.

    17 days of protest and like 1.000 deaths, I wish good look for them. I hope the military army do not screw the hope of their country.

    Others do not have cojones.

  23. Kepler Says:

    Are those real?
    I AM TALKING ABOUT THE PICTURES as a whole (eye-rolling)

    This Carrizales guy is, like almost all those thugs, a milico.
    I was updating my Chavista Faunta mindmap and posted on that and realised how many of those guys were just rotating from one ministry to the next. I think Chavismo can be represented as a finite state automaton
    whereby the start is oil and the end is shit. It’s deterministic:
    if you criticize Chávez you get into a nasty state (escuálido enjuiciado). If you go low profile, you are fine.

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