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Thank You All From The Devil

February 24, 2011

I am still here. It is not that I will blog less, it has simply been a complicated week as I moved, I have many stories to tell from what was  going on in Venezuela this week, but energy levels are low, after full days of many errands and lots of work.

But I could not pass up the opportunity to thank everyone. My post explaining that I was leaving arose more from the need to be fair to all of you in disclosing my departure, rather than from explaining what or why I was doing it. But I really did not expect the outpouring of good wishes, compliments and cariño that I felt. I admit that I was touched, overwhelmed and humbled by all of you. I consider my blog a labor of love towards my country and I can see that it has generated lots of equally lovable feelings from my readers.

Thank you.

I also wanted to tell in that post a little bit more about who I am. I had tried unsuccessfully to hide who I was as much as possible over the years, some details got out slowly, but with my departure I felt I could tell you a little more about myself. I am still surprised by how many people thought when I meet them that the Devil was young  (no such luck!), lived outside Venezuela (Now I do!) and was an economist (Only an amateur one)

Discussing with various friends the strong reaction to my post, there were over hundred comments and some blog posts by friends Daniel, Alek, Kepler, Instapundit took note and even Nadox in Codigo Venezuela, there seems to be two reasons for the emotional reaction coming from two different poles: Those that have already left, identify themselves with the difficulties and conflicts of my decision, those that are considering leaving, wonder if they should leave too or whether they will one day have to do the same.

I don’t know if the above interpretation is correct, but there clearly was a strong resonance with my farewell post. I liked Daniel’s title “The good Devil moves out of Venezuela”.  I also loved the title of Naldoxx’s post “Even the devil is leaving Venezuela”, he called me a sort of handyman of life, which I take as a very nice compliment. And even if some are worried by the fact that he published my picture, don’t worry, it is a 29 years old picture, all my hair is white by now. And I don’t do low temperature experiments any more.

You can be sure I will make the best of my departure. Despite everything, life is good and beautiful and I have many, many plans. And that includes to keep writing and interpreting Venezuela as well as I can.

Thank You again!