Thank You All From The Devil

February 24, 2011

I am still here. It is not that I will blog less, it has simply been a complicated week as I moved, I have many stories to tell from what was  going on in Venezuela this week, but energy levels are low, after full days of many errands and lots of work.

But I could not pass up the opportunity to thank everyone. My post explaining that I was leaving arose more from the need to be fair to all of you in disclosing my departure, rather than from explaining what or why I was doing it. But I really did not expect the outpouring of good wishes, compliments and cariño that I felt. I admit that I was touched, overwhelmed and humbled by all of you. I consider my blog a labor of love towards my country and I can see that it has generated lots of equally lovable feelings from my readers.

Thank you.

I also wanted to tell in that post a little bit more about who I am. I had tried unsuccessfully to hide who I was as much as possible over the years, some details got out slowly, but with my departure I felt I could tell you a little more about myself. I am still surprised by how many people thought when I meet them that the Devil was young  (no such luck!), lived outside Venezuela (Now I do!) and was an economist (Only an amateur one)

Discussing with various friends the strong reaction to my post, there were over hundred comments and some blog posts by friends Daniel, Alek, Kepler, Instapundit took note and even Nadox in Codigo Venezuela, there seems to be two reasons for the emotional reaction coming from two different poles: Those that have already left, identify themselves with the difficulties and conflicts of my decision, those that are considering leaving, wonder if they should leave too or whether they will one day have to do the same.

I don’t know if the above interpretation is correct, but there clearly was a strong resonance with my farewell post. I liked Daniel’s title “The good Devil moves out of Venezuela”.  I also loved the title of Naldoxx’s post “Even the devil is leaving Venezuela”, he called me a sort of handyman of life, which I take as a very nice compliment. And even if some are worried by the fact that he published my picture, don’t worry, it is a 29 years old picture, all my hair is white by now. And I don’t do low temperature experiments any more.

You can be sure I will make the best of my departure. Despite everything, life is good and beautiful and I have many, many plans. And that includes to keep writing and interpreting Venezuela as well as I can.

Thank You again!

29 Responses to “Thank You All From The Devil”

  1. Mousqueton Says:

    I am glad the orchids are re-settling with you…for a while I have played with the idea that some day I will have the chance to see first hand your work of love. I am an orchid lover and novice amateur breeder myself.
    Indeed we are closer now though lately business has kept me away from home in Peru.
    Having you closer though and knowing the orchids are with you gives me hope that some day I will indeed see them.
    I should travel were you are settling sometime in the next couple of months and I will send you an e-mail before I do. Hopefully we can have a cup of coffee or share another of our common addictions; a cold diet coke. Best regards

  2. Miguel Octavio Says:

    Thanks for your words, I know you mean it. A wise and old man told me to take the best and the rare and leave everything that can be replaced behind. Hopefully in May 111 plants will join me here, which is near where I think you are.

  3. Mousqueton Says:

    Dear Miguel:
    You have long ago earned our respect, admiration and gratitude for keeping us informed of the long and tortuous descent of Venezuela into a dark pit that will take more than one generation to rescue the country from.
    You deserve to be able to live in peace and further, you are far more valuable being safe than taking unnecessary risks.
    The job of us guys in our second youth is to guide and advise. It is the job of the young to be in the front lines.
    I can’t help to ask though… what are you going to do with the orchids?

  4. Gabriel Says:

    Way to go!! Keep up the good work. Love the articles about Venezuela !!! Hope everything works out right for you and your family !!

  5. A_Antonio Says:


    The regimes from North of Africa pass 3 or 4 decades before reacts, that’s my prediction about all Chavistas believers and Venezuela will found the true and do something about that.

    I have family and realize that me death or loose liberty provably will not make difference of the thinking of big portion of the country, of your neighborhood and it will not change their future, (think about everybody death in the coups intents, in Plaza Altamira and opposition protest before), even today, the shouters of Llaguno Bridge are the heroes and have a statue.

    I have my priority very clear, family first, as I have family that depends on me, and I think about the future of them if I suddenly disappear. They give to me what I am. Should I abandon them? I should do something to give them better future to the old ones and to the next generation.

    And hell, some of us think more like citizen of the world and sons of the freedom of thinking. My family immigrates to Venezuela from Spain like 60 years ago, and they and me work very hard beginning from nothing. We help to built oil refineries, and after all these years of hard work we lost any way to plan the future in Venezuela, we lost any the hope because political persecution, Tascon’s list for example; and because the destruction of the economical and the health infrastructure.

    Today nobody in thanks us for our effort as immigrant; even Chavistas think we are imperialistic invaders, as despicable like Cristobal Colon is now.

    If Venezuelans and opposition do not manage Chavez and He still have some support we can not change that by a simple person sacrifice. Some times is better to leave, forget and hope the times when Venezuela will learn the lesson.

    You should think what about the future of the world if people like Albert Einstein do not emigrate from Germany in the Nazi regime or what about if he is captured or killed by Hitler.

    I do not have plan to put any foot in Venezuela for the rest of my live, I realize the country I born, grow up, study and work is it so changed now by Chavez that for me is already death (at least for this century), as I do not have more family in Venezuela, they all emigrated.

    I only hope some day Chavez will pay the price to trash 21st century development of the country I born and I lost, and I wish a better future, the real provably of future is now for 22nd century.

  6. Ira Says:

    Jens says:

    “Not some whining traitors of their country…”

    Do you have any idea how much you sound like Hitler?

    Your attitude isn’t surprising to most of us here, but some of us are still shocked that in the 21st Century, there are still people stupid enough to voice such meaningless, 18th Century platitudes.

  7. ElJefe Says:

    As someone who has written and published articles about his own country from abroad, I can tell you that even if the blog is a little less “ground zero” as you put it, that does not make it any less immediate nor does it lessen the impact of the ideas contained within. Thanks to the internet the Devil can and will still be projecting his voice, analysis and opinions into Venezuela and across the world. Good luck abroad, Diablo! Greetings from Honduras!

  8. odef007 Says:

    Thank you host…..

    NicaCat: thank you too for the nice “feeling”, kind of you.

    Island, I have sent Mo the email with all my info for you. Hope we may
    have that coffee..

    Kep: are you losing tolerance for the propaganda? 🙂

  9. Soon Kepler, moving is complicated…

  10. Kepler Says:

    OK, Miguel, we are waiting for your new post. There have been some economic figures coming out lately. Please, explain.
    Also: is there a way you can predict (crunch some numbers) if the price of oil kept on the $120 level until end of 2012?
    How much would the regime be able to generate out of that?

  11. Kepler Says:

    Jens-Torsten, where do you live? If it is from your name, you live in very capitalistic Western Europe.
    Are you perhaps this bloke?

    Of course Vaterlandsverräter is not an “invention” of the Nazis, but they made it very popular. In any case: “Vaterland” is the invention of people trying to manipulate other people. They have existed since the early times of humankind and because of them billions have died.

    There is a completely different thing and that is civic commitment, completely different from this patriotic rubbish.

    You can these days do much more from outside than inside. Believe me, it is easier for me to help now as I can send the means than to be in Venezuela, where Chavista thugs threat you with guns.
    And don’t pretend to tell us anything about “be courageous”.

    By the way: the real traitor of Venezuela are above all the Chavistas, who are selling off the country more flagrantly than the Adecos did before them…they just wear red clothes now.

    So: I would say Chavistas and what is left of the Ancien Regime are the ones plundering Venezuela. Miguel has done quite a lot for Venezuela, for Venezuela as a society, not as that fucking thing you call Vaterland. I shit on that concept. It is primitive and it has been used over and over again by some groups to manipulate others…precisely by the actual groups who are the ones stealing the money.

    We don’t need a moronic and spoiled Eurokind to tell us how things work in Venezuela, specially an idiot who did not know where South America was before his “Great South America discovery trip”;

    Pay attention:

  12. island canuck Says:


    Send an email to Miguel & he will forward it to me.
    Or if you know Roy just ask him, if he’s back from his travels, & he’ll give you my phone number.

    Saludos…Island Canuck

  13. Jens-Torsten Says:

    ¨As I watch people power topple Tunisia and Egypt strong men, strongly contrasted by Libya’s bloodbath, I cannot help but wonder which path Venezuela will find itself on.¨ (Avila)
    No way at all. Those, who could lead into a new future, they all run like hares after they stolen their share from the plate.
    They leave back the ones whoes pockets aren´t filled jet und the red gang.
    You think Poland would be the same today if Walechsa from Solidarność would have jumped the fence, Gorbatschow only have written blogs or the Monday evening marchers would all have just fled? What´s about the lady in Burma? The people in Kairo, Tunis or Tripolis. That´s the ones who make a change. Not some whining traitors of their country claiming their right of happyness. Vaterlandsverraeter is by no means an invention of the Naziregime it´s a word first heard about in the wars against Napoleon. A word used against the people colaborating with against their own nation. Just the thing you are doing.
    Let others do the fighting. But wait a moment I have to save my ass first and still miss a little money. So let´s go on stealing from the poor.

  14. Harald Says:

    Nothing, but the usual jibber jabber here.

  15. moctavio Says:

    Odef007: send me an email. tell me what island would go there just to have that coffee. Miguel

  16. NicaCat Says:

    @odef007: I’d like to say that when you make a comment, that you are one of the most polite commentators I’ve ever seen (read)! Kudos to you.

  17. susan Says:

    30 Years ago my family was driven out of Maine, US because of political tyranny. Our Dad had threatened the local despots because he was an independent. The Governor was the only elected independent party member ever in the US. The State elected Gerald Ford for president. So we can empathyse with your move. The corruption has followed us and has spread to Washington, D.C.
    We hope you can be more comfortable in your new home. Keep growing orchids and keep on blogging. We will keep on reading. Salud ! S.

  18. odef007 Says:

    My Dearest Host…. Thank you

    It is not easy to go or stay. I am certain there was much soul searching. VE has lost 1 more of its elite. I only hope that all who have gone find a way to keep voting. I am glad you let it be know that you will keep blogging … 140 characters is not enough for
    what needs to be said …. still so many to say it to. I have been in and out of here since the 80s. Hard to just cut it lose. I wish you well, many smiles and maybe a white Xmass or 2. It is raining here on the Isld. Has rained everyday this week. (not torrential ) just
    enough to keep the hills in the background surprisingly green. Melancholy feeling for you Mo.

    Island….. would luv to have a cup of coffee with ya 🙂

  19. Avila Says:

    And so it goes…

    we have long heard of the brain drain from Venezuela, but too little is spoke of the heart depart–you are both. Your writing have not just captured and analyzed the events 21st century socialism, but you have projected the carino of the country. My attention has been drawn to events of the middle east so I had not been checking google reader. Oddly, I was surprised nor disappointed on your announcement: You have the right to pursue happiness and security; indeed all the people of Venezuela do. As I watch people power topple Tunisia and Egypt strong men, strongly contrasted by Libya’s bloodbath, I cannot help but wonder which path Venezuela will find itself on.

    So I wanted to join the ranks of well wishers to say Saludos…i clicked on the comment button in google reader fully expecting that the Devil was still blocked in China, but low and behold, The Great FireWall has ceded a small opening.

    All the best.

  20. m_astera Says:

    Strange stuff, FYI:

    Gadhaffi wins¡¡¡people are scaping because its chance to “get help” to be beggars around the world¡¡and they think
    their are going to find “some kind of Hapinness into TV SCREEN OF CAPITALISM¡¡¡Iam not agreeed with commies,butm in socialism “beetween bottoms” there are a lot of chances¡¡Gadhaffi NOW¡¡is in front of the second face of this CIA-MOSSAD,coupe d`etate¡¡THE ASSYLUM from INTERNATIONAL COMUNITY¡¡¡BUT THE “WORST JOB” IS OUT ..and he has 3/4 control of POWER¡¡¡we had send from VENEZUELA
    to PRESS AGENTS…and they inform to the presiden CHAVEZ¡¡ and nite time BY TV … TELESUR¡¡¡and VTV¡¡¡!10 PM every NITE¡¡¡NWO…YOU WANT A WAR AND… WE WIN IT¡¡¡ ”

    Scroll down to the Venz flag

  21. Bill Says:

    Miguel, if anyone ever criticizes you, or should you ever second guess yourself, remind them that dictators seldom go after lazy, or less talented opponents. It is the ambitious, gifted, idealists that they very often eventually imprison or kill. Remember that female reporter in Russia who got shot for investigating corruption? Even if your are willing to take that risk, it is too great a burden to impose on your family and friends.
    And you never know, things in Venezuela might get better. A lot of us in the USA hope so. Trust me, it is frustrating as hell watching many of the citizens of, first Cuba, and now Venezuela, live a life of scarcity when it is now totally unnecessary. Unfortunately, there is not a lot I can do about it.
    (Is that Google ‘Translate’ cool or what! I bet it took some time to write those programs. It works better than the payroll program I wrote in BASIC in college that would only print out ‘$0’.)

  22. EVO Says:

    I do not know weather to say is GOOD or BAD, but most of Venezuelans besides having the financial means to leave the country they also have family or very close friends who live outside of Venezuela (an of course doing much better than most locals!) this fact makes their departure easier because they at least have a house where they can arrive to and start a new life. This also makes easier for Chavez to have their non-supporters to leave. I do not blame you and please forgive me if this is not your case (seriously, please forgive me). The situation gets ugly when you do not have education or even when you have education but there is no opportunity because you are not affiliated with the regime and can’t find a job. This is our nature, survival. I still believe that Venezuela has many years if not decades ahead with government like Chavez. Now Chavez, and unfortunately I believe the next ones to come will be just as bad as him, until there are no means for people to leave the country or until there is no more ‘reales’ from oil revenue.

  23. torres Says:

    May your path lead you with the sun on your forehead and the wind on your back. We’ll tag along, vicariously.

  24. liz Says:

    Miguel, you are so right about the cariño! 🙂

    Again, I wish you the best. It’ll feel a bit strange not having you in situ, but knowing you; I guess you’ll be better informed than most of us in Caracas. And your analysis will be as always great. Keep blogging, I’ll keep reading.

    Un abrazo.

  25. Marco Riboldi Says:

    Bien Miguel, te fuiste como tantos otros. Vivo en el interior del pais y como tantos venezolanos dedicados a la actividad agricola, es dificil tomar una decision como la tuya: la tierra al contrario del conocimiento personal no se puede llevar con uno. Sin embargo tener que quedarme no me pesa: pienso que siempre sera Venezuela un pais lleno de oportunidades cuya condena (el petroleo) es y sera por muchos a#os mas nuestra benedicion tambien. Y que cuando el mismo se acabe los Venezolanos, enrazados como estan con mezcla de europeo, asiatico, indio, afro, demostraran como otros pueblos la madurez que en este momento falta para enfrentar la vida como se necesita.
    Tu blog es muy bueno, pero demasiado pesimista. Me gusto el articulo donde afirmabas que Venezuela no se puede gobernar con criterios sabios: la gente conoce los recursos del pais y no esta dispuesta a un sacrificio actual en aras de un futuro probablemente mejor pero de toda forma desconocido, es ley de la naturaleza. Me gustraria que, aprovechando tu estadia en el exterior, te dedicara tambien a detallar los problemas que se viven en los paises desarrolado (claro, no en tu caso con tu preparacion, pero para la gente comun) y quizas de aca a un par de a#os hicieras un analisis de tu nueva experiencia.
    Mis abrazon, perdona la falta de acentos escribo con teclado italiano

  26. Paula in BC Says:

    Dear Miguel,
    At first I did not want to read your farewell post as I knew I was going to feel very sad for your departure, but I could not help it anymore so I read it today and managed to get to the very end of your followers comments!
    I am a proud Venezuelan & proud of the brilliant Venezuelan that you are and I am sure that wherever you are you’ll keep Venezuela in your heart and your writings as a labour of love for the country.
    Maybe the juice of posting will not be the same as you are no longer in the turmoil, but you’re smart enough to keep us current with your sharp views on news and events as they happen 🙂
    On a positive note, there will come a time when Venezuela will be out of this tragedy and focused on recovery and then your posting pace will slow down until is no longer missed!
    All the best to you & family!

  27. tan Says:

    A sad, but wise, decision Diablo.
    Obviously your blog will be a little less ‘ground zero’, but its writer, and his family, will be safe, and that, for all of us who read here, is of primary importance.
    I wish more people here, in Canada, understood the catastrophy that is unfolding in Venezuela. Your writing has helped some of us grasp what is truly taking place; thank you.

  28. Megaescualidus Says:

    Maria Corina dijo hoy las cosas como son en la Asamblea. Maria Corina today in the National Assembly said things exactly as they are.

  29. OldSouth Says:

    Godspeed, Diablo! Keep up your good work, and compliments to you for putting your family’s welfare first.


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