Pudreval Stank So Much Even Chavez’s Comptroller Had To Acknowledge It

April 4, 2011

(Weil: Homage to the Putrefactor)

Remember Pudreval? Thousands of Tons imported by PDVSA under the helm of still Minister of Energy and Oil Rafael Ramirez. Somehow he is untouchable. Chavez dismissed the problem. A Court ordered three of the Pudreval Directors jailed, the trial was annulled in record time by a Supreme Court that takes years to decide on very significant matters.But you know they care so much about due process for Chavistas, they ahd to do it.

But things stank so much, pardon the pun, that even Comptroller Russian had to say something (covering his behind a little?). Because his report did not mince words:

“It was Bariven (A PDVSA affiliate) and PDVAL (another PDVSA affiliate) that imported all the food without taking care of legal and technical criteria”

Jeez, I wonder what else is there?

Well, you can do the same once the food gets here:

“In the inspections…of the containers of food…there was the presence of insects, rodents, both alive and dead, as well as feces. Similarly, we found packages of decomposing food, as well as past their perishable date, such that we had to declare them not apt for human consumption. From the analysis of the results of the inspection a sample of 37 containers out of 305, or 12.5% of them” (The syntax of the last sentence was technically abominable, the math was ff too)

Oh yeah, legal procedures for bidding on the purchase of the food were also ignored and not followed.

This guys are really good, they knew had to do nothing. I wonder why they were hired?

Even Russian the Ruffian admits it!

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