The guy who could become the President of Venezuela

July 18, 2011

Just think, this guy is next in line to become the next President of Venezuela…Seriously…Imagine a “cadena” with him…

40 Responses to “The guy who could become the President of Venezuela”

  1. MM Says:

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajajjaajajjajajaajajajajajjajajajajajaja coño qué buenos los comentarios, estoy privada de la risa (para no llorar claro)

  2. Pedro en EEUU Says:

    El analfabetismo a las manos de pueblo. Somebody remind that clown that “Puerto Rico” is not a nation, but an integral part of the United States of America and, God willing, the next state of the Union.

  3. Is it too late for Hugo’s death to change much? Rulers like him have a tendency to create an environment where rulers like him thrive. All the work he did to create Marxist system and suppresses freedom and prosperity will continue to affect the nation, right?

  4. lully Says:

    I watched Chavez’s pictures.
    I saw my mom die of cancer last year.
    I can say Chavez has “death” written all over his face. I know the look.
    Last year, among my fear and my pain, I kept asking why so many creeps keep living happily and healthy, destroying lives and countries in the process, while good, honest, loving people pass away.
    I don’t ask that anymore.
    I do realize, it may sound terrible. However this is what I feel.

  5. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Here’s a thought….

    At this very moment, …right now,…..there is a highly potent combination of toxic chemicals flowing through the body of one Hugo Chavez. This is really nasty stuff. The reaction from most people going through this chemo process is extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss. It will either kill him or cure him. That’s the long and short of it.

  6. Roy Says:

    Does anyone else think that he looks a little like Kim Jong Il?

  7. Canadian Says:

    who is that janitor?

  8. captainccs Says:

    Fondo blanco = Bottoms up

    ¡Apurar la copas, tio!

  9. loroferoz Says:

    Jaua is the face of chavismo (called the Revolution) that Hugo Chavez and his past advisors hid carefully behind populist retoric and continuous denial.

    Had we, as a nation had a good look at it before Chavez consolidated his absolute power (or had we cared because the facts, as in other historical disgraces, were there for all to find out)…

    Maybe the situation would not be so dire as it is now.

    In this sense, Jaua can be no worse now, the intentions of chavismo are out in the open. The Cubans are already in place to supervise. They have been unsuccessful in draggin Venezuela towards totalitarianism. Unless they have the intention of doing a Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution. Another failure, more suffering…

  10. ErneX Says:

    This YouTube comment is pure gold:

    “Jauardiente por favor”

  11. CarlosElio Says:

    Here’s a bit of data can do a lot of good. No, it is not a speech impediment. You can watch other videos to corroborate it is not a case of the King’s speech.

    He was tipsy, perhaps a little bit beyond tipsy point. People say that he is red at the core. Well, maybe he is not red but white. This is a Spanish joke, so trust me, you monolinguals:

    En el fondo, Jaua no es rojo, él es fondo blanco.

    Alcohol abuse makes buffoons out of politicians: Yeltsin, James Buchananm, Jaime Lusichi, and many others. But under chavismo the alcoholics seem to be an unhealthy large number. Soto Rojas, the former guerrilla commander is a notorious alcoholic. And Jaua sips spirits with gusto.

    Carlos Blanco wrote a incisive satire of Venezuelan politics equating the leadership to an unruly crew of an airplane out of control. Maybe the crew just got drunk. The problem is that the passengers are all the Venezuelan people.

  12. m_astera Says:

    The logical conclusion of allowing incompetent sociopaths riding ideological horses to have dictatorial powers:

    Of course, the same thing can happen without ideology being involved, e.g. Haiti.

  13. Publio Says:

    The King’s Speech

  14. Juan Says:

    He seems to be drunk right?

  15. bruni Says:

    The problem with Jaua is not the way he speaks,that’s just the form, he may have a speech disorder and he may decide never to talk in public again. The problem is what Jaua thinks and how he acts. He is one of the most radical members of Chávez entourage. He is the one that pushed the agrarian reform to the limit.

    Jaua as a president is not good news.

    • moctavio Says:

      Chavez as President is not good news

      • Life in Venezuela is no good!

      • bruni Says:

        Nope, it is not, but having Jaua is going from Guatemala to Guatepeor

        • captainccs Says:

          bruni: some price must be paid to get rid of Chavez. It’s not going to be free. It might be having Jaua for a while. But the chances of Jaua lasting as long as Chavez are slim at best so it’s not a terrible bargain.

          Besides, just because he is the vp does not mean he is the successor. Chavistas never had a problem rewriting laws (or breaking them) as needed.

      • morella FSDL Says:

        The COUNTRY has lost enough money under this corrupted, incapable regime, they should be ALL ousted, we were a rich country 3d Oil enterprise in the world, we now range quite far below that figure! all the money has gone into their pockets and Venezuela is back to middle ages, highest standard in insecurity, corruption and increasing poverty after 12 years of Chavismo…They’ll pay for it sooner or later!

  16. Dr. Faustus Says:

    If it is obvious to most that this guy is a total bore in front of a microphone, just imagine what the higher-ups at the PSUV must be thinking. “Oh my God! He’s our new leader?” Next, just imagine what the entire Chavez clan must be thinking about this guy. They could lose it all! Money, power, prestige…..pffft. Out the window. Now, more ominous, just imagine what Adan is thinking. That’s what really needs to be watched here,…..what Adan is thinking.

  17. jau Says:

    al pueblo de barqueeennnmmmmeeergsimeeeto!!


  18. moctavio Says:

    Until he is changed, HE IS THE SUCCESOR.

    • SGIK Says:

      true, but u must believe that he will not be the psuv candidate if it isnt chavez himself. he may want to run but will he be allowed to run? i view this guy as a modern day “Sancho Panza.”

      • captainccs Says:

        Please don’t insult Sancho Panza. Sancho was the practical, no-nonsense sidekick to a madman idealist. None of this applies to the Jaua except for his boss being a madman. Tonto inutil is more like it.

      • moctavio Says:

        That’s not the point. As long as Chavez is in Cuba, he can not replace him, thus it is a real possibility, even if remote, Jaua could be it.

    • morella FSDL Says:

      So like we say in Spanish, going from Guatemala to Guate-Peor (meaning even worse than what we had) I guess there is little or nothing worse. THEY ALL SUCK!

  19. SGIK Says:

    I dont think he will be the successor. which leads to the real question. do he and others like him within the psuv start to in-fight if chavez cant run. and on the second order, do they galvanize around one candidate once they see the opposition taking advantage of the situation?

  20. nomi Says:

    He has a speech impediment or is he plain dumb? (or both?)

  21. captainccs Says:

    I sold my TV set 18 years ago. ¿Cadenas? No such bull shit for me.

  22. island canuck Says:

    He was obviously drunk.
    Slurring words & mispronunciations.

    Great example of a Chavista leader!

  23. extorres Says:

    I think he’s just not used to the stadium sound delay, so he just needs to practice speaking in spurts and ignoring the playback as he speaks.

    • syd Says:

      do you think that’s really going to help?

    • Juan M. Fernandez Ochoa Says:

      Though that could influence his poor diction, I think he’s just a very bad speaker.

    • Cesar Says:

      I think so as well, extorres. However, that’s been the most entertaining speech I’ve heard from the guy, if only because of the consecuences of the sound delay 😀 !!

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