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Another Day, Another Almost Tragic “Normal” Accident in Revolutionary Venezuela

October 7, 2011

It has been a month of accidents in Venezuela. Airplanes, trains, buses, accidents are now considered normal, nobody is responsible. In a country with four trains, three of them were involved in a recent accident leaving one person dead and 35 injured and the response of the Government was as if it was nobody’s fault, because “some cables had been stolen”

Then yesterday, we had another”normal” accident, this time in the Maracaibo subway system, a fairly new system, which has yet to be completed.  Basically, the brakes failed and the train continued beyond the barrier that is supposed to stop it and ended up a bare three meters away from falling down the end of the cement structure that supports the tracks, as you can see in the picture above.

The explanation?

It was all the rain’s fault! You see it rained, the train slipped because it had inertia. This seems to be “normal”. This is simply absurd, no rail system skips and slips because of the rain. If you put a barrier up to block a runaway train, it should stop a runaway train.  That is what engineers are supposed to design and prevent. But things not working in Venezuela are simply “normal” under the stupid revolution.

Of course, former Governor of Zulia Francisco Arias Cardenas, without having a clue, suggested sabotage by the opposition, another favorite explanation by this irresponsible revolution. They could not blame the IVth. Republic the subway system did not exist then…