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And Now Hugo Wants to have ChOPEC

October 6, 2011

Today, Hugo Chavez held one of his impromptu nationwide TV address at noon, which had no purpose other than stop TV stations from showing the memorial and burial of former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.

The excuse for the address was some visit by Russian emissaries to the Orinoco Oil Fields. Chavez was obviously not there, but managed to talk and talk. During his verbal incontinence, he made a little publicized remark, saying that he had this “witty idea” , to create a new organization of only the four or five largest producers of oil in the world.

He gave no reason for this “witty idea”, he just “had” this whim and that is why this poor country has been suffering so much, because we keep implementing all the destructive ideas of Hugo Chavez, which never seem to be very positive or constructive.

I guess the whole point is to have the Chavez Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (ChOPEC) whose role would be to showcase…Hugo Chavez, would be my guess.

Chavez seemed to realize how silly the idea was at some point, saying that this “would not affect OPEC”, but never explaining why this new organization was needed at all.

But he never explained how Venezuela fits into the group of the four or five largest oil exporters in the world. Because it doesn’t! According to OPEC (page 46), Venezuela is the 6th. largest producer of oil within OPEC alone!

Another day, another Chow, sorry, show…