And Now Hugo Wants to have ChOPEC

October 6, 2011

Today, Hugo Chavez held one of his impromptu nationwide TV address at noon, which had no purpose other than stop TV stations from showing the memorial and burial of former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.

The excuse for the address was some visit by Russian emissaries to the Orinoco Oil Fields. Chavez was obviously not there, but managed to talk and talk. During his verbal incontinence, he made a little publicized remark, saying that he had this “witty idea” , to create a new organization of only the four or five largest producers of oil in the world.

He gave no reason for this “witty idea”, he just “had” this whim and that is why this poor country has been suffering so much, because we keep implementing all the destructive ideas of Hugo Chavez, which never seem to be very positive or constructive.

I guess the whole point is to have the Chavez Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (ChOPEC) whose role would be to showcase…Hugo Chavez, would be my guess.

Chavez seemed to realize how silly the idea was at some point, saying that this “would not affect OPEC”, but never explaining why this new organization was needed at all.

But he never explained how Venezuela fits into the group of the four or five largest oil exporters in the world. Because it doesn’t! According to OPEC (page 46), Venezuela is the 6th. largest producer of oil within OPEC alone!

Another day, another Chow, sorry, show…

64 Responses to “And Now Hugo Wants to have ChOPEC”

  1. Carolina Says:

    Y dale con el tema:

    And he’s also adding Brasil to the mix.
    he forgets that Canada has the second biggest (or maybe the third after he decided Venezuela has the most) oil reserves of the world.

  2. JMA Says:

    OT, but amusing. Please, pay attention to the lyrics. Among other things, I learned that I do not speak Spanish or Castilian, but “Venezuelan” and that Latin people will always be black people. Go figure. Fascismo, pues.

    • JMA Says:

      Of course, the singer (RODBEXA!!!!) is too stupid to realize that. The last one to leave, please turn off the lights.

      • Carolina Says:

        Sorry. I made it to 0:39. I can’t watch these things without getting sick.

      • CharlesC Says:

        JMA-this is absolutely nuts. Utter imbacility. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
        I say this-Venezuela has been destroyed from within by Chavez.
        Do you know anyone to compare this to- Qadaffi-?
        Maybe he learned this from Raul?

        • JMA Says:

          Oh no, everything that appears in this video is pure and spontaneous mental retardation.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Doc- can you warn us about these videos in the future.
            I had a really tough week already- but this -hit me like a
            stomach virus. I still love you ,man, but you hurt me…

        • deananash Says:

          Ever scene the masses dancing (controlled movements) in North Korea? It’s the same idea…they both involve real talent, but limited minds. Which is just what their esteemed “Leaders” want.

          • JMA Says:

            You wouldn’t call what appears on this video real talent, would you?

            • CharlesC Says:

              Hell no!! Chavez is a spastic freak- man -waving his arms around,
              spinning around, making noises, doing gang symbols?
              I am surprised none of the audience were barfing- that was my

    • Syd Says:

      Did Fosforito have a daughter?

  3. JMA Says:

    “En la Faja del Orinoco tenemos petróleo para unos 200 años, se acabará el crudo en el resto del mundo en los próximos cien años y nosotros podemos seguir exportando”, así lo dijo este viernes el Presidente Hugo Chávez.

    Only an extremely ignorant people can swallow this one and believe it: Venezuelans.

    • Deanna Says:

      As I said before, unless you can take it out of the ground, you’re not really producing oil and as far as that’s concerned Venezuela is still No. 11!!! Of course, most Venezuelans are such suckers that they’ll believe anything this guy says.

  4. glenn Says:

    Gosh. Chavez just expropriated El Roques! Wow. What power.

  5. ErneX Says:

    El Tigre bailed out from the primaries.

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Shouldn’t we be questioning the $4 billion loan from Russia
    -Chavez claims” for security and housing”?
    What are the terms of this loan, etc.?
    What happened with money from other loans from

    • CharlesC Says:

      Where are those russian submarines bought by Chavez?

      • CharlesC Says:

        Are arms bought by Venezuela from Russia
        ending up in Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc…?

      • GWEH Says:

        Vietnam got the subs. They are advanced Kilo-class diesel-electrics. Accidents waiting to happen for Venezuela…Armada was not keen on them. But the biggest factor was the offensive threat they posed to shipping lanes and choke points in the Caribbean. Control of sea lanes is foremost as all goods move through them. In times of war, most war material moves through lanes and for the US, most from ports in the Gulf of Mexico thus the presence of Russian Kilos in the Caribbean under Venezuelan banner could be casus belli

      • GWEH Says:

        The Ruskies have not sailed submarines into the Caribbean for ages probably since the Missile Crisis. They did park them off the US eastern Atlantic coast all the time. That activity ceased with the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the russians flew the blackjacks to Venezuela and sailed their only good warship to La Gauira, it was the first time in a long time they entered the Caribbean and the gringos where tailing all the way.

    • GWEH Says:

      Comment on Russian arms purchases: Many things announced over the years have yet to appear: rifle factory (makes no sense), advanced combat helicopters (can barely fly ones they have…most crashes pilot error), S-300 surface-to-air missiles (original Iranian order…don’t see it happening),
      advanced multi-role combat jets (they can’t fly the Flankers…always in maintenance, rusting, lacking pilots). The russians have not been honest about qty of manpads (portable shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile) sold to Chavez, under-reporting sales. The ruskies have lots of leeway in Venezuela…24/7 access to all military armories/arms depots. The relationship is morphing.

      • GWEH Says:

        the russians do have the americans (and regional allies) to worry about. This (Caribbean) is the gringo backyard and the americans (nato) encroaching on russia on many fronts…latest with US Aegies cruisers off Spain coast.

        • GWEH Says:

          the russians do have to tread carefully in a post-chavez venezuela. They (Igor Sechin) want to keep and increase flow of black and white.

          • GWEH Says:

            the russians are not happy but with chavez dying, they cannot counter like they would like to

            • CharlesC Says:

              Thank you for the updates. I have been trying to keep up
              for years-and you certainly updated my database.
              Actually, I am very relieved in many way-but -also
              what you are saying is-millions of dollars -went where
              -for what? We don’t know where the money is -and
              what country some arms Chavez bought may be in?

      • GWEH Says:

        Charles, arms and weapon systems purchases are big business. It’s critical for the ruskies to keep factories open. Commissions are big and spread around. Reasons are varied. What happens with FAV is differnent than Armada, Ejercito and GN. The russian rifles and military cargo-transport helicopters are good but the rifles marked a change in caliber (not good). The helicopters are the best bang for the buck with proven track record but Venezuelan pilots lacking in skills and trainining. The Flanker jets big waste of money. Engines have to be in the shop or replaced with a frequency that pales to the American F-16 system. Down time is unnaceptable.

  7. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Venezuela is currently being inundated with Chinese, Russians and Middle East terrorists. It’s a new, bizzaro world. Where did these people come from? What does a typical Venezuelan think when he/she bumps into a guy from Shanghai, or an engineer from Chelyabinsk, on the streets of Valencia? Few of them speak Spanish, and could care less about the people surrounding them. How do the newbies from far-off, distant worlds relate to any of the people and problems of Venezuela? They don’t. It will only get worse. They will come to be seen as the new “imperialists.”

    • Bloody Mary Dry Says:

      Yes, and that’s Chavez idea (copied from Fidel, of course): to create huge interests of non-natural partners that depend only on him so he is protected by those powerfull imperialist that don’t give a shit about the Venezuelan people…. as a result we are a colony equivalent to those that occupied the planet three or four centuries ago thanks to “Hugo the Bloodsucker”…. Solutions will come, I don´t have doubt about it, but at very hight price.

  8. Juan Cristóbal Nagel Says:

    This is related to this other item:

    The market must be clogged with oil, and the price is probably on its way down. Hence, they are scared.

    • glenn Says:

      Yes. You are correct on both counts. Only global economic recovery will change this scenario while Chavez seeks Global economic destruction ( well, that’s a stretch but first Venezuela, then the world!)

  9. ErneX Says:

    Hey, they guy is also exploring a new career as graphic designer/art director, look, he’s even doing logos now:

  10. Canadian Says:

    Isn’t that idea similar to the capitalist’s idea?

  11. bt Says:

    Notice the type of chair he sits in while he explains to his “pueblo” how to be rich es malo and his new idiotic plan to reinvent OPEC. It’s a chair that has “royalty” and “wealth” written all over it.

    And then, remember Fidelito, his leisure suit cut by a capitalist clothing company called Adidas.

    Damn, I say if you’re going to preach a commie religion, then live it!

    One more point: Yes, I know, Castro and Chavez swim in oil money. Oil was found by capitalists, uses thereof discovered by capitalists, technology to pump it out invented by capitalists and those that buy it today and supply these goofballs with money, yes capitalists!

    They swim in oil money but hate capitalism!

    I say voting him out isn’t enough because it will have no effect. If he lives, you can vote him out the next five elections. He’ll still be dictator (“president” is a complete misnomer). He ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  12. Deanna Says:

    What does Chavez mean by oil-producing country? Does he mean oil-producing according to barrels of crude oil produced per day, or does he mean countries with the largest reserves (which actually is not oil produced, because it hasn’t been taken out of the ground yet)? If the first option, then unfortunately Venezuela will not become a member of his new super-producing group because it is only No. 11 in the list of OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers. And he will have to accept that the US or the “imperio” will be part of the new group, in addition to China, Russia, Iran and Saudi

  13. Charly Says:

    Uncle Fester.

  14. CharlesC Says:

    “Today, Hugo Chavez held one of his impromptu nationwide TV address at noon, which had no purpose other than stop TV stations from showing the memorial and burial of former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez.”
    This is evil.

    Remember this -everyone. When Fidel dies, when Chavez dies-
    I hope the TV station plays recordings from my house- there will be cheering for 3 days and nights.

  15. MasterBlog Says:

    I believe you mean ChoroPEC….

  16. Lgg Says:

    Could it be that the new ChOPEC is a way for Chavez to have a say on Russia’s oil output? He always wanted to recruit old Mother Russia for any scheme in which they cannot raise oil output at their will…

    • Kepler Says:

      The Russian mafia is getting more control over Venezuela, that’s all. 4 billion dollars more of debt with the Russians…I wonder what weapons our milicos will buy now.

  17. bt Says:

    Is it an alien, humanoid or subcreature that makes decisions for all the people of Venezuela?

    Remember what Arnold Schwarzenegger said to predator when he looked into his face, “You’re one ugly %@*& #*$@”!

    • tleon Says:

      Has Hugo turned into Jabba the Hutt? His appearance can be described as a cross between a toad and the Cheshire Cat the same as Jabba.

      Must be one hell of a treatment he has been receiving.

  18. Francisco Toro Says:

    El delirio como estrategia de gobierno. Great fun. Is this more or less embarrassing than Berlusconi’s latest? You’d think they have a bet, those two.

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