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All hope abandon ye who live here in Venezuela

October 4, 2011

(And there is still ways to go…)

I felt like that line in Dante’s Divina Comedia, All hope abandon ye who live here in Venezuela. While Dante was talking Hell, it just seems like the same here and that Venezuelans seem to like it.

This is how I feel after reading the latest data from Datanalisis, a pollster which is quite controversial, but which has been fairly accurate in the past. According to them, Chavez’ popularity has jumped 10% points since July and is currently at 58%, while vote intentions went from 31% to 40%.

With the electric problems, inflation at 30%, airline and train accidents, shortages, even Chavez admitting the health system is the pits, people still love Chavez.

Makes sense? Obviously not, but that is our reality.

Go figure!