A Gallery of Chavismo “cursileria” (Tastelessness)

December 14, 2011

Yes, I read Tal Cual and saw the magnificent Guardia Nacional “cursi” tribute to Chavez that Daniel and Quico posted, but just did not have the time to post about the symbolism (Why so many indians? Really? Jesus Christ? Who is the guy in red?)

Thus, since I am late to the party, but the painting just has to be in this blog, here is a gallery of similar cursilerias from Chavismo, including today’s masterpiece:

Nativity Scene:

Bolivar and Hugo, or is it the other way around?

Merging his profile with the flag:

I guess Bolivar does goes first:

Just art

Sometimes Jesus comes in last:

and please don’t ask who is the guy with the beard, I have no clue.

45 Responses to “A Gallery of Chavismo “cursileria” (Tastelessness)”

  1. Ira Says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t any photos of Chavistas who drew his holy image on an Etch-a-Sketch.

    Or are there shortages of Etch-a-Sketches in VZ as well?

  2. jau Says:

    Monos jalabolas….

  3. island canuck Says:

    Miguel, what do you think of the move to make Maduro a governor?

  4. John Barnard Says:

    In a way, I want Chavez to live long enough to see his own people overthrow him.

  5. megaescualidus Says:

    But, according to Navarrete it is just a matter of months for “the guy” to be out of the picture. Then, all of this nonsense will be part of the past. Right?

  6. framethedebate Says:

    Why isn’t Gadhafi hovering somewhere in the clouds. It seems just a little incomplete.

  7. Coriolis Effect Says:

    In the first work of art, Bolivar looks like a woman wearing a hair band and Chavex looks like Mao. At least to my eyes.

  8. Gringo Says:

    Several years ago on one or more of the English language Venezuelan blogs there was a photo of Chavez in front of a painting that featured someone pointing a gun.

  9. The Louvre is paying top Euros to get some of these masterpieces in Paris.

  10. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    In my opinion, the incredible fact of matter is that it’s incomprehensible
    that no one has considered this man’s (Chavez) mental stability.
    How can he have continued to remain in power when it is clear, he is not of sound mind.
    He’s psychotic, and as already proven a menace to Venezuela and it’s people.
    What he has already accomplished, will take twice as long to undo..

    • CharlesC Says:

      Yes. THese kind of paintings should be destroyed. They do nothing
      to help educate people to deal with reality of the modern world.
      (They are ficticious in every way anyway-propaganda.)

    • Simply because most of our people are sadly uneducated, gullible, and actually resemble Chavez in many ways. Plus they are being bribed with tons of freebies.

  11. glenn Says:

    The unknown guy with the beard sure looks a lot like Shakespeare. 🙂

  12. Roger Says:

    I don’t care which picture the chose just so long as it has a prayer like this on the back http://ojinaga.com/villa/oracion/

  13. Carolina Says:

    I wonder what Cruz-Diez, Otero, Soto, y hasta Feliciano Carvallo would think aout these masterpieces.

  14. CharlesC Says:

    Can you imagine a painting recreating
    “the Last Supper” and have all of
    Chavez’s dictator friends at the table
    and Chavez…OMG-the chavistas will
    do this!!
    Have it ready for when the Pope comes to
    Cuba and Chavez can bring it there
    and give the Pope a copy….
    Who wants to bet, Chavez will arrive in Cuba
    to meet the Pope?
    And, can you believe the Pope will actually meet Fidel Castro?
    Surely, the end of time is near…

    • liz Says:

      CharlesC, the picture does exist!!!! look:

      “Esta nueva foto también nos lleva al 23 de enero, específicamente a uno de los minicentros comerciales, ubicado en la zona central de la urbanización, cerca del bloque 26.

      El colectivo “Alexis Vive” es el autor de esta reproducción del fresco de Da Vinci, en el que se puede ver a Jesús con Marx, el “Che”, Fidel Castro, Tirofijo, Simón Bolívar, Simón Rodríguez, Chávez y Guaicaipuro. FOTO © AFP / Miguel Gutiérrez.”

      • Syd Says:

        how creepy, especially the gaze of Bolívar. Meanwhile …didn’t Jesus host the original Last Supper just before his death walk with the cross, at the age of what, 32 or 33? If so, he’d be too young to have so many ‘canas’.

    • Virginia Laffitte Says:

      How absolutely perfect..You are so right!!

  15. JotaE Says:

    The sculpture with the profile… the profile reminds me of CAP… particularly the mouth!

  16. JotaE Says:

    In the last one he looks like a blend of Pablo Perez and Capriles…

  17. Ira Says:

    In the painting with him and Bolivar on the horse, what’s the significance of the book he’s holding up high? Is that like the book that Mao made every Chinese study and obey?

    Can’t remember what it was called, and I’m too lazy to Wikipedia it now.

    • Roy Says:


      The little red book is the Venezuelan Constitution (the new one). Chavez used to have it on hand all the time, until a couple of years ago, when he began to blatantly disregard it.

    • Roy Says:

      Oh, and Mao’s book was called “The Little Red Book” in the West. It was a collection of his quotations. Do you think Chavez adopted the idea? He certainly has not had many original thoughts of his own.

  18. I think it is Cervantes. I read an article on Miguel (your tocayo) lately and I am pretty sure it was the same picture. Now why on earth is Cervantes in that gallery escapes me ….

    • Roy Says:

      I think you are right that it is Cervantes. I wonder why the artist didn’t do Jose Marti instead…

    • Kepler. Says:

      Ts, ts, ts, stp, Daniel! Of course! Cervantes: El Quixote. Bolívar said he was El Quixote. Chávez is Bolívar. Chávez is El Quixote. Chávez is like Cervantes.

      • Syd Says:

        I didn’t know this: that Bolívar said he was El Quixote.

        That being the case, Bolívar was delusional.

        • Kepler. Says:

          “The three greatest fools of History have been Jesus Christ, Don Quixote . . and me!”

          But if you try to get out of the framework in which our pseudo-historians portray the guy, you will see a lot more of issues with Bolívar.

          The guy was very eager to be called “El Libertador” already in 1813 in Mérida and then again in Caracas. For Goodness sake, back then there were several others who had done a lot more than he had. He wouldn’t have gone much further, hadn’t he been able to get the regions Piar already controlled and then got him killed (it didn’t help Piar did not want to accept Bolívar’s leadership).

          The guy had an obsession specially after Waterloo: No, I am not Napoleon, no, I am not Napoleon…but why on earth did he go to see Napoleon’s TWO coronations?

          Because he said he didn’t want to be like Napoleon Venezuelans now say it to be true. And yet Bolivar wanted to have a president for life…preferably himself. His threats to renounce were done only during the times of popularity…unfortunatelly for him back then he had no way to control the state resources as a Chávez has now.

  19. bruni Says:

    Diego de Losada? Miguel de Cervantes?

  20. Neptali Garcia Says:

    I recognize a few of the characters in the first masterpiece. I believe it is a movie poster from the Austin Power’ saga. The guy in the red jacket is Dr. Evil and I have seen the Indian sitting on the edge of the crest pan-handling in Las Mercedes at some point.
    Can somebody explain the bald eagle on fire?

  21. m_astera Says:

    What does Simon B have on his head in the first pic? A blue feather hair band? Or is his right sideburn on fire?

  22. clobber Says:

    Honestly? It makes me sick.

  23. Bloody Mary Says:

    That’s Cuban “art”, no doubt.

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