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Capriles Visit In Caracas Disrupted By Armed Chavista Thugs

March 4, 2012

Today opposition candidate Henrique Capriles had scheluded a visit to the Cotiza area of Caracas (Cotiza is the area after San Bernardino going West in the northern part of Caracas). The walk was interrupted first by a Chavista caravan of cars and later by a bunch of thugs in motorcycles. Some of these thugs had weapons and shots were fired, the son of Deputy Ismael Garcia was hit by a bullet. You can watch a jumbled video of some parts here. (Don’t know how to insert the video in this post)

You can also see one of the guys in a red shirt who was clearly armed in the following picture:

To make this truly ominous, Garcia’s son was standing next to candidate Capriles, when the bullet hit his arm. This is more than a simple violent incident to provoke the opposition or stop Capriles from campaigning. This is the result of thirteen years of promoting hate and violence, which could end badly if the Government does not impose control on its violent hordes. The response by the Minister of the Interior and Justice? To call Ismael Garcia, formerly pro-Chavez, a traitor and a clown via Twitter.

Today it was that close, what if it isn’t tomorrow?