Capriles Visit In Caracas Disrupted By Armed Chavista Thugs

March 4, 2012

Today opposition candidate Henrique Capriles had scheluded a visit to the Cotiza area of Caracas (Cotiza is the area after San Bernardino going West in the northern part of Caracas). The walk was interrupted first by a Chavista caravan of cars and later by a bunch of thugs in motorcycles. Some of these thugs had weapons and shots were fired, the son of Deputy Ismael Garcia was hit by a bullet. You can watch a jumbled video of some parts here. (Don’t know how to insert the video in this post)

You can also see one of the guys in a red shirt who was clearly armed in the following picture:

To make this truly ominous, Garcia’s son was standing next to candidate Capriles, when the bullet hit his arm. This is more than a simple violent incident to provoke the opposition or stop Capriles from campaigning. This is the result of thirteen years of promoting hate and violence, which could end badly if the Government does not impose control on its violent hordes. The response by the Minister of the Interior and Justice? To call Ismael Garcia, formerly pro-Chavez, a traitor and a clown via Twitter.

Today it was that close, what if it isn’t tomorrow?

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  7. An Interested Observer Says:

    When I look on the photos on this link–asi-fue-el-tiroteo-en-acto-de-capriles.aspx , I see something interesting. Scroll down about halfway, to the first picture with the blue and yellow balloons, and you see Berroteran’s back. He seems to be riding a motorcycle, or perhaps is off the one that is on the ground. In the next picture, two motorcycles are down. I’m guessing that one was his.

    He gets up and draws his gun, but in these pictures, he never raises it. By the next to last picture, the gun is missing, but the photographer (and I believe the guy in the light blue shirt) have not run away.

    My conclusion? That Berroteran did not fire the shots, at least not at the time in the photos. Not the one that hit Garcia, anyways. The article about people paid to disrupt the rally, with shots attributed to others, is also a factor in that conclusion.

    But make no mistake, he’s still a thug. Only thugs ride their motos straight through an opponent’s rally, then draw a gun when their bike goes down in the crowd. And someone is still responsible for that shooting, even if it wasn’t him. Oh, and Haiman El Troudi is a big fat liar.

    • LD Says:

      VTV gives you the video:

      look at 00:34 aprox. He did fire, maybe not directly, but sure he fires the weapon. (the sound in that video doesn’t make a pristine impression… perhaps edited, as they also repeat sequences and change speed))
      If you look at the other video (globovision), as I wrote, he appears at 0:16-0:17 with a white cap, a dark bag and red shirt, very probably is he before he lose or discard the cap. It seems that he looks in the opposite direction as he walks and appears to go there. In other pictures he is always a pedestrian, there is not a picture with him on a motorbike. The red shirt with black stripes is unique, at least there.
      Interesting too, that no government media had show the pictures of his face, but they are so sure he is one “infiltrado”, so, why not?
      I don’t know the details of the wound, etc., maybe it was a splitter or something like that. I could not say it looks like an intent to kill Capriles, but I don’t discard that neither. For sure there was people trying to disturb and use violence including fire weapons.

  8. Caraquenho Says:
    Very interesting article about the reaction of the Community to the shooting, they even made the people who did it pick up the garbage.

    • megaescualidus Says:

      Though we’ve heard many times HC’s base couldn’t be persuaded to reconsider their support towards him, maybe the gravity of actions like these will (just maybe). Maybe actions like these end up “backfiring” on the Government by causing HC’s popularity to drop, at least in the community it happened.

  9. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, the pictures are not available. I hope they are somewhere else at least;

  10. Pedrop Says:

    Just had a look at the videos and photos again.

    Interestingly when the shooting started the Chavistas were the first to scatter, with extreme haste in some cases.

    The Capriles supporters moved off with reluctance, even standing their ground in front of armed individual(s).

    Just one question as an aside to the events. Isn’t there one General or senior uniform wearing individual likely to be supportive towards Capriles ? Whilst the barrios are important I suspect that the military more so in the short term.

    • NET Says:

      According to last night’s “Buenas Noches” program and those who talked to Ismael Garcia and son personally, the attack on Capriles was a planned ambush, and he was saved because Ismael jumped in front of Capriles, and Ismael’s son jumped in front of his father and luckily only took the bullet to his forearm. As for military thinking, I suggest all MO blogeros read “Caracas Gringo”‘s blog (accessed on left margin of “Devils Excrement”, particularly for the latest “Army To Bernal” comment–it’s excellent!

  11. Roger Says:

    This is a political assassination attempt pure and simple. It is the responsibility of the government to provide the same security to the opposition as they provide to the commandante-presidente or face discredit of their so called democratic process. Also, I don’t think that they like to see the opposition create their own security force running around with blue shirts.

  12. Ira Says:

    Did you guys hear about the bodyguard who was recently shot–the one who protects some famous VZ conductor who conducts the LA Philharmonic, or something like that?

    Not my kind of music, but I took my wife a few weeks to a movie theater where they were simulcasting a concert of his orchestra from Caracas,

  13. Miguel Octavio Says:

    The name of the guy holding the gun is Alexander Berroteran, a eell-known Chavista activist. It is the role of the Government to track down and identify such people, after all, they run the police, but instead, the media has found a few pictores of Berroteran in Chavismo events, red shirt and weapons. Nice guy!,,,

  14. deananash Says:

    The cancer must be CUT OUT. And yes, it will be VERY BLOODY. The only question is how much, not if.

    And then, the real work begins, the CHEMO, if you please.

    This is all really nasty stuff, but in this situation, playing nice with such a disease only invites more misery and suffering.

    I hate it, but the moment calls for a Dr. Fujimori or Dr. Pinochet.

  15. CharlesC Says:

    Once again Jaua proves himself to be an absolute idiot, jackass.
    No need to try to explain what Jaua was trying to say and his logic..
    something about “got to respect gangs territory-if the gang is
    supporter of Chavez,..then even the Police cannot go into their territory”..
    something like that ?
    Can you believe a Vice President – justifying gang behavior-defending
    criminals over the police.
    It is bad enough that most try to ignore him, but I hate the moron.
    Who’s next, Aissami-what a liar. Aissami wants to punish the police who were there…And, Aissami-playing stupid- “oh, well, there may have been bullets, I heard something on video, we are not sure about anything,;..

  16. capitankane Says:

    It looks like they’ve identified the guy, but he’ll probably live as free as Lina did anyway.

    • ximena saizar Says:

      Come on…they knew who the guy, killer, thug, animal, whatever you want to call him… is since the moment it happened, they pay these people to do this…tey order him to do it….

  17. colon Says:

    yup NET, The violent guys are Chavez’s customers/buddies.

    Remember Mr. Goveia, the “pistoleros of puente llaguno” and the killer of Mrs. Ron in Plaza Altamira, just to name a few ‘honorable members of the society”…

  18. Kepler Says:


    Go piss off. Before that, watch this:

    We have over this for years…few idiots without borders have come here making your comments since about 2008. It’s a waste of time to spend too much on people like you. Just watch that film and read the book The Silence and the Scorpion. Y no ladilles.

  19. concerned Says:

    I think it is good for Capriles to get out and touch base in the barios. He just needs to take more precautions and staff up a security detail.

    The communities are not cheering on the moto thugs. These are the same, or the same type of criminal that makes their daily lives hell. They want it to stop where they can live a normal, crime free life…and Capriles winning is the best chance they have for that to happen. Chavez has not, and will not do anything to stop it, and in fact encourages these “revolutionaries”.

    These are criminals with a get out of jail free card. Capriles needs to take the precautions necessary. He doesn’t need to get killed to prove a point.

    • NET Says:

      You’re right about barrio sympathy for Capriles. But the danger is great, regardless of beefed-up security. Let’s remember they almost got Nixon, in spite of Government security. Soon after assuming the Presidency, Betancourt had to perch tanks on the hill overlooking 23 de Enero and strafe the apartment buildings ( usually nightly) with 50cal. machine gun fire over a period of 2 months before finally subduing the far-Leftist elements there. MCM’ s car was recently shot several times on a campaign visit to 23 de Enero. And Capriles, for example, has just pre-announced his forthcoming visit to 23 de Enero (and this sector is just one of the many dangerous areas of the country for him).

  20. Jeffry House Says:

    Watching the video, I see that some of the redshirts are wearing red shirts (!)
    with the logo “4F”.

    Doesn’t that refer to the date of Chavez’ 1992 coup? And isn’t that a significant detail?

    • Roy Says:

      Not really. There was a recent government sponsored celebration of that date on its anniversary a month ago. Chavismo hands out free T-shirts for these events. Some of the Chavistas were wearing those shirts because they were red and because they had them. The 4F part was not significant in this instance.

  21. Jeff Says:

    I get the impression this is just a huge PR move by Capriles et al. the son of the recently traded player gets shot (or stabbed, or capriles himself was hit by the time news got to burma..)

    It just works too well for the opposition for me to think anything otherwise.

    Not a Chavista, definitely not a Caprilite… go!

    • NET Says:

      Smart!!!–Shoot at me, but try to hit the guy next to me–Great political PR move Jeff-Sean!!!

    • ximena saizar Says:

      you are really correct, if you live somewhere else..which maybe you do…..the red shirted thugs, are sent by the “thing” and his monkeys, and…..not to play hide and seek…just go back during the last 13 years and check how many times this has happened.. it seems that for you, the guy with the hand gun, had a bb, or a sling…come on…get to reality…for Capriles or anyone of the opposition to get into cotiza is not an easy task….next time, you are personnally near by cotiza,, if you live in Venezuela, I reccomend you to get off your car, and just take a litle walk, later on tells us, how many minutes it took to get robbed or stab, or kick in the ass…which maybe you deserve, for saying that this is a gimmick of capriles….come on, get into reality….

      • Jeff Says:

        I’m sorry sweetie.. something about monkeys, and that maybe i deserve to be shot, stabbed or kicked in the ass for stating the obvious. For the record, I don’t think you should be stabbed, shot or otherwise injured, regardless of your beliefs, thank you!

      • Syd Says:

        Memo to Jeff.
        Piss off you patronizing twit.

    • Ira Says:

      Jeff, that’s really an absurd theory.

  22. Carolina Says:

    I just can’t stop thinking how they want Capriles dead and they don’t care at shooting at him and his people, but it’s bad for us to wish the cancer to beat him?

    Sorry guys. I woke up a little radical today.

    • ximena saizar Says:

      there is a big difference…..Capriles, At least we hope, is going to fix, at least try, all the damage that this ass has done to Venezuela and his people, so, we wish him long life, this other “thing” has done so much damage to the country and its people that he deserves a very painful death…at least to spend a few weeks with so much pain, that he will call all the saints, in his arsenal to come to help him, so much pain that all Venezuelan could hear him screaming…crying an d asking for forgiveness……but….only for a few weeks, and then many of us pray for the devil to come and take him to a place that not even Dante describe in his comedia…..

    • LD Says:

      Not wishing Chávez death, but every time I’m feeling sorry for this guy, he comes and lies, laugh over the opositors and do all sorts of things only to stay in power, as a consecuence of this his people take not consideration over the life of other people. Sorry, but then is my compassion gone for at least half a day.

      • Carolina Says:

        LD – I don’t have any compassion to rapists, and Chavez is no different.

        He’s been abusing the country, its people, the resources, the income sources, the important commercial relationships, the security, the legal system, the constitution (where do I end?) for over 13 years, and not only that, he feels pride and mocks the people he’s been abusing each time he gets a chance.

        He is a bully and I have no respect nor sympathy for him.

  23. An Interested Observer Says:

    First, if he hit anyone next to Capriles, I don’t know how you can conclude he was not aiming at Capriles. The order may not have come from above, but that doesn’t mean much by itself.

    Second, that thug reminds me of someone in one of the Plaza Altamira (I believe) shootings. Worth comparing photos? I can’t read anything into how he holds his pistol, not from just one image. Would need a sequence to evaluate, really.

    Finally, it’s amazing that after all the supposed “magnicidios” over 12 years it only takes a couple weeks for bullets to start flying at his opponent.

  24. LD Says:

    Chávez recognized he has a recurrence from the cancer, and has to undergo radiotherapy. Will he continue in Cuba for the treatment? Then we could be speaking of 1 or more months there, and even dying in Cuba.
    While I’m trying to be cautious, now the life expectancy (or being in “good conditions”) must be of months, for a rapid growing (it took 4 months from “no cells left” to 2 cm diameter), chemotherapy resistant cancer. Radiotherapy can only help to reduce cell count locally. Chávez didn’t discard “other therapies”, but a new, not efficient chemotherapy could only give a little time. I think it is very, very improbable the last tumor was the only existent metastasis (yes, I know, it is not called so, because it happened after the op -so it is a recurrence-, but it was a metastasis, not detectable at the time, if it’s true that they removed all the first tumor as they said).
    Miguels prognose looks to be fulfilled… maybe some time later, but not for much.
    I’m wondering if the advance of the elections date Chávez last wish was…

  25. Dr. Faustus Says:

    A truly fascinating aspect to all of this is the incredible silence coming from the pro-Chavez Hollywood community as the basic tenants of democracy are being mocked. They don’t care. It’s not important. Where are the voices of Oliver Stone, Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover, Sean Penn or Harry Belafonte, all supposedly educated in the fundamentals of free and fair elections in the United States, when this kinda thing takes place? Aren’t they at least,….squirming a little? Nervous? Where are their voices? Er, ah, …don’t they at least want this thing to be seen as,…..fair? How about some murmerings of discontent as a boatload of diesel fuel is headed to Syria to help fill the tanks of those T-72’s so that more shells can be lobbed at the children of Homs? By the way, how about some profound comments to the press, while they’re posturing for the camera’s, as to who-the-hell elected Assad to anything, anyway? Their collective stupidity boggles the mind…….

    • Ronaldo Says:

      That is so true. Chavez pretentious aid to the poor cannot be looked at in isolation. Every action of Chavez needs to be considered. If Chavez is aiding the murder of civilians in Syria, he will certainly condone the killing of Venezuelans. Castro has killed over 25,000 Cubans in order to gain and maintain power and he is still killing and oppressing Cubans who oppose him. The marriage of Castro-Chavez is as ugly as ever and they will behave the same.

      Amendinajad in Iran fixed the elections and remained in power. Chavez is now BFF with Amendinajad advising Chavez on how to best fix an election.

      It goes on and on. I bet the thugs at the Caprilles rally were paid and had police protection ready if needed.

    • Jeff Says:

      wait, didn’t they already try this once and it turned out to actually be the opposition that was responsible for the shootings?

      • Dr. Faustus Says:

        Oh my, an interesting response. So the justification here is that, “the other guys, other party, do it too?” Sean Penn is probably sitting in his luxury Hollywood Hills, watching his beloved Hugo on the tele, thinking to himself, “Hey! Those other guys are probably worse!” That would make it all, ….ok. Little critical thought is needed. Everything fits neatly into their politicle puzzle palace,….those other guys do it too. Yup, they do. Besides which, those who make their living from ‘playing pretend’ from scripts written by other human beings, have rarely been subject to critical thought themselves. They simpy ‘know’ a lot, especially with regards to politics, because people pay to see their films, don’t-cha-know. Everyone knows who they are,…right? Being famous connotates erudition. Human wisdom, …ahem, derives from people knowing your name. Right?

        • Jeff Says:

          oh my! that doesn’t address my question, and then implies that i condone ANY kind of violence based on it, and then some kind of angry rant about sean penn living in his hollywood mansion something something..

          • island canuck Says:

            “didn’t they already try this once and it turned out to actually be the opposition that was responsible for the shootings?”

            Didn’t who already try this?

            And when was the opposition responsible for the shootings?
            What shootings?
            I’m really lost.
            Please clarify what you are saying.

            • Jeff Says:

              I was talking about the Miraflores Confrontation

              again, not a chavista, not sean penn, please don’t attack me, if my observation is invalid… PLEASE BE KIND


            • Carolina Says:

              Jeff – FYI, the only confrontation that ever took place in Miraflores was on Feb. 4th, 1992, when Chavez leaded a coup against the elected president and tried to kill him and his family.

              Your comment shows that you have no clue about what you talk about.

      • island canuck Says:


        You really need to read the history of what has happened in this country during the last 13 years.

        At no time has the opposition been responsible for any shootings.
        I have been here almost 25 years & in this time there has not been 1 incident where the opposition was involved in any violence that originated with them. Quite the opposite. They have tried to maintain a peaceful approach to a difficult situation.

        They have all been directly related to bands of Chavistas & Chavez supporters who feel that the only way to deal with peace & intelligence is with violence.

        I would suggest that if you are going to comment & don’t want to be attacked please have your facts correct. Opinions on all levels are welcome here if they are factual.

        • Jeff Says:

          weird, I was about to say the same thing back to you before I posted in reply to your comment but thought I’d be a little more gentlemanly. guess that’s out the window…

          did something change between the confrontation at miraflores that I hadn’t heard about? it’s possible, but the last i heard it was a showdown between snipers on a roof and poorer people with handguns defending themselves with more chavistas dead than any other group, not to mention the sinister way it was being played out on venevision et al.

          did the entire episode just NOT happen!?

          • island canuck Says:

            OK, I tried

            • concerned Says:

              What happened to the 3 strike rule for trolls? I believe Jeff has struck out.

          • moctavio Says:

            Jeff: The Government stopped the investigation on the events, why?

            The first three people shot (Arellano, Tortosa and Pesate) were definitely opposition and a majority (by a small margin) of those dead were opposition, of course after the first shots, there was chaos, but the sequence of events has been determined by Brian Nelson who came to Venezuela to show there was a cop. Funny, he changed his mind.

        • NET Says:

          Please, Jeff, where did you get this absurd script, from the lying “documentary” that the Chavez government made about April 11 and sent to Europe and other countries for Leftist consumption???

          • Jeff Says:

            sorry, did that or did that not happen?

            yes i saw the “rev will not be…”, and theres also “Puente Llaguno: Claves de una Masacre” that brings up several questions including the credibility of what was being reported on venevision at the time of the incident.

            So it can’t be THAT absurd, right? I mean, what are you saying, that those chavistas shot themselves lol!?

            talk to me, if it’s so simple, please break it down, if it’s too complicated for a blog comment, i get that. but just stop with the unlettered accusations or physical threats… which ever ones of you are caprile supporters… doesn’t look very intelligent or non-violent.

          • Syd Says:

            “…stop with the … physical threats…”

            Jeff, show us exactly where anyone has issued a physical threat.

      • An Interested Observer Says:

        Jeff, while at a glance your question seems trollish, the fact that it’s a question rather than a statement gives me pause. At the very least, you haven’t proven (yet) that you deserve the vitriol you are receiving. So I will consider it an honest question and give you some links which will help you answer, with the caveat that many questions from that day remain unanswered. If there are people who can explain those things, they aren’t telling. Without further ado…

        An extensive report from someone who was on the ground that day:

        A dissection of the main propaganda piece supporting Chavez’s actions that day:

        I recall a post somewhere with a great deal of photos, which were very instructive (but still left questions), but could not find that despite a search (Daniel, here on El Diablo, I even thought it might be oilwars…). If anyone can help me there, much obliged!

        • moctavio Says:

          I think Nelson’s book is the most detailed of all accounts. It is available in Amazon and it is called The Silence and the Scorpion

        • Jeff Says:

          uh oh, the T word… always gets thrown around when I get contrarian…

          I’m sorry but linking vcrisis is a faux-pas when it comes to valid sources, since we know how they feel about the situation before you even get a chance to visit their wonderful website. I’m finishing my work day so I will read it later tonight though, out of respect for your more thought out answer (hey, first one so far…just took me 8 hours…)

          thanks for your reply, and condescension!

          talk soon guys!

          (not a chavista, not sean penn, not a troll, goodnight!)

          • NET Says:

            Not a Chavista…not…but surely an out-of-country Leftist with the typical mis-information agenda (perhaps the Canadian Cort what’s-his-name friend of “Isaac Blank” and his many aliases). In any event, no straight-thinking person would think that the Opposition is shooting at its self. This is Chavez-think and Chavez-talk. Incidentally, Jeff, the out-of-town mercenary snipers of April 11 were shooting at anything that walked or crawled. Chavistas weren’t wearing signs saying “Don’t shoot me.” Chavism, as all good Commie movements in history, eat their own when it’s expedient.

          • An Interested Observer Says:

            I used “the T word” to show I was not treating you as such, though you seem to think differently. And condescension? I that were my aim, I don’t think I would have provided any links at all…so thank you for YOUR condescension.

            And speaking of links, before you dismiss vcrisis out of hand, if you had checked that you would quickly see a byline other than Alek’s. So do take that into consideration, if you would. I do hope you read it.

            And again, if anyone can find that photo essay, please share! Remembering it and not knowing where is driving me nuts. It might have been on Miguel’s old format of the blog, but the pictures didn’t migrate over: , though I recall even more photos…

      • NET Says:

        Last comment, I hope, Jeff/Cort?Whatever: 1)Very few here are threatening you with physicality/violence, but just with truth/logic; 2)Those opposing Chavez have not shot/ nor are shooting at themselves;3) Snipers on April 11, as well as street people/government sympathizers provided with arms/ammunition the morning of April 11 (in this the well-written article by then VenEconomia reporter is wrong), were shooting at any civilians they thought were in a PEACEFUL/ UNARMED nearly 1 million-strong march. Chavistas weren’t wearing signs that said “I’m a Chavista–Don’t Shoot Me!!” In fact, the red shirt wearing was not yet that prevalent. In any event, the Government aim was to disrupt the March, whoever had to fall, and this particular Government has been/is more than willing to eat its own (as most Communist governments in history) when expedient.

    • steven Says:

      I understand and share the criticism of Stone, Glover, and Belafonte. But I’m not so sure about Kevin Spacey. Personally, I think that Spacey realized during or after his trip to Caracas that he was being used — either on his own, or someone from the opposition convinced him. Anyway, he’s kept quiet. Does anyone know otherwise?

      For what it’s worth, Maria Conchita Alonso has repeated criticized her former friend and co-star Sean Penn about this. Apparently they had a shouting match in the Los Angeles airport last December. It’s all over the Google.

  26. captainccs Says:

    Let’s face it, Capriles is up against Hitler/Chavez government sponsored Brown/Red shirt violence. Our best hope now is Cancer redirecting the elections. Don’t expect help from the empire or from any international body. Capriles would not be the first opposition candidate killed in LatAm. The full malignancy of Chavez’s brain will now be put on public display. And the opposition will continue to call for clean and fair elections. We are no longer in Kansas, TONTOS!

  27. Again.

    Chavistas will do whatever it takes to remain in power:

    Easy jobs, millions of dollars are at stake, corruption left and right.

    If it means to gun down the main guys from the opposition, they will. Not to mention rigging and falsifying the upcoming elections.

    Bribes, black-mail, intimidation, you name it.

    That’s why I truly hope that Chavez cracks in Cuba.

    Or we may have 50 years of tyranny and misery as they do over there.

  28. Deanna Says:

    Unless I’m wrong, in the US any presidential candidate chosen during the primaries immediately gets a Secret Service detachment to protect him or her. But I guess in underdeveloped countries, this practice just isn’t followed and the potential president must protect himself somehow. I believe that it’s time for Capriles to get himself some protection if he wants to continue with his door-to-door campaign.

    • Ira Says:

      The person doesn’t even have to be chosen as the party’s candidate yet.

      The candidate requests it, and if there’s perceived to be any threats out there at all to him or her, he/she gets the protection.

      Not all candidates ask for it though, especially at the beginning of the primary season, and I can’t think of a single instance where it’s ever been refused them.

      Robert Kennedy’s assassination sure had an impact on policy regarding this. And a funny–or not so funny–story:

      Back in the 80s when Jesse Jackson was running (forget which year), he was campaigning in New York for Dem nomination for prez–and if anybody needed SS protection, it’s him. He was having a rally on Varick Street in downtown Manhattan, right outside a restaurant I used to go to just about every day–S.O.B.s (Sounds of Brazil.)

      Well, I left the restaurant after my 3 martini lunch, and there was the rear of Jackson’s head about 5 feet for me–so so much for the efficacy of SS protection at times.

  29. juan quinsamolle Says:

    creo que recien la gente se va a dar cuenta que para dejar el poder… tendra que correr sangre. tal como vimos en algunos paices… solo muertos van a dejar el poder. que pena por Venezuela. 13 anhos de odio, ahora a cosechar lo sembrado

  30. ximena saizar Says:

    he most be laughing in Cuba, this is what he wants and demands, these animals are only following his indirect orders, orders coming from his closest animals near him. before it worked for him, people were afraid, now we are not, and the more stupid things like this he does, the worst outcome he will have, more and more people will realize that this guy is a jerk…a liar…a good for nothing, good only for doing all the wrong things, and for giving our money to other countries, especially Cuba…

  31. Roy Says:

    This was not a serious assassination attempt. If it had been, it would have been a sniper on one of the roofs and he would not have missed. Pistols are too inaccurate at the range shown.

    No, this was simply an intimidation tactic. The fact that someone was actually hit was simply incidental.

    Having said that, a Kevlar vest might be a good investment…

    • NET Says:

      You give this government too much credit for thoughtful planning. A guy in a throng moving while shooting at a moving target cannot be that accurate to just hit someone at the side of Capriles in order to “intimidate” him..

    • NET Says:

      Meaning Capriles was shot at, it was incidental that the guy next to him was hit. In most other countries where there is democracy, national governments provide protection to presidential candidates while campaigning. This Venezuelan government tries to kill them–this news should be sent to international news agencies!

      • Roy Says:

        No, I am saying it was not planned at all. I am saying that word got out (not orders) that the visit should be disrupted. What happened was a result of armed thugs and chaos.

      • Kepler Says:

        Creo que Roy tiene razón…
        They know how to start violence, riots, panic. They
        are ready to murder and some – the lower level –
        do risk their lives. They don’t know how to stop it,
        how to limit damage, what’s next.
        They count on chaos. They were the ones who provoked
        the Caracazo even if they were not quite sure how
        it was going to evolve.
        They don’t know how to manage a wee canteen,
        they don’t know how to control riots they have provoked.
        They know how to create some terror, fear.

  32. miamigusano Says:

    probably another CIA thug stirring shit up so you rats have a chance in October

    • NET Says:

      Miamigusano: your name says it all!

    • m_astera Says:

      Good comment, miamigusano. Nice to see it confirmed by a chavista that this violence will backfire so obviously that you are already trying to blame it on someone else.

      So, without violence, which will work against you, whatcha got? Cheating on the voting machines? That may not work this time around, not if 3 million voted in the primaries.

  33. Albionboy Says:

    This will hurt Chavez, before something like this would have had no one to rally around in disgust, but now with a single opposition leader the violence wont work, only boomerang on Chavez

  34. GeronL Says:

    Probably ordered straight from the top

  35. notiven Says:

    The Minister’s response is predictable along the chavismo way: Do not confirm anything, deny all and go against your attacker


    • NET Says:

      This WAS more than a simple incident of street violence…more than 13 years promoting hate and violence…it was clearly a directed attempt on Capriles’ life (surely not on Ismael’s son), which vests alone cannot stop, and the risk is high while campaigning in downscale areas. There is a whole floor in PDVSA La Campina dedicated to this (under FB), with a payroll of “patas blancas” cabs, motorcyclists, et. al., not to mention the “colectivas” of 23 de Enero, DIM, SEBIN, etc. etc.. The Government is in the hands of thugs from the top on down, and they surely wont stop at murder to further their political ends (Remember the 11 de Abril with pre-placed snipers shooting for the head on the roofs of buildings in the “area de seguridad” around Miraflores, handguns/bullets pre-distributed to all comers on the streets, a huge cache of arms/ammunition found in the Ministry of Interior building, etc. etc.

  36. Ayatolla Kochamamie Says:

    must be Bush’s fault

    oh…and go see Act of Valor to see how a real military operates

  37. Bill S. Says:

    An excellent bullet resistant vest cost about $600 US. It will stop all common handgun bullets. Whenever in public, he should be wearing one.

  38. metodex Says:


    Now that you mention it, it’s not a regular thug stance,nor is the way he holds the gun.

    I’m not an expert but i would say he is/was a member of some police corp.

    Oh wait, it’s still a thug.

  39. Douglas Says:

    This is not going to end well…..

  40. Pedrop Says:

    There’s something about the chap with the gun. He appears not to be as ‘local’ as the others depicted in the photographs.

    He holds the gun in an interesting way. He seems to be looking for something whilst hiding his intention as he does so.

    There again maybe he’s just a well armed street thug wearing a nice black bag.

  41. jc Says:

    This was an assassination attempt. Invoke chaos, bring a mob, then start shooting. The shooters would never be identified.

  42. CCCCC Says:

    Ah, the “need to control them” soundbite. It’s not that simple.

  43. Alek Boyd Says:

    And so it begins?

  44. captainccs Says:

    Proof that with 3 millones por el buche they are running sacred. They had kept the armed Círculos Bolivarianos (armed Chavista militia) under lock and key while they thought they were ahead.

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