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Court Orders Media to Act “Responsibly” On Water Quality News

March 22, 2012

(The picture above is for illustration purposes only, it only has a vague relationship to the post and is placed here simply to provide an image of the topic for the contents of the post)

In the upside down country that Venezuela has become, rather than investigate water quality in Monagas and Valencia, the Government had a Court issue an injunction telling the media to act “responsibly”. So far, there has been no similar order for the Government to use “extreme responsibility” and prove that the water is safe to drink. Here is our report which complies with the order:

After the oil spill into Rio Guarapiche on Feb. 4th. XXXXXXXX remain XXXXX, despite the fact that Government officials say XXXXXX. The Governor of the State XXXXXX said that XXXXXX, creating a crisis after the Minister of the Environment said that XXXXX. This has been contradicted by XXXXX, who said that XXXXX. The Government is not investigating whether the charges are true.

Separately, an ecological movement (link withdrawn) said that the waters in lake Valencia present XXXXXXXXX and it reptresnts a time XXXX and it represents a XXXXXX and XXXXXX crisis. The Government denied :lake Valencia was XXXXX and said it would accuse the Governor of Carabobo for XXXXXXX XXXXX in the population. The National Assembly will wait a month before looking at the problem.

There you have it, a fully complaint post on water problems in Venezuela. Enjoy our democracy!