Court Orders Media to Act “Responsibly” On Water Quality News

March 22, 2012

(The picture above is for illustration purposes only, it only has a vague relationship to the post and is placed here simply to provide an image of the topic for the contents of the post)

In the upside down country that Venezuela has become, rather than investigate water quality in Monagas and Valencia, the Government had a Court issue an injunction telling the media to act “responsibly”. So far, there has been no similar order for the Government to use “extreme responsibility” and prove that the water is safe to drink. Here is our report which complies with the order:

After the oil spill into Rio Guarapiche on Feb. 4th. XXXXXXXX remain XXXXX, despite the fact that Government officials say XXXXXX. The Governor of the State XXXXXX said that XXXXXX, creating a crisis after the Minister of the Environment said that XXXXX. This has been contradicted by XXXXX, who said that XXXXX. The Government is not investigating whether the charges are true.

Separately, an ecological movement (link withdrawn) said that the waters in lake Valencia present XXXXXXXXX and it reptresnts a time XXXX and it represents a XXXXXX and XXXXXX crisis. The Government denied :lake Valencia was XXXXX and said it would accuse the Governor of Carabobo for XXXXXXX XXXXX in the population. The National Assembly will wait a month before looking at the problem.

There you have it, a fully complaint post on water problems in Venezuela. Enjoy our democracy!

25 Responses to “Court Orders Media to Act “Responsibly” On Water Quality News”

  1. CharlesC Says:

    Many years ago I worked for a short time at a testing laboratory. We tested soils, water, concrete, etc. I have noticed many of these labs have closed.
    Now, the government even hints at the opposition is poisoning the water- c’mon
    this if too rediculous.Chavez minions call anyone who questions water quality
    as terrorists- again- beyond rediculous.
    This IS like 1984.

  2. moses Says:

    “Enough of white supremacy….now we have afro-descendant waters”

  3. otromas Says:

    “Enjoy our democracy!”

    Indeed. Una democracia ebullente, según algunos. Sigh…

  4. Carlos Says:

    I just want to praise and cheer cartoonist Weil from TAL CUAL… a couple of well done drawings made more noise than all the governors, MUD, OPPO opinion makers together.. The empowered Diosdado itself added fuel to the fire by showing in the National Assembly.. jaja.. as a RACIST CARTOON!!!! Dirt water, black water or..afro descendant water as Weil call it… Good Call!!!

    And thanks this old good man Teodoro supporting Weil….

  5. An Interested Observer Says:

    And here I thought that “que actúen con extrema responsabilidad” meant, rather than edit judiciously, to simply shut the hell up. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways, Miguel. The difference is truly (in)singificant. (Or is it? I can pretty much fill in all the blanks in this narrative…)

    Actually, the phrase “avalado por un organismo competente” really jumps out at me, since there doesn’t seem to be one left in Venezuela. Certainly not the government ones, and any private one that dares to offer a negative view will have its competency quickly revoked.

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Once again, Chavez’s minions prove themselves to be zombies without a heart or a brain. Example- they can come out and say in front of everyone “the water
    is safe” Juan Pueblo is right- ”
    his people will do “ANYTHING” literally “a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g” to continue with the “robo-lucion”

  7. Nur_Ich Says:

    This is the same crap as what we had when there was an earthquake in CCS and Globovision reported about magnitude (taken from a foreign website) before the government could say something.

    If somebody remembers that…

  8. guest Says:

    This is yet another step in the robolution’s plan to end poverty once and for all — by killing all the poor.

    Drinking contaminated water is potentially lethal. And boiling it won’t do any good. (Boiling water kills bacteria, it doesn’t get rid of the oil or the other contaminants in the water.)

    The rich boligarchs don’t care because they all have filters and drink only bottled Perrier water. It’s the poor who have to bathe in that water and drink that water and cook with that water.

    Chavez is dying and he wants to take half of Venezuela with him.

  9. juan pueblo Says:

    the end is near? I think not! IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING! once “el comandante” is gone, his people will do “ANYTHING” literally “a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g” to continue with the “robo-lucion”

    • megaescualidus Says:

      But, I really think, their “tramoya” will start crumbling if/when HC is gone. And, I also think, their access to power (except for the one who manage to change colors, typically, “camaleones”) will not be as widespread as it is now. If we saw this with the less radical parties of “la cuarta” (AD and Copei, “enchufados” of one getting disconnected when power changed hands to the other guys) I think we’ll see it even more with “los enchufados robolucionarios” if/when HC is gone.

  10. Stuart Says:

    Unfortunately, since Venezuelan government sycophants understand only one way of thinking, the health of those living in XXXXXXX will suffer the consequences.

  11. Carolina Says:

    Miguel, you missed this one from this morning:

  12. LD Says:

    You only have to think, what if Exxon were the culprit of a similar spoiling…
    But as it is PDVSA nobody has to explain why it happened nor is going to be judged…

    • Ronaldo Says:

      Think of Texaco in Ecuador. Their government (friend of Chavez) keeps attention on the environmental damage constantly. If the Ecuadorian government had owned the oil company that caused the oil spills then there would be complete silence.

  13. LuisF Says:

    chernobyl anyone?
    Not even public safety concerns override the propaganda machine…

    Sad times ahead for my loved home country indeed.

  14. jau Says:

    PSUV never heard of the phrase: Dont Kill the Messenger!!!

  15. megaescualidus Says:

    Infrastructure is crumbling all around, with a Government whose only concern is its own perpetuity in power. Is the end of this nightmare near?

    • Roy Says:

      “Is the end of this nightmare near?”

      Are the people “mad as hell and not going to take it any longer?”

      Answers: No and no.

  16. metodex Says:

    Sadly,people still believe the media is evil and they need to be restrained.
    After all,the waters are a-ok and the media is making a “espectaculo” out of this.
    Let him work

  17. Ronaldo Says:

    Venezuela, where gasoline is free and plentiful but clean drinking water is become scarce. There is a connection.

    Hundreds of issues like this one need to hit the fan in September and be spread across Venezuela. At election time, it will put PSUV on the defensive.

    • Phil Says:

      Well you’ll be able to fill your car up by taking to the river now! Maybe this is a new transport system for fuel?

  18. Jose Says:

    This reminds me of a time when we were forced by circumstances to use a plastic hose to syphon gasoline from a parked car (not necessarily with the intention of making Molotovs). You ended up tasting the fluid, and went on to remember the taste for the rest of your life. But act responsibly: don’t covet your neighbour’s gasoline.

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