The Devil’s Not So Secret Vote

October 7, 2012

ImageAbove, a panoramic of my voting center as I waited to vote. I took me about twenty minutes to do so and I was told 60% of the registered voters had voted already about the same as the Parliamentary elections in 2010.

The voting process was simple, image opened fast on the voting machine and I did not make a mistake.

Even though they say the vote is secret, here is proof of how I voted:

and I made sure my finger was covered in ink. I only vote once and I am proud to have voted.

Now that I cast my vote, Chavismo will begin worrying 🙂

Note added: The CNE just said the “Information step” that was slowing the process down is optional. This should accelerate the process. Chavez votes and begins talking about leaving polls open past 6 PM. Oh Baby!

45 Responses to “The Devil’s Not So Secret Vote”

  1. Elmo Gibble Says:

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  2. Yo sigo opinando que el votod en venezuela no es secreto lastimosamente. Uno se la juega y vota sabiendo las repercuciones. Pero elecciones anteriores nos han demostrado de que no es secreto y el gobierno usa eso para intimidar a la pocision.

    Aca hoy una discusion sobre exactamente este tema –

    • captainccs Says:

      Claro que el voto de hoy no fué secreto:

      1.- introduce el número de cédula
      2.- pon huella
      3.- vota

      Cuando el capta huella estaba a la entrada no se podia hacer la conección pero hoy si. 1, 2, 3 !

  3. Kevin Barthel Says:

    Great – let’s hope it happens this time!

  4. Nemo Says:

    What is up with the music on michael buble? room is starting to fill slowly

  5. island canuck Says:

    Reporte Confidencial ‏@RConfidencial
    Salida Concierto Nueva Esparta Caramelo de CIanuro 61.64 % MAX 56.64% MIN l Hany Kauan 38.3% MIN 43.36% MAX

  6. @YngvarG Says:

    If Capriles wins the ‘bolivarian’ republic is history, no?

  7. Michel Garcia Says:

    Happy Birthday to María Corina Machado! I hope she gets the birthday present MOST of us want! 🙂

  8. Chinchilla Says:

    Are there still big lines?

  9. Dr. Faustus Says:

    It’s 6:20 EST. Are the polls closed?

  10. Rafael Says:

    Diablo, tiene que patentar esa Bola de Cristal, felicitaciones creo que los Venezolanos, entendimos que necesitamos la PAZ, y ponernos a Trabajar.

  11. island canuck Says:

    Comando Venezuela ‏@ComandoVENE
    “Va a haber un resultado que todo el mundo va a respetar, y todo el mundo lo va a hacer respetar”, Ramón Guillermo Aveledo.

  12. Chinchilla Says:

    I am sorry for you guys, but the victory of the revolution appears to be imminent. I will tell you why the poor are still chavistas. It is because their lives got much much better since Cavez came to power. It is because he kept his promise to use oil wealth for the benefit of the people. Hopefully, in 6 more years people from the barrios will be able to buy a macbook as well. Until then, don’t try any more coups, please.

  13. m_astera Says:

    It’s hard for me to imagine what motive the poor would have to vote for Chavez this time around. After all this time, despite all the promises, they are still poor. Those who have gotten rich under Chavez, sure. And probably a good number of government drones voting for their paycheck. But after more than a decade, if I were still poor, I would be voting for a new face who was promising to make things work this time.

    • captainccs Says:

      On my way to the polling station I walked through a poor slum area (Chapellín) and the poor Chavistas are outwardly as Chavista as ever. Why? I don’t know. But who knows how they will vote. We’ll see.

  14. Pedro Says:

    I’m shocked Miguel, simply shocked. You have a Mac as a laptop? I never figured you for an Apple guy.

  15. Laura Says:

    Finally.. “un dedazo” with a positive meaning!!! Well done diablo! ; )

  16. Kepler Says:

    Oh, what an anger! I didn’t think of that…but then it would have been hard with the ballot box so close to these guys at the embassy. Still, when I went out there was a guy doing a poll. His second question: well, if you don’t mind…what candidate did you choose: Hugo Chávez Frías, Henrique Capriles, M…”

    “HENRIQUEEEEEE CAPRIIIIIIIIIIIILES” I shouted for everyone on the queue to hear. The guy smiled and so did several nearby.

  17. captainccs Says:

    It took me two and a half hours to vote in Cristo Rey in Altamira despite being a senior citizen. The “Information Step” was made optional when people started to protest and chant “we want to vote.”

    Talking with fellow voters in line we all agreed that there was no way we would leave without first voting.

  18. LuisF Says:


  19. Fred Says:

    It took me 4-1/2 hours to vote in Santa Paula, Caracas and the Information Step was not optional

  20. Aloyse Van Aelst Says:

    I congratulate you.In paris all went well.But gouvernement is feeding exit polls to the foreign press look at Huffington post paris edition ” vainqueur dans les premiers sondages de sortie des urnes” and they publish a big photo with a legend saying…who is the winner… and only latter they admit it is a gouvernement source.

  21. Stig H. Says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully there’s no irregularities later on.

    Isn’t that supposed to be illegal? Taking photos of the paper?

  22. Bruni Says:

    Not enough! You didn’t show us the whole sequence. Next time, step by step..

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