Official Results at 9:00 PM In Venezuela Regional Elections

December 16, 2012


First Official Results:

Zulia, opposition loses

Miranda a win for Capriles (+6%)

Lara a win for Falcon

Amazonas for the opposition

Barinas for PSUV

Monagas PSUV wins

Anzoategui Aristobulo 53% to 41%, opposition loses

Apure PSUV wins

Aragua PSUV 52% to 42.7%

Barnas PSUV 54 to 41% Adan Chavez

Carabobo Ameliach 53.49% to 42.7%

Cojedes PSUV 59% to 35% opposition

Delta Amacuro PSUV 71% PJ 20.99%

Falcon PSUV 48.28%, PJ 35.28%

Guarico PSUV 70.1% AD 25.5%

Lara Falcon 54% PSUV 41.98%

Merida PSUV 47.56% PJ 37.96%

Miranda Capriles 50.5% , PSUV 46.5%

Monagas PSUV wins

Portuguesa PSUV 50.2%

Sucre PSUV 55.77%, 35% opposition

Tachira PSUV wins

Trujillo 79.4% PSUV

Vargas PSUV 69%

Yaracuy PSUV 57.8%

Zulia Arias Cardenas 50.99%

Nueva Esparta PSUV wins.

Amazonas, Opposition wins 56%

Bolivar PSUV 45.41%, opposition 44.64%

Seems opoosition wins three states and incredibly loses Merida and Tachira where Chavez lost in October.

26 Responses to “Official Results at 9:00 PM In Venezuela Regional Elections”

  1. It was a terrible move no matter what happened today. A 5% win is peanuts, not enough to claim a win. Falcon can claim he should be the candidate. And he would be right. Now Capriles has to work at convincing people he should be the candidate, had he stayed out of the race, he would have become a true leader of the opposition. Now he will likely lose again against Maduro and that will be the end of his Presidential aspirations. It is really stupid and an insult to voters that he will once again abandon the Governorship of Miranda to run for President and likely unsuccessfully. This is short term thinking dominating long term thinking, the main problem of the opposition in the last 14 years . Maybe if he had campaigned for some opposition candidates, they would have done better and now they would all back him. To me, he has proven he is a light weight, not a leader.

  2. Bruni Says:

    This is why Capriles chose to run in Miranda. Had he refused to run, he would be politically dead right now.

    He preferred to take the chance of losing Miranda, or staying alive with a win.

    IMHO it was a good move, and this confirms it.

  3. Kepler Says:

    This defeat in Carabobo could be the best for the opposition there. I just hope a couple of figures come up that are not just Italian-Venezuelan entrepreneurs – Scarano & Cocciola (sorry, but we really need to diversify)

  4. Kepler Says:

    I don’t know about the Western states but I know Carabobo pretty well. Ameliach is scum, disgusting, but a lot of people in Carabobo were tired with the Salas-Feo clan. They are some of the most recalcitrant, selfish lot within the opposition. They didn’t cooperate with anybody else. They did not want to spend much time in the poor areas of Carabobo. They spent their time around Northern Valencia.
    The Feos had been into politics for many decades already. Salas Senior married a Feo. No touch with the average people and a lot of the better off didn’t care anymore.
    Sad but I saw this coming. I just hope the Salas and Feo get purged.

  5. NorskeDiv Says:

    Honestly, you guys need to realize having as many Chavistas in power right now is a great thing. The price of oil is dropping. When Venezuela, which is more dependent on oil than ever before has the fiscal adjustment and crash, do you really want the opposition in power?

    Let’s say things went “perfectly” for the opposition right now, and Capriles had won the presidential election, followed by the opposition picking up nine states. The first thing any responsible government would have to do is implement a massive fiscal adjustment. Effectively, Chavismo would have been living high on the hog for the last 14 years with the opposition to coming to clean up the mess… Chavismo would wait in the wings, causing chaos, then step in and attempt the whole cycle over again. The only possible way for the Venezuelan polity to recover is for the one who made the mess to clean it up!

    The opposition needs to be just strong enough to prevent turning to the communal authoritarian state through a constitutional referendum, but clearly be in no position to be blamed for the oncoming train wreck which Venezuela is headed for.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      I am in full agreement with that excellent post. Thanks.

    • NET Says:

      The real “silver lining.”

    • jau Says:

      Norske, they will never clean anything up, they will only make it worst.

      • NorskeDiv Says:

        In the short term, things will only get worse, no matter who is at the helm. It’s not that Chavez will clean anything up out of the goodness of his heart or his concern for Venezuela (neither exist). The fact is, a fiscal adjustment is unavoidable for Venezuela. Once that happens, the blame will fall on who ever is in power. It’s best if that is Chavez or his appointed successor.

  6. Marypuchy Says:

    The Cuban rats are very clever and Venezuela now sinks further down towards the abyss………….. Seriously, is anybody really surprised at the results?

  7. Carlos Says:

    If presidential election are held in six month Chavismo with Maduro will win

  8. Carlos Says:

    Definitly you are worst than Datanalisis

  9. Gilberto Arrieche Says:

    These results in Merida, Tachira and Zulia are really something that are hard to believe. Also in Carabobo!

  10. Gilberto Arrieche Says:

    That is the problem…they do not have any motive to be scared because they control all the system….

  11. captainccs Says:

    The important win is Capriles in Miranda. He is still the force to face the Chavistas in the 2013 presidential election.

  12. m_astera Says:

    I am very tired of this farce called democracy, where based on the people who showed up to vote one day, the majority who showed up and voted one way now have the mandate to tell everyone else how to live for years. Truly, what a farce.

  13. Gilberto Arrieche Says:

    These results are really shocking.

  14. Luisa Mosquera Says:

    This just doesn’t add up… again!

  15. Sorry, lo tenia escrito, ya lo habia corregido

  16. Juan Guillermo Ugueto Says:

    Tienes mal Barinas

    Juan Guillermo Ugueto Sent from my iPad

  17. Ulijiflyer Says:

    You would think it would get easier to lose since we do it all the time…but every time it hurts worse. Silver lining…I’m in Amazonas.

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