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Brazil Now Wants To Have A Voice About “Legality” In Venezuela

January 14, 2013


(Dilma and Hugo in better times)

I am not sure which part of this article I find more offensive: The Brazilians want elections? Who asked them? Because so far they have played ball with Chávez and PSUV, as the law has been violated and trampled under Chávez, before and after Chávez’ illness. And they never said anything and instead, always kept sending Chavez cheerleader Marco Aurelio García every time it was needed.

And now they want to have a voice about legality in Venezuela?

So, my not so dear friends at Itamaratí: Why do you send the message to comply with the Constitution when Chávez dies and not today? Is it because if he dies, someone else may be in charge of paying Odebrecht or Embraer?

I don’t know. What I do know, is that if I was Capriles and I got a call from Itamarati, I would tell them to call Diosdado and PSUV and have them respect the law NOW, not in the future. I would emphasize the words “absolute” and “temporal”  in case these chulos had any doubts at what I was pissed about.

Because it takes glands to call the opposition on this now. Did they call Chávez to tell him he should not run because he was sick and his candidacy was a travesty? Did they call Chávez in December and tell him he knew what was about to happen and should declare his absence whether temporal or absolute?

Did they even try to call Raúl and tell him to keep his hands (Or is it his arms?) off Venezuela?

And instead of sending someone impartial, they send that perverse and Machiavellian figure of Brazilian diplomacy named Marco Aurelio García who has never made an impartial statement about Chávez and his revolution. Add insult to injury and send the most partial and biased pseudo diplomat they could find.

Jeez, only Jimmy Carter was missing from this charade to complete the set of left-wing mercantile chulos who like democracy and human rights…sometimes.

But yes Dilma, the opposition wants elections, even if we will likely lose them. Don’t call us, we will call you when and if, the law and the Constitution are ever reestablished in Venezuela and no thanks to you. And please, don’t even mention human rights. Clearly, you have no clue what you are talking about, even if yours were really trampled with.

Face it guys, if cancer had not struck, you wouldn’t have given a hoot about legality in Venezuela.

So, again, don’t call us, we will call you.