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Another Flagrant Violation(s) Of The Venezuela Constitution Today

January 15, 2013


Venezuela’s poor Constitution is being abused and raped every day.

Today President (?) Maduro, claiming that Chavez made the appointment, named Elias Jaua as Foreign Minister.

However, Chavez has not been sworn in, thus he can not appoint anyone until he is.

And Maduro, under the “administrative continuity” interpretation, has to wait until Chavez gets here and is sworn in, that is the whole point of “administrative continuity”

You could argue there are all “interpretations”, but, nobody, even the most rabid Chavista lawyer, or clueless person, can’t say this article was not flagrantly violated today:

Artículo 237. Dentro de los diez primeros días siguientes a la instalación de la Asamblea Nacional, en sesiones ordinarias, el Presidente o Presidenta de la República personalmente presentará, cada año, a la Asamblea un mensaje en que dará cuenta de los aspectos políticos, económicos, sociales y administrativos de su gestión durante el año inmediatamente anterior.

In English:

Art. 237. Within the first ten days of the installation of the National Assembly, in regular session, the President of the Republic personally will present each year to the Assembly a message that will report on the political, economic, social and administrative management during the previous year.

Was Chávez there ¨personally¨? Does the article allow the VP to do the job if he is not “President encargado”

I think not.

So, what happened today? Easy, an illegal act, a violation of the Constitution, all of which are punishable by law to those that participated in it and/or orchestrated the charade.

The violations of the Constitution and the law keep piling up. It will come back to haunt them.

As will claiming Chávez is on the way back.

Hear that Nicolas!