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Chávez’ Signatures Were Faked, Despite Maduro Saying Chávez Signed Decrees

January 17, 2013

Oh! How easy it is to lie! Particularly if you are Chavista and sloppy. And sloppy they were, as shown by by an expert, which clearly shows that Chávez signatures were faked in the decree naming Jaua as Vice-President, which also happens to be the same signature as in Chávez salutation to the Armed Forces at the end of the year. The same in that the trace is the exactly the same, despite the Government, via Minister Villegas,  and Vice-President Maduro claiming Chávez actually signed it. No electronic signature here, these guys have been saying Chávez did sign it.

But you don’t need to be an expert. A friend noted this yesterday and I confirmed it later with a very simple exercise. Basically, the decree published in the Official Gazette on January 15th., has not one, but two decrees about Jaua. Curiously the two “signatures” of the President are different, in the sense that one uses a thicker ink trace than the other:


See, the two are MADE to look different, the ink is thicker on the left one. But additionally, the seal was placed in a different location and so was the name of the President, so that visually, there would be appear to be a difference. But the two signatures are IDENTICAL, no matter what the Venezuelan Vice-President says, that Chávez signed the decree. I did the following very simple exercise:

I placed both signatures on top of each other on a window, so that light would shine from behind, I then used my very sophisticated iPhone and holding both pieces of paper and the phone took this picture:


This picture is the superposition, magnified of both decrees, the ¨thinner¨signature of the two decrees is actually in the front. Despite this, as you can clearly see, the signatures in both overlap perfectly, despite the rather crude procedure, showing that this was made using an autopen machine: The signatures are identical, which never happens with real signatures, least of all with a convalescent patient. As the expert showed here, this signature is also identical to the end of the year salutation, which carries no legal validity, but shows that these are all fakes.

But Maduro is so dense, that even today, he tells EFE that Chávez actually signed this decree, which is clearly one of the many lies they have been telling us the last few days. To say nothing of Minister Villegas who said the decree would “prove” that Chávez named Jaua to the position.

As Jose Ignacio Hernandez’ article shows, all of Jaua’s acts are illegal, for the simple reason that he has not been sworn in by the President, as required by law, but more importantly, Chávez has yet to be sworn in, even if they might try to surprise us one of these days. (rumors he might come back tonight). But it is all illegal in any case, because the signatures are fake.

But even more importantly, faking the signatures is not only a crime, but using different widths and trying to make it look different, shows intent to defraud the Venezuelan Constitution and its citizens. And the Vice-President seems to be in on it.

I actually did this yesterday, but to be sincere, was too paranoid it to publish it first.

Only the paranoid survive!