Maduro Blasted By Chavistas In Los Teques

May 2, 2013

In this video, a lady blasts Maduro for not including the people in decisions, suggesting they are actually bypassed. The lady says that if elections were held for Mayor, Chavismo would lose “totally” . The people are organized, but they are not included:!

Note the lady behind with the fake Maduro mustache. Maduro comes back and says he will not approve the project and asks how come the “right wing, bla, bla, bs, local Government” is not criticized but we are so autocritical of the revolution. The people present disagree with his decision and express it.Express it very clearly.

Not a good “mesa de trabajo” for Nicolas. Not a good day for the new President. A rough day for him in fact.

29 Responses to “Maduro Blasted By Chavistas In Los Teques”

  1. concerned Says:

    Toward the end, chavez started utilizing a time delay for his “live” broadcasts for the very reason that not everyone in the crowd was glad to be there and they were starting to question and occasionally protest. Maduro would as well if he were that smart.

  2. Roger Says:

    This reminds me that the local elections for Alcalde and other posts was to have been run by now. I don’t think I missed it so when is it? If not what is the bit of the Constitution they are pissing on?

  3. syd Says:

    and now wearing a darker olive army-like shirt (to reflect that he means bin’niz), Maduro publicly declares to the Peruvian minister of Foreign Relations: “You cannot opine on Vzla without consulting me.”

  4. Kolya Says:

    In moments like this is when the difference between a master BS’er like Chavez and the mediocre excuse for a president becomes apparent. In a few weeks Maduro will be begging the CNE to recount the votes in hopes that such count shows a Capriles win.

    • Glenn Says:

      Very funny 🙂 if only………….

    • Kepler Says:

      Well, I for one will defend every Smartmatic generated vote until the bitter end. Madurismo has to slowly and painfully crumble.

      Venezuela, very unfortunately, has to go through the purgatory.

  5. Dr. Faustus Says:

    When one stares at the faces of the people in that video, one can’t help to notice the intensity of their feelings and emotions. For most of their lives, well at least the last 14 years or so, they’ve been taught to expect the government to solve their problems, whatever they may be. What happens now? What happens when massive food shortages occur? What happens when inflation hits 30% or more? What happens when the government spending spree’s suddenly stop, less for the Misiones, less for housing, less for healthcare? Who are they gonna blame? The money train has ground to a halt. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated in the belief that all solutions to all problems comes from the resident at Miraflores. What one sees in the video above is just a taste of things to come. I expect that Maduro will be spending a lot of time in the near future talking with his bird friends in the garden to sort all of this out.

  6. John Barnard Says:

    This man won’t last a year…

  7. firepigette Says:

    now look who is standing up for Venezuelans

    • firepigette Says:

      this video reminds me of when some people claim that Venezuelans are a peace loving people.I guess that includes malandros as well.

      • Polls Schmolls Says:

        I have to say that I was seriously shocked when I heard this last night. I mean openly stating that the Malandros are necessary is just disgraceful. She also appeared seriously high on something. Rambling on about nothing. But what’s worse is when she finished, Maduro gave her great praise, stating that she was a true role model for the youth! really? a druggy is a role model??? Huh? Chavez would never have let his reputation be tarnished that publicly. He was a “tira la piedra, esconde la mano” kind a guy. He would be involved with malandros but always behind closed doors never openly. Even when Lina Ron misbehaved, he publicly scorned her (most probably congratulated her privetely)

    • RattInnaCage Says:

      Since my Spanish is virtually non-existant, all I was able to discern was the YouTube title of this video, which was “The thugs are necessary for the construction of Venezuela”.
      Is this what the average person feels? Is this what Maduro is hoping to power his revolution part II?

      I also watched the video of the opposition beat-down in the Venezuela Congress. Are those large muscular men beating the opposition actual congressmen, or are they there at the behest of the powers that be?

      I can’t imagine the common man or woman – whether rich or poor can look at either of these videos not feel repulsed and can not feel buyers remorse. I really hope I am right.

      • jc Says:

        Thugs is a decent translation but “malandros” are more than just street thugs, they actually advocate for a life of laziness, of drugs, of violence, of theft. It’s not that they are just down and out and in crappy conditions, they actually aspire to it. One might say all thugs are like this, but I think it’s different as in some places it’s difficult to emancipate yourself from your conditions. Here we have someone advocating for pitiful conditions and a very unhappy lifestyle (one might think that drugs and booze makes for a happy go lucky life, but when it’s surrounded with death and recrimination and theft and kidnappings, in the end it’s not).

        This is in stark contrast to a progressive view that these people should not have to live this way. When Vice did its documentary on the slums in Caracas and interviewed “express kidnappers” (people who kidnap people, have a small and dooable ransom, and drop them off somewhere else within maybe an hour), the “express kidnappers” said that they did it because they had no choice, not because they wanted to do it. They did it because they had mouths to feed not because they aspired toward it.

        So, essentially, this view being espoused by this young lady is highly corrupt, highly regressive, and not leftist at all. It’s truly vile. And that Maduro applauds her for that opinion? Impossible to get ones head around. Do these people really believe this shit? Hell, Venezuela analysis itself said that the reason Capriles took 700k Chavista votes was that Venezuelans are tired of the rampant crime. And here we have advocates and a government aspiring for more of it? Really?

        Honestly if Chavez was told this crap he would’ve rebuked the young lady and said that Venezuela should aspire to get them out of those conditions.

  8. Mick Says:

    The real question is, do you want to starve while you worship your fat president as a god like the North Koreans, or do you want to thrive like the South Koreans who treat their president like an employee they hired to run a government of the people, for the people, and by the people?

  9. Virginia Says:

    Whatever it takes..Maduro must go! He is the crowning END & HOPE for
    Venezuela. – It appears the people are really, finally standing up to be heard..and for the first time..ARE, being heard.
    Maduro is counting on his GOON SQUAD, lies. & deceit, The people are going to take it any more. One by one, they are FINALLY opening their eyes to the truth of what they’ve been enduring.

    • firepigette Says:

      Virginia, I hope you are right but experience shows us that the tendency is for people to feel a great burst of anger, that rather quickly peters out, and within a short period of time, all is forgotten.

      I am already seeing many people say they try not to think about anything negative.

  10. island canuck Says:

    You had to know that these “Government in the street” events were a REALLY bad idea for an illegitimate president who is becoming less popular every day.

    My prediction is that these events will disappear. The people don’t fear or like Maburo like they did Chavez.

  11. Jeffry house Says:

    Her comment: “We are organized, yes, but we are not included” is a pretty good takedown of the regime’s People’s Power system everywhere. You can’t have a Comandante and democracy at the same time.

  12. CarlosElio Says:

    I know that lady: Paita. She was a good friends of my first wife.

  13. jctt Says:

    Man that was a total wreck… LOL

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