Opposition Challenges Results In Over Five Thousand Ballot Boxes

May 8, 2013


As you may have noticed, I have been traveling the last few days. But my friends keep me informed by sending all sorts of information which I read and file, but was not thinking of posting. Then yesterday I got the note on the second challenge to the April 14th. vote and thought I would mention it.

The opposition is challenging the results in 5,720 tables or boxes, which comprise 21,562 tallies. Each table challenged includes some form of irregularity which is documented in the challenge. The opposition is requesting that the vote be redone in all these, which comprises of 2.3 million votes.
Separately, the fingerprint analysis shows a large number of inconsistencies. But the most significant one is that 20% of he voters had no fingerprint on file, including over four hundred thousand new voters, all of which were supposed to have their prints on file.


This challenge to the election votes is separate from the first one, which was based on irregularities associated with violations of the electoral laws,such as assisted voting, propaganda and abuses, not with the details of the voting process and the results. Both include recusing those magistrates that have expressed an opinion on the case or are related to Government officials.


Above, a picture of where I am today.

42 Responses to “Opposition Challenges Results In Over Five Thousand Ballot Boxes”

  1. Roger Says:

    I like this story from El Uni. http://www.eluniversal.com/nacional-y-politica/130513/chinese-communist-party-to-train-chavista-leaders
    Now in China party members and others who are caught being corrupt if they are lucky go to a retraining camp. The big multimiliondollar crooks or those involved in a incident that makes the Party look bad get Executed. Now that’s Communist thinking that makes good sense. Of course Bolivarians are not communists their crooks. Perhaps the Chinese want to learn to be Bolivarians? Perhaps the Bolivarians think that the Chinese can teach Venezuelans the Chinese Work Ethic and respect for their government? The Spanish tried that with little luck.
    Gone are the days of Castro and Che sending people to the wall and those who screw up are promoted!

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  3. Oswaldo Says:

    Other crowning achievements of OW were his praise for Venirauto and the tractor factory. But where he shows his ignorance is in saying that the electric crisis is due to growth. He fails to get that had Guri been maintained, had Giordani not cancelled projects in 2000 and had corruption not been rampant in the sector (derwick is a good example) there would be no shortages. La Voltosa dam was also cancelled by Giordani, but in the brief year and a half he left in 2002, it was revived, Chavez assigned the money and said it would be ready in 2007. Now Chacon says it will start in August. Ver para creer.

    I managed one of these projects for one month, I left when I saw that it would be impossible to do the job under ideology and military oversight. I went straight to the airport and have never gone back.

    • HalfEmpty Says:

      left when I saw that it would be impossible to do the job under ideology and military oversight.
      You are suffering from right-deviationist propaganda. Even now mighty Guri keeps the lights on for good bolibarians.

  4. m_astera Says:

    las Castrodas

  5. Ira Says:

    Since Maduro was “elected” president, what exactly has he done to act presidential–aside from visiting Havana?


    I used to refuse to believe that this a-hole truly believed the Chavismo rhetoric, and only played along because there was a good paycheck involved, But since the election, he’s had an opportunity to walk away from some of that bullshit and and claim SOME kind of legitimacy to the presidency, undermining Capriles’ recount efforts.

    Know what I mean?

    All Capriles had/has to do is act like a FUCKING HUMAN BEING, and the election challenges would go away. But I guess that stupidity and arrogance is so ingrained into Chavismo that this is simply not possible.

    • Ira Says:

      Oooops! Boys and girls, don’t drink beer:

      I meant to say:

      “All MADURO had/has to do is act like a FUCKING HUMAN BEING…”

  6. LT Says:

    The organization Voto Limpio is calling into question more than a million and a half votes from centers where the opposition got practically no votes. Now Capriles is for the first time saying (http://www.noticierodigital.com/2013/05/capriles-en-el-pais-ganamos-con-400-mil-votos-de-ventaja/) that a similar level of fraud (manipulation of more than a million votes) took place in the presidential elections of October 2012.

    Opposition leaders have often implied in their campaign speeches that if the opposition’s advantage in votes got to be large enough, swapping winner and loser was going to be impossible. I always rephrased these speeches in my head as meaning something like “the army was not going to allow massive fraud”). But, according to Capriles, it did, even if, swapping of winner and loser did not take place.

    So, regarding the army vis-a-vis the massive fraud: is it “could but wouldn’t” or just blind “couldn’t”? Either way, doesn’t sound like the opposition should keep hoping. If it looks like a duck (double meaning intended)…

    • Roberto N Says:

      I emailed Eugenio Martinez, Puskas, about this and his response was that close to one million fingerprints were added to the system between 7-O and 14-A.

      Regarding the remainder he said it was possible that there are fingerprints on file, but that they could be “unusable” because they were not clear enough or otherwise not up to par.

      I replied to him whether there was some sort of “operation fingerprint” after 7 October that explained how 1MM fingerprints could have been added and have yet to hear back.


  7. Luzardo Says:

    It speaks volumes that the Goverment, the CNE, and officials in the NA would unleash threats, and violence simply because they were told to include the Cuardernos in the audit…Where there is smoke, there is fire. Too much has happened and the govt has allowed terrible tragedies to occur on its’ 3 week watch all because they do not want the Cuardernos reviewed…There has got to be reasons for that. Whatever doubt I had before has been removed. They would allow the county to fall apart and descend into civil war to avoid those cuardernos….That does not square….Let’s see if the TSJ pushes them further towards the abyss…All the electoral irregularities, if happenening in certain other countries would have been denounced firmly by now. Venezuela should be no exception. Venezuela and its’ people should demand nothing less…Revelar la Verdad de 14A…Capriles Gano….

  8. Glenn Says:

    Miguel – OT but interesting comment about no oversite of bandes, except by the thiefs of course!.


    • moctavio Says:

      This case is typical of what we know has been happening in Venezuela, on steroids, under the revolution, but PSF’s refuse to acknowledge. Every single case, from Maletagate, to Illaramendi, to FTC and now this one, has been known only because it had a foreign connection and a foreign authority caught them in the act. In all cases, there have been no charges brought against anybody in Venezuela. ANYBODY at all. This case should be the same.

      I haven’t had the time to dig into it, but the Government connections are staggering in this case,from Bandes, tightly controlled by the radical marxists, including a huge high appointment recently, to the person that was in charge of Bandes at the time, to last names of those involvedinvolved, the whole thing stinks to high heaven. BUT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN, because those involved know too much about billions, yes, billions stolen during Chavez’ time. This case is small in the scale of what has been going on.

      I challenge the PSF’s to research them. Just a hint, the buyer of Globovision is connected to all of it.

      • Glenn Says:

        Certainly NOTHING will happen in Venezuela other than accusations of US meddling. The bright side of this story is that there will be a trial in the US. Who knows what more will come to light and if convicted, there will be jail time. Cant’ buy your way out of jail in the US.

  9. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, Erdogan wants to become president next year. What do people around you say? La economía parece estar chévere, hay harina ‘e dürüm, no ha apagones y los curdos se van de curda, pero a Irak. Si no fuera porque el tipo tiene su lado religioso excesivo…

  10. Olimpia Piccardo Says:

    Thank you for the information. Welcomed as usual. I usually translate some of it before forwarding it to family and friends in Venezuela. Where are you?

    Olimpia Piccardo

    • Kepler Says:

      He said it already

    • moctavio Says:

      Capaddocia, Turkey

    • Kepler Says:

      Miguel wanted to go cold Turkey on blogging, but to no avail.

      • The Cat Says:

        Ajajajajaja, Kepler! Ya enseñas un poquito (well, not just a little bit) de humor!

        • Isa Says:

          I remember a crappy blog called oil wars telling us about all these infrastructure projects the glorious revolution was building. Where are all the trains? Worse, where is the money?

          • HalfEmpty Says:

            Where are all the trains? Worse, where is the money?
            Carrying glorious revolutionary soldiers to where glorious revolutionary soldiers need to. The Money? It’s to pay glorious revolutionary soldiers on their trip and to provide a decent per diem.

  11. m_astera Says:

    This is good news. The oppo has been busy, digging deep and documenting abuses. Of course the Castrodos will try to ignore it, but the case is building against them.

  12. O.W. Says:

    Probably the oppositions case isn’t going to go very far. The ballot boxes are being opened (although you’d never know it from the Capriles campaign which first demanded this and now boycotts it) and tallied and reports are they match almost exactly. If that continues and if then a full count of paper records confirms the numbers on the Actas and reported by the CNE then the Capriles campaign will have been caught being dishonest about having gotten more votes.
    Most of the other issues are just after the fact complaints about things that were signed off on before hand by the opposition.
    Capriles might do well to start focusing more time on governing Miranda.

    • syd Says:

      Are you and your kind too afraid of comparing results with what’s in the ‘cuadernos’, OW?

      I realize that you have difficulties with complexities, but I would suggest you read the complaints from the Capriles camp, before you parrot defensive strategies in order to not face the truth.

      • moctavio Says:

        Yes OW youdismiss 20% without fingerprints the same way you dismiss how Chavismo has destroyed Venezuela the last 14 years. As to who needs to focus on governing, maybe it is Maduro who needs to stop traveling and appearing on TV and needs to start working on solutions to the mess created, the shortages are not going to go away, thereis no money, Miranda runs much better than Venezuela.

        As Syd says, who is afraid of the big bad notebooks?

        • Jeffry house Says:

          Oh, but do you see? He dismisses all that as “after the fact”. Because the Opposition should have complained about the missing fingerprints BEFORE the vote.

          • Byllys Says:

            OW you have no credibility. Not even the nickname fits as oil policy under Huguito was and is a disaster for Venezuela. From day one you have questioned the audit without even bothering to think about it or learn about it.

            But going back to thefingerprints, the number of voters without fingerprints has to go down. Period. Why? Because newvoters have their fingerprints i serted into the system, while the more older voters vote, the largerthe number that leave a fongerprint for the database.

            The result is the opposite. In four years we went from 10% without fingerprint to 20% and you think everytingis peachy. Nothing is right and you have wasted your time trying to understand Chavismo and Venezuela.

    • Kepler Says:

      You don’t know anything about Venezuela.
      The records have been highly tampered with. You don’t see this with paper trail.

      This is an issue I discussed much before the elections and I blogged about it before. Some sectors of the opposition didn’t want to insist on that because there was already enough pressure on not voting (big pressure considering the level of economic and social destruction). Other groups – like those close to Esdata- did and they are finally being heard.

      Why is the CNE afraid of following its own precepts, as Rodríguez said?
      Because there are hundreds of thousands of fake votes.

      By the way: Smartmatic also worked in Belgium and it was a whole mess and the government is still clinging to it because of its amigo-kind of attitude, but it was a disaster and Smartmatic had to pay a hefty fine (the government decided to go on because of that amigo attitude, because of its own mess and because, so they said, “it has cost us already a lot, so we go with it anyway”.

    • Roberto N Says:

      Pena es lo que das, OW. There was a time it seemed you had finally seen the light, but alas, you fell of the wagon looks like.

    • The Cat Says:

      Oh, my…O.W., I think that you really need to begin to accept reality for what it is. And that begins by acknowledging that THE WHOLE WORLD now knows what’s been going on in VZ…it’s not just a secret any more.

  13. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, can you go to Göbekli Tepe? Well, definitely too close to Syria (more to the South).

    That’s where my male haplotype appeared!

    It is indeed a place full of history, at least since the whole agricultural and Neolithic revolution.

  14. moctavio Says:

    Exactly, capaddocia, Turkey

  15. Omar Says:


  16. res. Says:

    This is an excellent blog http://0ut-there.blogspot.com/ that should be read by all.

  17. Virginia Says:

    What an amazing location!
    On the important subject at hand..VEREMOS!
    Something had best get started sooner, rather than later!
    People are so fickle..it’s best to strike the iron while it’s hot!!

  18. Mike Says:

    Is that you on the right?

  19. Kepler Says:

    That looks where my great-great-great-great grandparents on the paternal side were in 1300 BC. 🙂
    Is it? Wouldn’t it be too moved because of what’s happening in the neighbouring Syria? Or is it another country with similar landscape?

  20. Mike Says:

    Cappadocia? Looks like you have great weather – don’t miss the hot air balloon ride!

  21. Flor de Maldonado Says:

    Very nice place!!!

  22. Alberto Says:

    Where the heck is that?

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