Venezuelan Housing Minister Breaks The Law, Man Who Taped Him Detained

July 23, 2013

This video of Minister of Housing Ricardo Molina has been going around a while, showing the type of fascist hordes the Government is breeding, as the Minister is hailed by the people for saying he does not give a damn about what Labor Laws say, he will not accept anyone that supports the opposition (he also shows he does not understand what the word belligerence means)

But what is interesting is not the video, is the fact that Fernando Bello, a worker at the Minister for Housing, who taped the video, has been detained tonight for taping it. He is reportedly being charged with “informatic crimes”, as the CIPCC has been investigating him and determined that he made the video, which he readily admits.

Thus, Mr. Bello is detained for taping a Minister saying that he does not care about the law, or people’s rights, but the Minister is the hero and he is the criminal.This is the upside down revolution in Venezuela.

How I wish Snowden had come to Venezuela! That way international reporters would all see this stuff. Will they notice now?

Well, at least now everyone will see the infamous video

Note added: Guy was released today (day after), which does not change the story very much, he was held overnight, the Minister slept at home.

13 Responses to “Venezuelan Housing Minister Breaks The Law, Man Who Taped Him Detained”

  1. xp Says:

    Bullying consists of three basic types of abuse – emotional, verbal, and physical. It typically involves subtle methods of coercion such as intimidation.
    Bullying behavior may include name calling, verbal or written abuse,
    exclusion from activities, exclusion from social situations,
    physical abuse, or coercion.
    [from Wikipedia]

  2. Cuando el rey es jugador, su corte es de tahúres…”Reza un dicho”,
    Se puede ser de escasa cultura, pero respetuoso del honor y temeroso de Dios..Cuando a un analfabeta letrado se le otorga poder, se cree dueño de la verdad absoluta y la corte de focas que le rodea, no le dice que va desnudo, por temor a pecar de anti revolucionario, hay de aquellos que osen insinuarlo pues irán preso bajo las mas ignominiosas acusaciones.
    Solo nos queda rescatar “para fraseando a Thomas Jefferson” prepararnos para regar el árbol de la libertad con sangre de patriotas y tiranos…

  3. captainccs Says:

    There is nothing new under chavismo that we have not seen or heard before under AD/COPEY. Do you remember Luis Herrera Campins saying: “La leyes son como las mujeres. Fueron hechas para ser violadas.” Luis Herrera was not just a minister, he was the forking president!

    No somos los únicos, lo dicen en la madre patria, tiene tradición bién arraigada:

    ¿Hay alguna nooveda acaso?

  4. Roy Says:

    I was reminded of the recent case in the UAE in which a Norwegian woman was raped, reported it, and was then charged and sentenced for committing adultery.

    “Informatic Crimes” Que vaina…

  5. Kiozzo Says:

    En estereo!!! Tremendo audio.

    • Kiozzo Says:

      We have all of the best smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, BBerry….) but food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies…..what I’m going to say may sound a bit harsh but ….QUE CAGADA DE PAIS TENEMOS!!!!!

  6. NorskeDiv Says:

    I suppose if you are incapable of solving the housing problem at least you can capably prosecute your own ministry employees.

    BTW: Isn’t CIPCC Venezuela’s version of the CIA, so this would be something like the CIA going after the guy who recorded ACORN employees and turned it over to Breitbart?

    • Iguana_Master_7000 Says:

      CIPCC is more like the FBI than anything else.

      They are the “Scientific Police” and their main duties are to investigate crimes of a non political nature, which is why it’s a bit surprising to see this kid arrested by them and not by the SEBIN (Political Police, and also the ones who send spooks out overseas along with the DIM, Military Intelligence Police)

      • Kepler Says:

        “CIPCC is more like the FBI than anything else.”

        Cough, cough, cough
        The CIPCC is more like the investigative forces of the ZRP, the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

  7. Mitch Says:

    It gets more outrageous by the day, yet it will probably be something very small that will be the straw that breaks the camels back and the whole of Chavismo will implode and scatter its’ debris everywhere.

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