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Announced Offcial Results Of Venezuelan Election at 10:06 PM

December 8, 2013

The “best” electoral system in the world can only give official results after 4 hours and six minutes after polls closed.

Tibisay is happy because abstention was 52% and can not read it well. She said 98% participation to begin with.

257 municipalities have so called “irreversible” results.

PSUV 196 municipalities

MUD 53 municipalities

Others 8 municipalities.

PSUV 4,584477 votes 44.16%, MUD 4,252,082 40.46%

PSYV and allies 5,106,336 votes 49,24%, MUD+ allies 4,435,097 42.72%, Others 8.03%

Municipio Bolivar, PSUV Anzoategui 52%

Municipio Apure PSUV 65%

Municipio Barinas MUD 51%

Municipio Heres PSUV 47%

Valencia MUD 55%

Cojedes PSUV 54%.6

Arismendi 51% MUD

Sucre, Sucre PSUV 54%

San Cristobal MUD 67%

Trujillo PSUV 53.4%

San Felipe PSUV 49.5%

Maracaibo MUD 51.8%

Metropolitano MUD 50.8%

Some Results, Looks Even, As Expected (Updated)

December 8, 2013

Not that many polls closed, but all indications are:

Update 9:56 PM: Opo looks like winning San Felipe

Update: 9:37 PM: Initial reports from Barinas gave Chavismo a victory, it is now very close

Opposition lost Libertador (double digits)

Opposition won the Metropolitan Mayor’s office +2%

Opposition won Sucre (+7%), Chacao, Baruta, El Hatillo

Opposition won Barcelona, Lecherias and Valencia (5%)

Chavismo won Maracay, Caroni (+12%), Barinas (very close), Apure, double digits

Opposition wins Maracaibo.

Opposition wins Guatire, loses Guarenas.

Good source of data

Of the three biggies up for grabs, opposition keeps Maracaibo, loses Libertador and Maracay

Chavismo seems to win total votes, but Unidad may beat Chavismo (PSUV)

Municipal Elections Report, With Irregular Updates

December 8, 2013

Ba-yCpmIgAImSr5One person, one vote, Not sure what this group voting is. The Commissars checking purity?

It is close to 6:30 PM in Caracas and the cat and mouse game of whether to close voting centers or not has begun. I was never clear whether this matters or not, but seems to be repeated every tie.

Once again, the Government violated the law all day, with Maduro openly campaigning for some of his candidates and using political slogans. The First Ladyness did the same. What else is new?

Abstention is high as expected, which creates uncertainty on both sides, as it becomes difficult to tell where your candidates are doing well, as abstention can be heterogeneous. However, abstention can also be asymmetrical , which is what both Chavismo and the opposition fear at this time. The MUD knows the numbers look good for them in their traditional areas, but where the races are up in the air, there is uncertainty.

Maduro suggested results would be “tight”, could this be a warning that results will not be available until late?

PSUV Motorcycle gangs begin to drive around some cities including Caracas. Not clear what is their plan.


Stay tuned.