Announced Offcial Results Of Venezuelan Election at 10:06 PM

December 8, 2013

The “best” electoral system in the world can only give official results after 4 hours and six minutes after polls closed.

Tibisay is happy because abstention was 52% and can not read it well. She said 98% participation to begin with.

257 municipalities have so called “irreversible” results.

PSUV 196 municipalities

MUD 53 municipalities

Others 8 municipalities.

PSUV 4,584477 votes 44.16%, MUD 4,252,082 40.46%

PSYV and allies 5,106,336 votes 49,24%, MUD+ allies 4,435,097 42.72%, Others 8.03%

Municipio Bolivar, PSUV Anzoategui 52%

Municipio Apure PSUV 65%

Municipio Barinas MUD 51%

Municipio Heres PSUV 47%

Valencia MUD 55%

Cojedes PSUV 54%.6

Arismendi 51% MUD

Sucre, Sucre PSUV 54%

San Cristobal MUD 67%

Trujillo PSUV 53.4%

San Felipe PSUV 49.5%

Maracaibo MUD 51.8%

Metropolitano MUD 50.8%

9 Responses to “Announced Offcial Results Of Venezuelan Election at 10:06 PM”

  1. captainccs Says:

    I finally have the answer! There exists (or existed) a municipal regulation requiring the political parties to take down their electoral propaganda about a week after the election. I recall over 40 years ago removing the stuff from the walls of our house. Today I tore down a bunch of posters of both parties and made an interesting discovery that might explain why chavismo wins elections.

    The chavistas use a better or stickier glue. Their posters are hard to remove. The oppo posters presented medium difficulty to rip off the walls. And third party poster practically fell off at the first tug.

    I used the opportunity to school several fellow Venezuelans on the long forgotten municipal regulation explaining that I was helping the parties meet their obligations under the law. LOL

    Maybe we need to bring down Rudy Giuliani, the fellow who cleaned up NYC.

  2. Dave Hill Says:

    Looks like it split the country in two, red to the west, blue to the east. The economy can only get worse due to the inherent destructive idiocy of socialism- it just takes time. The economy would have already reached Zimbabwe levels if the wicked gringos were not forking over billions for the oil they supposedly are planning to steal at any moment (US oil production is skyrocketing and the golden faucet of $$$ will get turned off). The scapegoating and blaming of others for the problems is still working in the Chavista mind, as long as the excuses are backed up with handouts like goodies from looted stores. The economic mess is further exacerbated by the ridiculous oil handouts to other countries and the suffocating loans from the Chinese as they increase their stranglehold on Venezuelan oil in this supposedly “sovereign” nation that freed itself from foreign domination. The Chavistas will have to face reality sooner or later that their revolution is just a hate-based overthrow of the mestizos/Spaniards,gringos/oppressors, clase media, etc., and that Venezuela was a much better country before Chavez showed up with his refried Cuban communism. Now they face empty stores, a murder every 15 minutes, paranoid hysteria, a polarized, racist, lawless country, and empty promises from an incompetent government that has sold them out to foreigners AGAIN trying to build a Latin American Soviet Union bloc. When they are sitting in a darkened bathroom with no toilet paper because the electricity has been stolen by the CIA (they chopped all the cables everywhere) and the toilet paper factory was seized by Maduro’s stormtroopers, they should put a picture of Chavez on the bathroom wall to stare at as they use their fingers to “clean up after the job.”

  3. Virginia Says:

    It’s been a roller coaster ride on it’s way to ruins , and that ride continues onward…Sooner or later, though without a doubt, Venezuela will be in total
    ruination, and in the hands of Cuba. Anyone with an OUNCE of intelligence
    knows this is the path and ultimate direction. How many more months or years of these farce elections? It’s Done! Venezuela is; Fait accompli. !!

  4. captainccs Says:

    Miguel, thanks for reporting!

  5. Roy Says:


    – Venezuelans are apathetic about the political process.
    – Venezuelans are still polarized.
    – This result is no “mandate” for the PSUV, but they will claim it is.
    – This election did not change the status quo one iota.
    – Venezuela seems fated to continue down the same road to economic failure.

  6. geronl Says:

    Gee, who would ever think that the established power who gets to count the votes would win most of them?

    • captainccs Says:

      The government didn’t get or fraudulently count a “majority,” just a slim plurality of those who voted. Of total voters, Abstention has a clear majority.

      Abstention 11,240,306 52.0%
      Government 5,106,336 23.6%
      Opposition 4,435,097 20.5%
      Other dudes 834,234 3.9%
      Total voters 21,615,973 100.0%

      On the way home on Saturday I gave a small town cop a ride. On the way he pointed out a caravan that he said were voters being trucked in by the government. Even with massive fraud the revolution has less than half the people. But for 15 years the opposition has not figured out a way to defeat fraud. Fraud has run the country for the last decade and a half. Not to worry, in a few months we’ll put on another voter comedy to tide us over for a few more months. It’s a blooming farce!

      • Dr. Faustus Says:

        Thanks for posting that. It allows the outside observer to better understand Chavismo and Venezuelan politics. The bottom line: The government got 5 million votes out of a pool of 21 million voters. Again. Thanks!

  7. Capt. Hook Says:

    you kicked a** again today.

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