Some Results, Looks Even, As Expected (Updated)

December 8, 2013

Not that many polls closed, but all indications are:

Update 9:56 PM: Opo looks like winning San Felipe

Update: 9:37 PM: Initial reports from Barinas gave Chavismo a victory, it is now very close

Opposition lost Libertador (double digits)

Opposition won the Metropolitan Mayor’s office +2%

Opposition won Sucre (+7%), Chacao, Baruta, El Hatillo

Opposition won Barcelona, Lecherias and Valencia (5%)

Chavismo won Maracay, Caroni (+12%), Barinas (very close), Apure, double digits

Opposition wins Maracaibo.

Opposition wins Guatire, loses Guarenas.

Good source of data

Of the three biggies up for grabs, opposition keeps Maracaibo, loses Libertador and Maracay

Chavismo seems to win total votes, but Unidad may beat Chavismo (PSUV)

6 Responses to “Some Results, Looks Even, As Expected (Updated)”

  1. Roger Says:

    Still with all their electorial tricks, control of the food basket and control of the media they closley winmore seats with much less than a super majority to justify their Rojo Stupido agenda!! To me that means something.

  2. VJ Says:

    Reporte Confidencial ‏@RConfidencial 51min
    ULTIMA HORA (Irreversible) Mariño (Porlamar) Alfredo Diaz 55.72% Dante Rivas 43,99 %
    Reporte Confidencial ‏@RConfidencial 44min
    Extra Municpio Arismendi (Capital) Nueva Esparta Richard Fermín (MUD)

  3. moctavio Says:

    Si, pero no hay data de ahi todavia

  4. + San Cristbal + Barquisimeto

    _____ cHc

  5. moctavio Says:

    Absolutely right, sorry for the dyslexia. Corrected.

  6. Rafael Lozano Says:

    Diablo, what Gutire Guarenas and is backwards Guatire opposition wins, Chavez maintains Guarenas.

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