And The Long Electoral Night Begins In Venezuela

December 6, 2015

8:55 PM Estimates are up to 93 Deputies for the opposition at this time

9:10 PM I hear from great source 90 Deputies for sure, more possible.

9:04 PM over 90% of the votes tallied and trasmitted, MUD has the tallies for all these machines, don’t buy rumors at this time.

8:27 PM Don’t listen to rumors, at this time 71% of the votes have been tallied and transmitted.

8:19 PM Don’t believe all the rumors, at this time 53% of all machines have transmitted their tally, which implies a much larger number has closed at this time

7:30 PM People complaining about not all centers being closed, but the reality is there is nobody showing up to vote at this time anyway.

Associated Press reports Maduro said at 4:50 PM his party can’t win all elections.

6:45 PM Soon after the picture below, motorcycle gangs showed up asking for the voting center to be reopened. The National Guard showed up to stop them.

6:15 PM: This is the Liceo Andres Bello at this time, shown in previous post as the one with longest lines in Western Caracas.


6 PM : The National Electoral Board has ordered all polls to be opened until 7 PM. This is a violation of the law, which states that if nobody is in line it should be closed.

Mid to upper nineties in Deputies seems to be the whisper number at this time

22 Responses to “And The Long Electoral Night Begins In Venezuela”

  1. M Rubio Says:

    Recalling the night of the Maduro-Capriles contest, the Chavistas were all talking about a “transparent and peaceful” electoral process “where every Venezuelan has the right to vote without outside interference”. Later, but long before the final tally was released, it was all big smiles on the part of the alta-Chavistas. You could just see it on their faces. They already knew the outcome in what was finally portrayed as a razor-thin win for Maduro.

    I’m hearing the same words again tonight, though I’ve not yet seen the smiling alta-Chavistas. I hope my I’m concerned for no reason.

  2. evilio Says:

    It’s happening exactly what was expected, Tibisay keeps polling centers open and starts the “remolque” operation, you say that 71% has been already transmitted? well the other 29% is exactly where the operation is being executed.

  3. M Rubio Says:

    Good post Charlie, and in the end, I know the answer to my own questions. Something for nothing is what this is all about. Something for nothing is what socialismo is all about though in the end everyone pays a heavy price. The rights, the will to be self-sufficient, and the treasure of the country is stolen from everyone in order for those at the top to maintain power while promoting the illusion that it’s all democratically created.

  4. Wanley Says:

    With oil prices the way they are, pretty soon they will have nothing left. Of course they had more under chavez, oil was up to 150. It would be impossible to go down from caldera at 8.
    They are more scared of having to work to purchase things.

    • Rory Says:

      I found it interesting that Maduro the other day actually said people can’t just expect to get free stuff all the time. Of course, he says that now when the regime has nothing left to hand out.

  5. Charlie Says:

    M Rubio:

    A LOT of people had nothing before Chavez, and even though the remained extremely poor, they were indeed better once Chavez became president. This is why you see comments such as these in sites like Aporrea “Ya cumpli con el sagrado deber de VOTAR por MI, por mis hijos, por la INTEGRIDAD DE LA PATRIA, por mi PUEBLO y por la memoria del IMPRESCINDIBLE PRESIDENTE CHAVEZ”, “CAMARADAS, YA VOTE PCV,SE QUE HAGO COLA PARA COMPRAR ALIMENTOS,PERO PARA ATRÁS NADA”, “YA VOTE POR LA REVOLUCION, PERO INSISTO IGUAL QUE TODOS AQUI, LA ESTRUCTURA DE GOBIERNO ESTA LLENA DE INEPTOS Y ESO ES LO QUE DAÑA AL PROCESO, NUNCA HE CREIDO EN UN BURGUES SOCIALISTA, CREO EN LA HEGEMONIA DEL PROLETARIADO, A LA DERECHA NI AGUA”, “Hace poco vote y este es el último voto de confianza que le doy al gobierno de Maduro”, “En mi caso hasta el último momento iba a votar NULO pero mi conciencia y mi ética no lo permitieron, terminé votando arriba y a la izquierda por un par de traidores escuálidos oportunistas”.

    They are not happy with Maduro, but are terrified that the opposition will take away whatever little they’ve gotten with chavizmo. So this is why they keep voting red.

    • Noel Says:

      Interesting observation, and when the only credible and charismatic opposition leader can’t make the case for the alternative because he is in jail, the deck is stacked.

  6. Avila Says:

    It appears that Caracas Chronicles is down. Is the site hosted in Venezuela? Keep reporting. Friends from afar are following closely.

    • pitiyanqui Says:

      They are having issues with the heavy traffic. Lots of rumors, but not a lot of information is probably driving that.

      They are working on a solution.

  7. M Rubio Says:

    I’m watching “All Chavez, All the Time” TV and can’t wrap my brain around what it is that makes these people so excited to vote for Chavismo. They can’t all be on the payroll, can they? How can anyone look at conditions today, and want more of the same or worse? It just doesn’t make sense.

    • Dean A Nash Says:

      Oh but they are dependent. This is the particular insidiousness of such a regime in a poorly educated country. They know that things are desperate and they’ve been conditioned to believe that Rojo-Rojito is their only hope. Thus all the Chavez reminiscing.

      Reminds me of this saying: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

  8. Charlie Says:

    Voting centers opened ’till 7:00 PM. They break the law. We complain. Noting happens. So they’ll keep breaking the law. What else can we do besides complaining and/or protesting?

  9. M Rubio Says:

    How many deputies does the opposition need to elect to gain a simple majority?

  10. captainccs Says:

    >>>This is a violation of the law…

    Do you remember what Luis Herrera Campins had to say about women?

    Women are like laws, they were made to be violated.

    For those who don’t know him, Luis Herrera Campins was the Venezuelan president who gave us Viernes Negro. Such lovely people, politicians!

  11. Ira Says:

    Any news on what the “observers” are saying?

  12. Ira Says:

    How do they have any idea about the numbers at this time?

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