All We Need Now Is For The Government To Accept Opposition Won In Venezuela

December 6, 2015

11:29 PM Rumor is that the CNE will announce smaller number of Deputies for the opposition (108?) to mitigate impact of results. They will say other races are too close too call, even if they know they rea not.

10:42 PM: 112 and still fighting for more…

10:36 PM Right now, 112 is a certainty.

10:30 PM At this time, people are suggesting the opposition has obtained 2/3 of the Deputies. I am told this is possible but can not be called at this time.

9:46 Some races in Carabobo, Lara and Monagas too close to call at this time.

9:27 PM At this point, the Devil says opposition will get minimum of 93 Deputies with a possibility of more.

17 Responses to “All We Need Now Is For The Government To Accept Opposition Won In Venezuela”

  1. M Rubio Says:

    “Rumor is that the CNE will announce smaller number of Deputies for the opposition (108?) to mitigate impact of results.”

    Where’s the clip of Maduro channeling Jack Nicholson, “you can’t handle the truth”.

  2. Juan Largo Says:

    Gotta wonder exactly what the biggest crooks in both the military and the gov are doing as I type this? And all those Cubanos who are peering in on the internet and manipulating things not belonging to them? When will that end? Will there really be a smooth power shift? I have two daughters holed up in a casita in CSS who are nervous as shit that this is not real, that the gov will somehow flip it or give Maduro absolute power nixing the popular voter. Something to submarine recovery.

    God almighty let it be real. My oldest daughter (an MD) works in a hospital with no medicine and has on many occasion simply had to watch kids die. This has been hard on her – and everyone. Let it be over.

  3. Carlos Says:

    So.. there is a delay because results are extremely good for opposition, not because they are too close to call winners.
    Are they bartendering? cutting a deal with the oppo coalition to accept less representatives? 113 oppo reps mean near 70% voted against government, a total landrush.. Chavismo became a pity minority.

  4. Not Criminally Responsible Says:

    I could swear I saw an update here that the CNE announced 113 for the MUD, 54 for the PSUV.

    • moctavio Says:

      You did, you did, I hit wrong button as I wrote draft of official announcemnet

    • Not Criminally Responsible Says:

      This is what I’m referring to:

      “The Venezuelan Electoral Board just announced the first official results announcing the Opposition obtained 113 Deputies and Chavismo’s PSUV obtained only 54 Deputies. This means a super majority, a scenario that I considered highly unlikely even today.”

    • Odette Says:

      You all just want to go to bed, -jo – 113 is “closer” to the truth

  5. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Is this really happening?

  6. M Rubio Says:

    I wonder if it’s a good sign that Miguel has quit posting?

  7. Trader Says:

    Diablo, time to go back and rebuild our country.

  8. Paula Herman Says:

    Lilian tintory mando un mensaje.. Que ganamos con más de 100 diputados! A ver qué dicen en el CNE!! Comiendo uñas!

    Paula Herman


  9. M Rubio Says:

    Can I dream that the too-close-to-call race in Monagas is for Godgiven’s seat?

  10. M Rubio Says:

    Miguel, how many deputies are needed to have a super-majority?

  11. John Thompson Says:

    I am grateful for the brave freedom loving Venezuela..the dark plague of Chavism will pass!

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