First Report By Venezuelan Electoral Board Gives Opposition 99 Deputies

December 6, 2015

10:00 AM At this time, the opposition could be getting as many as 117 or 118 Deputies when all votes are counted.

The Venezuelan Electoral Board just announced the first official results announcing the Opposition obtained With 96.03% of the vote 99 (72 lists plus 27 on their own behalf) Deputies and Chavismo’s PSUV obtained only 46 (22 list plus 24 on their own behalf) Deputies. This means close to a super majority, a scenario that I considered highly unlikely even today. 17 Deputies by name can not be defined, the three indigeneous people and one by list. 74% of the people voted.

More as they are announced

Good night everyone! Happy day at last!


27 Responses to “First Report By Venezuelan Electoral Board Gives Opposition 99 Deputies”

  1. M Rubio Says:

    I can’t find anything on Godgiven and the nacro-general “El Pollo” en Monagas. Did they win, lose?

  2. colon Says:

    How could it be explained that 22 votes are not out yet with a computerized system (the best in the galaxy and one of the most expensive probably due to overpricing)???

  3. M Rubio Says:

    My employees arrived this morning with stories of Chavista operatives arriving in the pueblo yesterday with bags full of cash to buy votes. Didn’t work, the opposition still won here.

    As for the cash for buying votes I responded, “great, those Chavistas will spend their newly-found treasure here at my bodega”. LOL

  4. Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

    Is this the “super-mayoria” necessary to make changes happen really quick, beginning with absolute Freedom for Leopoldo Lopez, and all political prisoners?

    I must admit that I was wrong about previous “predictions” and the possible effect of Smartmatic. The important reality now is, will these 99 new MUD representatives be bribed, will they really work for a new, true democracy? I hope so but I’m afraid change will be very slow. And after way too many “cafecitos” between Chavistas and the new MUD, after many bribes or intimidations, they will begin to blend in.

    Let’s not forget that these were just “parlamentarias” withing a disguised Chavista Dictatorship, full of criminal thugs, with all the money and all the power, with the corrupt Military and the entirely corrupt TSJ.

    They will not let go of the Coroto and the Andorra accounts and the last juicy narco trafico deals, the PDVSA corrupt guys in charge, the Cilia Flores entire family in power, the 4 Million people in 32 corrupt ministries, they will not suddenly change and become little Angels next year.

    • It’s not supposed to be 99, they have 22 missing seats.

      • moctavio Says:

        No, it was done to soften the blow, we could get as many as 118 at this moment.

        • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

          Great. I just listened to Chuo Torrealba on You-tube , plus all the enthusiasm from Lilian Tintori and all the good people. As pessimistic as one can be in Vzla, after these 17 years of massive pilferage, or the 40 years that preceded Chavismo, perhaps we can be optimistic now. Hopefully they will work together, honestly, for a much better Venezuela. That’s all it would take: Honesty. A little bit less massive corruption.

          • moctavio Says:

            And you were wrong about the machines!

            Just Gloating!

            • Tony Tan Keng Yam Says:

              Yes, I was wrong, but only about the utilization of the machines. They are very dangerous and easily hackable. In this case, Chavez’s little Olivetti machines were simply not utilized, they knew they were doomed anyway. But ask the Brazilians or Capriles about it.

    • RobertoN Says:

      Confirmed 112 for the MUD, as announced by Capriles.

      That’s just like you predicted right?

  5. M Rubio Says:

    Odd, this morning on the All Chavez, All The Time TV stations that were wall-to-wall revolution yesterday, it’s nothing but how to make a caserole and other such tripe this morning. What’s up with that?

  6. TV Says:

    Still no peep from the 99:46:22 split. My guess is that the news is Bad for the government.

  7. Marypuchy Says:

    Hell Yeah !!!!!!

  8. nacazo Says:

    Lo primero es mejorar la economía. Probablemente se requiera terapia de choque:

  9. Kepler Says:

    Even early in the afternoon my folk in rural, poor Yagua, were very happy and confident we would win. We won. In Los Guayos, where I went to school, a town that had been traditionally Chavista (not my relatives there, who were always oppo), we clearly won with over 56%.

    I don’t know what my former Chavista aunt (in another town) was thinking. For the first time I was too bothered to call her even if I know she most likely voted oppo this time.

    I was trying to find information about Diosdado’s seat now but the CNE’s initial data is not accessible.

  10. Alexis Says:

    Finally! A giant leap toward rebuilding Venezuela.

    And where are the final results? They made a first report, it’s still far from complete.

    • Chris Says:

      Disturbing. Even with a landslide replacement of all members of the government (including the Presidency), the roar from the Chavistas would disrupt the new government. It would play out in the press and unless they were able to fix the country overnight, the continued problems would be laid at the feet of the DU. Most of the people who could have fixed Venezuela have left and many will not return. If victory is to be had, it will be a long slow march just like the last 17 years. Success can be won, but it will be incremental and painfully difficult to see at first.

  11. TV Says:

    Official results thus far have MUD at 99 to 48, with 22 yet to be called.

    In other words, the CNE is furiously looking for ways to mitigate the catastrophe. I expect they’ll give all of the remaining sears to PSUV, even though the opposition got 2/3 majority, in spite of all the abuses and cheating.

  12. M Rubio Says:

    Miguel, are more seats actually known at this time but they’re afraid to reléase those results?

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