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October 8, 2002

This article appeared in page 9 of today’s TalCual newspaper and was written by Fernando Luis Egaņa. To me it describes quite well the cinicism of the Carter Center with regards to Venezuela. Translated liberally by me:

Three months ago, on July 10th. to be exact, Jimmy Carter issued in Caracas a declaration about the 12 types of compromises that Chavez and his Government had formalized with the mission from the Carter Center. Let’s look at the fullfillment of the most important promises: 

1.-“The President said that he would call on all citizens to avoid violence”.Nevertheless the official sector, including the Bolivarian Circles, has never been as aggressive as they are today.

2.-“The leaders (of the Government) assure us that the permits for the transmission through radioelectric media will not be revoked”. But Conatel sanctions against legal media continue and so do the “permits” under the “community” figure.

3.-“Leaders of the Government say that the CTV is recognized as the legitimate representative of the workers”  Nevertheless Chavez just proclaimed in a public act that the (imaginary) “bolivarian central of workers” is legitimate.

4.-“All 49 bills approved under the enabling bill would subject to revision and amendment” Since Carter’s declaration only two legal changes to these bills have been sanctioned by the National Assembly and none have been published in the official gazette.

5.-“The President said that he has decided not to repeat the confrontational or incendiary statements”. No comment as they would say in Atlanta, Georgia.

6.-“Any member of the Bolivarian Circles that were armed illegally will be arrested and tried” The Courts and jails are still waiting.

7.-“Both the leaders of the Government and the National Assembly assure us that they will designate rapidly the new members of the National Electoral Council” No way, No way, as they say in Sabaneta, Barinas State.

8.-“The President expressed that he would accept what is contemplated in the Constitution for an amendment to shorten the Presidential period” If I told you so I don’t remember.

9.-“The Government said that the Attorney General, the Comptroller and the People’s Defender were legitimatelly elected and would end their term”  At last a promise fulfilled!

10.-“Chavez denied any attempt to politicize the Armed Forces” A promised that died at birth.

11.-“The Government and the opposition back that the National Assembly establish an effective and impartial commission abouth April 11th.” Thanks to the Government and its supporters the “Truth Commission” shines by its absence.

12.- The President reiterated his compromise to accept the decisons of the Supreme Court”. “Resounding” respect for that of the accused military officers. At least he did not have the strength to ignore it.

To live is to remember. Specially when Chavez has just reiterated the same promises to Cesar Gaviria the Secretary General of the OAS.

My comments: I wonder where Jimmy Carter and his Center are today? What do they think? Were they so innocent to be taken in by this snake charmer named Hugo Chavez? Do they even care? Did the Carter Center receive a donation from the Venezuelan Government? In a carefully worded statement they said they had not received it in connection with the visit to Venezuela. This opens the possibility that they received it for something else. It will come out inevitably as Venezuela gets out of this nightmare named Hugo Chavez. Jimmy Carter has only a few days to try to save his reputation by publicly denouncing the lies of Hugo Chavez. Will he do it? 



Venezuela: Tension increases as Oct. 10th. march approaches

October 8, 2002

Tension continued to increase as the date for the “takeover” of Caracas approached. The Government seemed to be intimidating people to stop them from going to Thursday’s march as rumors spread around Caracas (and the US) of an imminent coup agaisnt President Chavez. Stratfor said it might be a matter of even hours in a report today. Meanwhile, Enrique Tejera Paris testified at the intelligence police yesterday and basically laughed at the charges against him. Separately the homes of two other active military were visited by military and intelligence police. Meanwhile a former military officer, who exiled himself in April, returned today to Venezuela to participate in  the march calling for Chavez’ overthrow. Meanwhile in teh National Assembly opposition leaders told Chavez’ MVR party that yes, they were conspiring to get rid of the “thief”, “dictator”, “clown” , “failure”, “coupster”, “liar” that was President Chavez. Another slow day in paradise…..