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Chavez video where he says he would leave if people take to the streets against him

October 20, 2002

When Hugo Chavez was riding the crest of his popularity he used to boast that sovereignity resided in the people. In this clip he is shown saying first” The day people rise against me, let’s assume they take to the streets, I would prefer, a million times, to leave Government…” in the second he says, “The day people don’t want me, I would leave…..”. The statements are mixed in with images of the two one million-people plus rallies against him in April and October and a famous Venezuelan bolero in the background, “Recordar es Vivir”. To remember is to live.

The Internet: You can lie, but you can’t hide!

If you can’t see it, you can download the movie here. It’s in Windows Media Player, so it’s very likely you will have to download it and then open it in Windows Media Player…


Thanks to my brother the Tyromaniac for doing the hard work…..

Work Stoppage against Government a complete success at this time

October 20, 2002

The work stoppage to protest the Chavez Government is a complete success at this time. (9:20AM). Despite the threats by the Government and the boast that it would fail, the streets of the country are simply empty. Even Government offices are shutdown. Things are quiet so far, no violent incidents reported.

Two nice orchids thanks to Alfredo

October 20, 2002

Alfredo had to come to my house to figure out what I was doing wrong when I uploaded the pictures. The left picture is a Brazilian species Cattleya Schilleriana and the right is from Asia Cirrhopetalum Makoyanum. Both from my collection. Hope not to bore those that are not orchididiots……

A picture named CyrrMakoyanum2Jun02.jpg